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    Oh neat, I like the concept. I hope I'll find some time to join
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    These little evening strolls of mine are becoming the best part of my day...during a pandemic. Because why the heck not? And before anyone freaks out, yes, yes, I am keeping my distance from everyone else lol.
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    Hello again, my fellow anime fans and welcome to this years Spring AF art contest - A Reverse Isekai Challenge! This fun contest is all about bringing your favorite anime characters into your world, instead of you going into theirs. With this in mind, all you have to do is pick a character that you wouldn't normally see in our modern clothes or perhaps a school uniform, and draw them in one instead of their usual outfit. Lets see what we can come up with! If you'd like to participate, do so by replying to this thread with your entry no later than April 15th. This will be a community voted event. The community will vote 1 winning entry to be featured for the remainder of Spring in the art block. 2020 Spring Art Contest Participation badges will be awarded for each participant and can be showcased with the rest of your awards and trophies on your profile. Feel free to discuss this contest and your decision making process in this thread as well. Lets all have fun~
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    I'm still on seaso two of chihayafuru , but ill be done soon
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    @Illusion of Terra its 2 and im guessing its 1 1. I broke my legs when i was riding a bike 2. I broke my arm when i fell off a tree 3. Never broke a bone
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    If you haven't seen Overlord yet, id definitely recommend. Along the same lines as HxH is Yuu yuu hakusho but its an older anime so may not be your thing. Its made by the same author so you'll see similarities.
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    I ended up dropping my score from a 9/10 in early eps to an 8/10 in the end, simply because the ridiculous amount of one sidedness to the skill distribution. Sort of became gimmicky rather than the pure fun that it started out to be.
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    I also like this movie called " big fish and begonia " it was a wonderful movie , and yep it was sad
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    Sailor Moan Steins;Mate Dr. Slum
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    OH MY GOODNESS IT IS SO SAD *cry* but like super cute and definitely worth the watch and rewatch! My personal favorites: (I mean, all of Miyazaki is that but there are other classy anime movies out there so i'm not counting him rn) Origin: Spirits of the Past Inverted Cowboy Bebob: The Movie Full Metal Alchemist: Conquerer of Shambala Walk on Girl the Night is Young Weathering With You
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    Definitely going to work on this during quarantine! And wow that Harley Quinn makeup is totally on point! Your hair is perfect for her too have you ever tried that temporary colored powder for hair before? Washes out super easy but it looks great for the day you put it in (and it's like dry shampoo so it makes your hair all fluffy!). I Would have LOVED to see your Suzu cosplay! I too have an undocumented cosplay... really put a lot of work into Asuna from SAO and wore it to a halloween party where i got really drunk and killed it. So sad, and the only picture i got was one closeup and a blurry full body pic. Such is life.
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    Seven Deadly Bins Bitch Hunter Robin
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    My ISP kicked us up to 1Gbit Down/Up two weeks ago for free. I hadn't needed it yet, since I haven't been editing any Arc files or anything, but it was nice to know it's there. Unfortunately, I don't think the work side of it would be able to hold up. Cable company that services them just doesn't have their act together when it comes to technology. That's why I switched to fiber.
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    Ahh you should do this up @gojirawr that would be awesome!! I don't have any full body shots on my phone. But, I do have a lot of cos-tests...usually makeup and hair ideas. Megurine Luka, and western comics (Felicia Hardy, and trialing Harleyquinn's natural hair using my natural hair...excuse the edits on her though hahaha it was a Snapchat filter I thought worked with her crazy personality). I've also cosplayed as Suzuha from Stein's gate but I has not pics =°= I generally thrift my costumes and just alter things. Unless it's accessories. My lazy cosplay when going to conventions is usually cat ears hahah so not char related.
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    I'm not as tech savvy as others on here, but I steal a lot of business from our G6 at work. As for programs, what kind of programs are you wondering about? Video editing...I have no idea. That's not my lane, unfortunately.
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    Just finished the last episode. No real surprise what Maple’s trump card would be Overall the series has a very positive & upbeat message, as Maple pretty much ignores the traditional strategies and just does whatever seems fun/cool to that derpy little head of hers & more often than not it works out. And while she’s an absolute beast in competitions, she just wants to be friends with everybody. Having said that, not entirely sure how I feel about the announcement of a second season. As fun as it was, there’s not a lot of substance or overall story to it. So not sure where they’ll go from here. But as the game developers finally accept, there’s no way to predict what Maple will do next. (7/10)
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    Like 5 minutes ago actually. Saddest breakup of my life and it had to happen the day before quarantine and all i want is mad snuggles and makeup sex. Where would you go (specifically) in the event of a zombie outbreak?
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    also if anyone wants to roleplay i made a new thread in the role playing forum space it's set in present day and changing only one small thing: the coronavirus becomes the zombie virus! come tell stories with meeeeee!
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    Here's my favorite AMV and one of my favorite EDM artists https://youtu.be/fzQ6gRAEoy0
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    OMG DUH! And I LOVE Izumi! Pretty easy cosplay too Thanks for the tip!
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    Nice cosplay. Maybe try Izumi from FMA? Shes the only dredded chara I can think of rn.
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    I LOVE all your cosplays! Can't wait to see more! I've always wanted to do Ash from Pokemon but i have dread locks now and can't figure out what to do with them for cosplay!! Send ideas please! I crossplayed as Wander from Shadow of the Colossus for Halloween one year ^____^
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    Thanks for all the welcomes everyone! Can't wait to meet you all I'm a house and chillstep kinda person but honestly i'll DJ almost any EDM! I love sci-fi and quality SOL, a good drama is always up top. Some faves are Steins;Gate, Bakuman, Casshern Sins, Death Parade, Ergo Proxy, FMA, Baccano!, Ghost Stories, Gravitation, GTO, High School of the Dead, Hyouka, Jormungand, Last Exile, Future Diary, No Game No Life, Robotics;Notes, Desert Punk, Terror in Resonance and Psycho-Pass to name a few
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    menmonist, because then I could easily learn new languages as well be an airplane pilot or a submarine pilot?
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    So, I lied about not dying. We did have a casualty today, and I'm a bit heartbroken. I tossed my sweatshirt into the wash as soon as I got home. Shortly after I started moving the clothes to the dryer, I found my government travel card. That was odd - considering I never use that card. It shouldn't have been out of my wallet......... ...then I realized it. The leather wallet that I have had for 11 years met a terrible end, drowned in a vault of water and laundry detergent. New one is on it's way and should be here on the 28th.
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    ohhh, i like a lot of anime but if i had to choose , maybe snow white with the red hair , anime both season 1 and 2 , im waiting for season 3 to be confirmed ,
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    Just a couple of photos I like. Both costumes handmade and worn by myself.
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    This one is purely my profile image. It is the same as the one I have shown before.
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    I also do cosplay and I really enjoy doing male and female characters. By now I only have 2 cosplays done (even though with none I have full shots bc I'm kinda insecure with my body and shit) which are Nico Yazawa from Love Live - School Idol Festival (these two photos are 5 months apart), and Ash Lynx from Banana Fish.  This second photo was when I first used my Nico Yazawa Cosplay. By this time I was kinda costesting the serious version of him. This was from the day I first took him to a con (by this time I was pregnant and I couldn't even bind my boobs properly bc they hurt a fricking lot.
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    I had a really fun time cosplaying Asuka Langley and Joseph Joestar. Both were really comfy too! (plus the great memes)
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    A couple of years ago I went to a local con as a tennis player just because I really liked tennis anime at the time. Before that I went to one in 2010 as Sakura and dyed my hair and everything I’ll have to get my laptop back in action to find those photos.
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    Wow, that was really good, I was not expecting to feel so moved by a ~6 minute AMV. Very sad, but in a good way.
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