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    The next user will either remove the first or second word and add their own word. Let's begin: Loli life.
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    @Ohiotaku Yeah I keep forgetting about the whole covid thing (I'm a hermit anyway, lol). I'm definitely glad I got Crunchyroll now though. So now I'm all caught up. Momiji is definitely adorable and is very smart even though he acts all cutesy and innocent.
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    Spent 1 minute on this story. Don't expect much from my lazy ass.. There once was a very curious shapeshifting kitty whom loved playing with dangerous things. She was so evil that she had to be abandoned and put up for adoption. The pet shop's owner had the mischievous little demon returned to her countless times. *Is awaiting to be adopted by her new owner(s) with a grin on her face* Kitty's current mood: Actual mood:
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    My 2nd pen fanart. I had never tried cross shading with ink eehee.
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    Thank God... a friend of mine was considering something, but... They're... not going to do that...
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    So, I think someone has been stealing my blog posts and reposting them on another website. I feel so... weird. Is there anything I can do about this? Should I do anything about this?
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    My stomach hurts .. >^<
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    I just had the most delicious lunch: A Caesar wrap with turkey, turkey bacon, thinly sliced tomato, spring greens, light Caesar dressing, & a little parmesan cheese with a baked potato on the side. My tummy is very happy right now.
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    Played some Minecraft and been watching Mario Maker 2 on Twitch. Saw some pretty insane levels.
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    Haven't done much gaming this week due to covering other people's shifts for them. I did however order a new computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. So I can't wait for that...
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    Cannot wait for my new computer to come in!
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    Hello there welcome to AF you found the right place for anime talk as there's plenty opportunity fir that here. Hope you have a great time here with us, and see you around.
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    From the album: 2020 Reverse Isekai Challenge

    This is the 1st Place winning art piece for the 2020 reverse isekai art challenge. Submitted by @Nyxnine
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    Today I had a bagel with pepperoni, and cheese was pretty good.
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    Well I am a regular con goer, or at least I will be again once we can go to them again. Though in terms of cosplay I would want to cosplay.
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    Love OreGairu! Don't remember exactly what happened in episode 1, though.
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    In this topic, we'll be talking about the first episode of OreGairu! Now, if you haven't watched OreGairu/My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I Expected, then you should. But if you don't want to and just want to learn about it, here's a very simple explanation: Source: https://oregairu.fandom.com/wiki/Yahari_Ore_no_Seishun_Love_Comedy_wa_Machigatteiru_(series) Important events in Episode 1 consists of Hachiman Hikigaya going to a service club against his own will so he can become less of a loner, the characters Yukino Yukinoshita and Yui Yuigahama being introduced, and Yui befriending Hachiman and Yukino. Anyways, discuss! I look forward to hearing what you guy think! PS, OreGairu is on VRV and I think it's on Funimation. Image source: https://www.mobileyouth.org/oregairu-season-3/ Alright, so the network got messed up so it posted the topic three times, and I'm sorry about that! This is the real one! The other two, I'll find a way to delete them. But this topic thread is the real one!
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    Watching Elfen Lied and Another this weekend & then may check out either Fairy Tail or a new one called Listeners.
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    FINISHED I FINISHED BLACK SOULS TWO (first spoiler is just an image, might be gore graphic? dunno, theres blood, but more of badly drawn but also godly drawn >.>) I CAN NOW GO BACK TO MY REGULAR LIFE STYLE boo i had so much fun tho', lowkey toke me 3 days to get the "true" ending MAINLY COUSE I KEPT SKIPPING THE OPENING AND DIDNT KNOW I HAD TO i-i also teared up a bit, when i had to... (major major spoilers ahead) but yea, it was a god f*cking damn fun ride black souls 3 when? edit: also, urge to do fanwork -INTENSIFIES- EDIT EDIT BUT ALSO A SPOILER (also semi scary?) F*CKING BAE JESUS CHRIST i aspire to draw this good one day and make stories this damn good motivation to do my game: intensifies
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    Finished: Haikyuu Toradora Tensei Slime Noragami
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    I'm only human.. N I bleed when I fall down.. I'm only human.. N I crash N I break down.. your words in my head, knives in my heart. You build me up N then I fall apart.
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    Oh, well...awesome ^^v can't wait for the next one.
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    Im starting to watch " cheer boys "
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    My plans are to start my rewatch and catch-up for Attack on Titan, rewatch Shinsekai Yori and start Get Backers. Also rewatching Steins;Gate 0 for the first time since I got the bluerays
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    I had a pepperoni and cheese sandwich for breakfast nothing to right home about.
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    Watching Nagi No Asukara
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    Only see 5 at the moment, wish users could submit their fav ones and have an admin/judges approve of the best ones to have on display to pick from. If I could participate I'd pick something classic.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    (this is probably me, but not really) dead pool cosplay jk there's enough deadpool in the ocean, easily easiest to cosplay >.> id try for corvo (already trying to make his mask...once i get the feeling xD) (image not me) kyouma, couse, i feel i could pull it off, just need to make my hair longer, use gel, and then, wear a lab gown (which i already have xD) (also not me)
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    I like #2. Though my favorite cosplays are kimonos and if I could honestly I’d be a male character I’ve always liked boys clothing better than girls. 1. Kikyo from Inuyasha - I love her hair too. My hair used to be long enough to pull that off, but not anymore. 2.Also Seshoumaru 3. Kenshin Himura from Samurai X. Also his master.

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