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    Just some of my art stuff. Formally known as IIVIsouljam's Art.
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    A couple days early, but Iseakai Quartet decided to give viewers a Valentines Day episode Wonder if they’ll do a follow-up on White Day?
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    I love the main couple but I really want to see more of Ibarada and Kosuke!
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    yeah I don't really need them, so they would just take up my time. Yeah it is kinda weird nowadays
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    I have the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Personally love it but I can't really compare it to another company because I haven't had an iPhone in years. I run a lot of business things on it and Samsung has never let me down thus far. However, I do not like Bixby and experiencing Siri's capabilities through a family member makes me wish that Bixby was half the assistant Siri is.
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    I don't really know anyone here all that well to tag someone specific, so I wrote this for anyone who comes across it. A day at a time Growing wild as thyme Is this embodiment of earthy design Where a flower may bloom from the vine And a fox may find rest in her shade Before the morning come the wade Through rivers glittering of the sun Splashing, clashing in pools overrun Look as it swells the grey stones smooth Along the banks where songbirds soothe To a rush of the leaping gale Where the Spring is yet early and frail It is here that the clouds sail above Surely painting messages of love Translation: Love begins to take the form of an early Spring-time scene. With thyme symbolizing courage, and that courage (to love someone) building overtime. The flower blooming from the vine represents femininity and the fox represents a more masculine counterpart. As they join the rest of the beautiful landscape in harmony. Surely painting messages of love, is an exemplification of that linger swoon or daydream. That "head in the clouds" feeling. Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's!
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    From the album: Zila's Art

    I was coming home from an errand out of town and had to pull over on the side of the road because it started raining too hard. Then I just decided to use my travel paints for some costume work I'm designing. Really love this mini palette! Paints: Watercolors by MIYA Brush: Master's Touch (Round) #2 brush.
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    Really ???
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    Huawei P30. Had it about a year and it's pretty solid. Previously had HTC's and Samsungs and seems to run a lot smoother.
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    iPhone 8. Can’t recommend it.
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    Wolf's Rain is such an under appreciated masterpiece. The ending is awesomely gut wrenching. Casshern Sins is a pretty depressing one as well with the whole show basically being about death, or the value of it. The twins arc from Black Lagoon was tragic but also flat out disturbing as well.
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    Cosplay has been a part of many peoples lives for some time now. What was once a daft little past-time where high-schoolers would wear a cheap costume-shop wig and a garment hastily put together with hot glue, to these amazing full armour builds and becoming internet famous and even making careers out of it, cosplay surely has gone a long way, hasn't it? We all seen these amazing fictional characters on our TV screens. Whether it be 2D animation or a character model in a game it is as if we are constantly 'feeling' all kinds of textures with our own eyes. It is amazing how animation works to use clothing and hair to create a sense a realism that blends beautifully within the game's/show's environment. 'Wow, his scarf is floating in the wind.' Cosplayers can look at a character and compare a character's costume to real life physics. Sometimes the materials are hard and shiny, which is what is typical in armour. Other times there might be stripes or patterns. Maybe its pleated or wavy. You cant physically touch it for yourself but just by looking you can absolutely tell! Its amazing how one can translate something from fiction to real life. These people can take days, weeks, months, even years, to create a costume. They can also be brought too. Some newcomers might just see costume making as sewing but in reality that is only part of the hobby. Cosplayers make props, they learn makeup, style wigs, create armour, jewellery, accessories and surprisingly many of these people are self-taught. 'But I cant sew...' That is ok! We all have to start somewhere! No one becomes an expert over night. I have been cosplaying for 12 years and I am still learning. I still make mistakes all the time and there is a lot of sewing jargon I dont understand the definition of. I have been learning as I go along. There are plenty of tutorials online, and maybe you have friends or family that can help. Maybe just buy some clothes from a thrift ship and alter them, like dye or paint them. Not only there is the joy of the creation process, but also the sense of achievement of completing the costume! It doesnt end here! Consider showing your work off at a convention! The best feeling ever is making people happy because they got to meet their favourite character! Share the happiness! Its a hobby that makes many people happy!
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    that's what hands and feet are for
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    I just finished "The Ramen Girl" on Hulu. Its an older movie starring the late Brittany Murphy. She did really well in this film, but I just like her as an actor anyway. The story was about a girl who had nothing, finding out about herself through her interactions in Japan in particular, at the ramen shop across from her apartment. The cast is interesting, and the fact that the language barrier is not improved upon is hilarious. The characters are constantly talking without being understood. Anyway, it was a treat to finish.
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    Still a better title than 'Sharknado' though
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    Just saw Klaus, which is some of the best animation I've seen in quite a bit. It's a fun movie with a lot of heart, definitely recommend it!
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    I actually really like Prometheus! It has a different feel, but it's still good. Not too sure when we'll get around to watching Covenant, but I can't wait
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    The thought that a CCP lacky somewhere in Guangdong province has all of my anime memes saved to a government computer fills me with joy

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