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    "yes I am aware that you can you instagram on your computer as well" I did not know this! Must re-evaluate my own lack of awareness in technology. No wonder people think I'm strange. THANK YOU, I love e-mailing. Once we had to use some outdated file-sharing app that became problematic when it reached upload limitations. Eventually, we just pushed everything over to Excel and e-mailed the sheets. I think e-mail is also a good way to get to know people you'll be working or communicating with, on a more intimate level. In college, we had this weird communication process on their website. Where our instructors would post bulletins about class work- etc. Pressing that we checked it daily for updates, downloadable material and emergency notes (instructors not being able to make class, room change due to construction and such). The major problem was that it was always under maintenance or crashing and it redirected you into confusing subcategories that were never specific enough for proper utilization. We had "Send Homework Here" and "Send Homework Here When Finished" tabs. Then we could never communicate with other students when the site was down and when it was up, it worked like a live-chat on your cellphone. The whole thing was hectic. Teachers started using e-mail because of the issues and it was much easier. Ayy, you're so bad! I think people would catch on really quickly if I did that. Sometimes I feel like I'm socially missing out and sometimes it looks like a lot of extra stress. What do you think, A.L.? Are you glad that you don't use it or no?
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    This is true. It keeps a lot of peace to nod your head and agree on advice when it's offered, then just never take it when it's of little aid to you personally. I can see how it would be more difficult when you're in a situation you can't easily avoid. Really glad that you understand your family's perspective of it being out of love for you. Sometimes people take it for granted. Also happy to hear the resolve with your mother. Not only were you able to open up and discuss what you were dealing with but she trusted you in the end. Even though it started out a certain way, now she knows you were dealing with something unpleasant. I sort of learned the hard way with something similar. I kept certain things from my mother. Then she got ill and was recently diagnosed with M.S. and I've been taking care of her. There's no point in additional worries on her plate. It's a good thing I have a sis to bugger but it would be better not to have to hide my anxieties from my mother. Now that she's living with me. Ah- I'm gonna ramble on! Ultimately, I just don't really appreciate people with more experience in a particular thing, belittling others that are pretty fresh to it. Always wishing you the best with your family. I like this because it rings true on so much and extends across various situations. I actually love working under experience. A couple of years ago, I was working as an apprentice under a craftsman in instrument repair. I worked with a team of four in Brass and they were an excellent bunch! Had a lot of respect for them doing things traditionally. It was almost like blacksmithing. Now that I think about it, these guys had a lot of passion for their work. They were eager to share their knowledge and I found each of their unorthodox methods helpful in developing an idea for my own. It was an environment that certainly welcomed new ideas if they ended up helping an individual get work done professionally. It was a good experience. I gather craftsmen are used to the idea that their trade is one developed through experience. They might tolerate newcomers for the extra work but they generally understand that artisans are made by leading an example. Sad that they ended up moving shop from my area but I hear they're flourishing more than ever! "We should open a psychoanalysis thread or something" I don't have the talent for this and I would lose all credibility of not being a complete dolt.
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    Is it Spring yet?? I'm really looking forward to this season of Fruits Baskets
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    Tired even though it’s just 10 am onna Tuesday. The fact that it’s supposed to be cloudy & rainy/snowy all week isn’t helping. I’ve said it before: animals that hibernate through the winter have the right idea.
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    Big fluffy duckling leviathan (the baby variant of a duck leviathan, who I'll try to draw soon. These are one of my MMaM species that I wanted to draw for practice :3)
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    I liked and enjoyed Castlevania, Knights of Sidonia, K-On!, The Seven Deadly Sins, Your Lie in April, Violet Evergarden, Clannad, Vampire Knight, God Eater, Haikyuu!!, Carole & Tuesday, Death Note, Levius, AJIN: Demi-Human, Cannon Busters, B: The Beginning, Magi, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood. Some of them have upcoming seasons but the seasons that are out now have completed episodes, if you don't mind that. AJIN: Demi-Human is pretty underrated but I personally found it entertaining with a great concept and amazing action scenes. Some people don't like the animation but it was a minor thing for me and I didn't think it hindered anything too important. Levius has a bit of the same animation style but again, I thought it was fun and it did a lot of things the manga was lacking. Right now, my Netflix go-to anime is Haikyuu!! It's currently awaiting season 3 (probably until Fall) but this show has some great comedy, easy to get pumped to, unpredictable story direction, myriad of interesting characters and is highly entertaining.
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    Quite a difficult topic (both psychologically and ethically), especially if people are very close to each other. If you care for someone and you see what you interpret to be suffering or making a mistake, it can be quite difficult to not give what you think is apt advice or intervene. Parents are a prime example of course. On the other hand, if the one receiving the advice interprets that things are getting worse rather than improving and attribute it to the bad advice or the person who gave it, it can feel like trusting that person was a mistake. Quite difficult. Personally it seems to me that it might be helpful for both to step back from the whole situation together and try and see what happened from a more neutral perspective. If both share a common goal and want to work together, I think a lot can be solved. What I think is a bit simpler though is that I would not say that just because someone is older, their take on something is worth more than someone who is younger. I would say that if you yourself are less experienced in the matter than someone else, it might not be a bad idea to give what the other has to say some serious thought. That being said, it does not mean that you are wrong even if what you say diverges from what the more experienced person said. But people who are way more experienced often do seem to be relatively closed to new ideas. That is something I constantly experience in my work when what I say goes against someone who has been working on the topic for 30 years. We should open a psychoanalysis thread or something
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    Age indicates very little, that's for certain. Members of my family have been giving me advice since I was little thinking it would be beneficial. Sometimes it was, often it wasn't, but advice is cool, because you're not obligated to take it. Some people in my family have a tendency to intervene in my proboems on their own however, purely out of love, but usually making things much worse because they don't fully understand the issue. Explaining my existential crisis and subsequent depression to my mother for example, proved to be a bad idea the second she started listing potential solutions, all of which showed that she'd completely missed the point. I had to tell her bluntly that that's what she'd done and that she should leave it to me. Thankfully she did
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    Similar in my case. When I was still at university as a student people asked me for my snapchat, whatsapp, instagram or whatever. When I told them that I don't use those, because I don't have a phone (yes I am aware that you can you instagram on your computer as well ), they were really surprised on how to send me stuff. Obvious answer, e-mail I don't get why the simple e-mail communication is so disliked, especially since you can also just reply on your phone and with various apps for e-mails it's not that different from the other apps. I guess it's more inconvenient, but not sure it is more inefficient. Anyway, life without those is possible
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    I've been playing Skyrim on the PS4 nonstop for nearly a couple of months aiming for the platinum. Before I played it on the 360, and then on the PS4 only with mods so I had a clear free start. I've been trudging through the thieves guild questline for what feels like forever. I never did the thieves guild or dark brotherhood before but it seems you have to be a bad guy to get trophies in Skyrim so I'm doing it. They are very involved questlines.... anyways, I think I might finally be getting close to the end. It won't be long now.... then its off to do the war, then the dovakhin questlines, then the dark brotherhood. It's fun but everytime I think I'm close I find out that I'm not lol.
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    Needing to get a haircut because it’s starting to curl/stand up along the sides & back of my head but still a barren wasteland up top.

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