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    Haven't really done social media in years, I stopped when I was in high school because my phone got stolen and I never really got back into it. I did rejoin a few years later because my gf at the time was hounding me to do so (mainly to follow her instagram and snapchat) and also because I needed whatsapp for work reasons.
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    I’m watching the MHA Heroes Rising movie tomorrow evening. I’ve wanted to watch the movie for a while actually, I watched the first movie in the theatre last year and this year I’ll watch there too.
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    It's been quite some time since I've been here, how is everyone doing. To update those who might remember me, I've got a new group of fiends (who are awesome) we play a lot of league, DnD and other games together on the weekends, I am a fully trained and certified Safety officer and I vape now (I'm sorry).
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    It's a typical evening, lying in bed, getting ready to sleep and I decide to listen to the piano version of Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude. I glance up at my End of Evangelion poster (the one with Asuka and Shinji looking over the LCL ocean with giant Rei on the horizon) and perhaps unusually, gain a sense of tranquility and calm. Neon Genesis Evangelion was one of my first animes and changed my life permanently. It sparked an interest not just in anime, but in psychology and more pungently, philosophy. Without NGE I would have never discovered the works of some of my favorite philosophers like Schopenhauer, Cioran, Nietzsche, etc (OK, I might have found Nietzsche unaided :D). I would also have never been able to reconcile many of my negative feelings of social anxiety, loneliness and the depression that can accompany them. Despite the month of emotional turmoil that proceeded my first viewing, I know feel happier, more certain of myself and more at peace than I did before. Has anybody else had this kind of intense life changing experience after watching a particular show? Or at least has an anime introduced you to a subject you otherwise may not have stumbled across? (history, politics, science, etc)
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    Nah but they really are great, they recently kidnapped one of my guitars to have it restored which cost them quite a bit. my older friend group is more into narcotics and that sort of thing, so I'm trying to stay away from doing that stuff again. and its been working for the past 5/6 years so I'm happy.
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    @Illusion of Terra wish I could work home . Glad I decided to wait till the weekend to go to the movies though. Supposed to be cold, but dry by then.
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    Similar to .Hack: Log Horizon, Grimgar of Ash & Fantasy Similar to Xxxholic: Morose Monokean, Midnight Occult Civil Servants, InSpectre Similar to Samurai 7: Dororo, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
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    If you own a kingdom ,what will it be called ? and if you can only assign ten rules for the people to follow ... what ten should it be ? is that whats most important ?
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    well sometimes ... but even if i do want to catch up with them , im still to lazy to go get the app and go everyday to see and sometimes , my friend knows i don't use it , so they don't bother talk about this stuff with me
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    Big fluffy duckling leviathan (the baby variant of a duck leviathan, who I'll try to draw soon. These are one of my MMaM species that I wanted to draw for practice :3)
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    https://www.crunchyroll.com/animeawards/en/faqs/index.html The above link is what on CR’s site. Even though fans get a chance to vote, their panel of judges votes count more (70/30) and they’re the ones who determine who is nominated. The judges are largely what CR describes as “industry experts” and I think some anime Youtubers. I believe they had a list of judges earlier, but not sure if it’s still accessible. Most of the people on CR’s forums are usually pretty cynical about the official awards, though this year seemed to be more inline. There’s about 15 - 30 subscribers who participate in our own seasonal & annual version on the forums (see link in earlier post)
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    ...this was my first time using a drawing tablet instead of mouse... ....It was meant to be a feild of flowers....
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    Anything you want lol I'm pretty good thanks. How about yourself?
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    technically I wouldn't really mind. main thing is that for some people I know who don't know much about technology stuff like facebook is the only way to send them stuff like photos. if my aunt who doesn't really know anything about technology wants a photo of something, the only way might be through facebook. That's also one of the only reasons I use social media. I never got how and why people would get their news for example from stuff like facebook or twitter, but on the other hand I have never really tried it either. As for instagram, snapchat, tik tok etc. I have never used them. I think I am just too old so that almost no one I know uses it But I can see why younger people would enjoy it
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    Ending the day on some Kai Winding, Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Wish I was old enough to catch Stevie in concert before he passed on. Been to a lot of Jimmie Vaughan shows but it isn't quite the same.
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    It really is a shame cybill was so creepy.. Her music was really beautiful.
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    Finally got around to binge the first season. I'm a huge fan of the music genre in anime or music being a significant theme in anime. Like Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope, Samurai Champloo, and even a tad bit of ClassicaLoid. First season was a lot of fun and I'm hooked on these vocals and lyrics! It was absolutely breathtaking seeing GGK's character design flourish on stage with those color schemes. Her vocal artist, Madison McFerrin, hit me like a soothing enigma. So much respect for studio Bones, designing dance choreography with live references. That must have been painstaking! I like the arrangements of each song. Um, aside from that wild performance by Mermaid Sisters. Which was a shame because it would have been wonderful to see a serious A capella performance. Personally, as far as characters go, I thought Pyotr was gonna have me rolling eyes a ton but he turned out sort of adorable. The framework for his dance animations were stunning! I nearly rolled out of my chair instead. It was easy to forget he was a little annoying. Cybelle creeps me waaaay out. Hopefully that's the last time she comes around but I haven't seen S2 yet. I'm actually intrigued by Tao, hopefully there's more backstory on him to come. My only real disappointment is how subtle the Oldies are mentioned. Even though there are prominent song titles in each episode label. Treating the mains as a clueless pair to the Classic greats is such a cliché on youth. "Who are the Beatles?" "Never heard of them." "Never heard of Mötorhead." Apparently not far enough into the future for classics to be unheard of but ironically far enough for a couple of youngins.
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    To @Seshi And to the AF community as a whole: Thank you for giving me a place to share, rant, ramble & just weird out with others who love anime, which is something I lack IRL. Happy Valentines Day. please excuse the duplicated content. Apparently I screwed up the the spoiler tag & can’t fix it
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    To all the great people here at AF: Roses come in several colors Violets do as well Though this message is lackluster I sincerely hope your Valentine's is swell~ Happy Valentine's Day one and all, I hope you have a great day and many more to come~
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    I don't really know anyone here all that well to tag someone specific, so I wrote this for anyone who comes across it. A day at a time Growing wild as thyme Is this embodiment of earthy design Where a flower may bloom from the vine And a fox may find rest in her shade Before the morning come the wade Through rivers glittering of the sun Splashing, clashing in pools overrun Look as it swells the grey stones smooth Along the banks where songbirds soothe To a rush of the leaping gale Where the Spring is yet early and frail It is here that the clouds sail above Surely painting messages of love Translation: Love begins to take the form of an early Spring-time scene. With thyme symbolizing courage, and that courage (to love someone) building overtime. The flower blooming from the vine represents femininity and the fox represents a more masculine counterpart. As they join the rest of the beautiful landscape in harmony. Surely painting messages of love, is an exemplification of that linger swoon or daydream. That "head in the clouds" feeling. Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's!
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    I thought I was done obsessing over Juicy by Doja Cat but alas. I had an errand out of town and probably ended up frightening some country folk out on the winding road. I'll spare the video because it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea () but have some Strawhatz because they just uploaded a new video and I rather like their fancy footwork.
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    This one is worth listening to at least twice. (At least.) Listen once before you see the movie so when you get to that one part... and once after to remember it.
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    Optic hi by the way i really love this site and also i like dark magician girl too

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