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    Im going to watch : Kaguya sama : love is war
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    1st Expression: Half full or half empty? 2nd one: Freedom has a cost. Extras: Hold me tight. Thankful for what I have. We are the same yet different.
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    I would like for us to have a true "creativity" contest. For that, I must ask: What expression or words would you like to see drawn out? In a similar way to acting out expressions in charades, we will seek to take these expressions and give them life through a drawing. The challenge will be to take the most popular expression (after voting) and draw it. For example, the most popular expression voted turns out to be "I love you". You would then come up with a creative way to express those words in a drawing. With points going to the most creative. This is a creativity contest after all.. Not just an art contest. To get us started, I will ask that you please come up with 1 or 2 expressions that you would like to see drawn out. They can be completely ridiculous, it doesn't matter what. As long as its within our forum rules. After we get a few entries we will vote to see which one our contestants will be drawing for us. Think of this as a competitive version of the jackbox game scribblio (I know some of you here have played that) and If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in a pm.
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    step on me(expression) ...i've been using S. teneb too much..>_< 1.) frantic expression ? 2.) scary expression
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    There used to be a function on profiles that revealed past names, which was useful in keeping track of who changed their names. Since it disappeared, I've lost track of some people. I like this idea.
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    Welcome in & looking forward to getting to know you. As far as classics go, I'm afraid Sailor Moon is the only one I can name since I am a much newer anime fan.
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    If this is a preview of stuff we'll see on PS5.... and btw the licencing terms have changed for unreal engine as well. Now it is free for the first $1M of revenue... https://youtu.be/dK9JytK_sBg
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    Honestly, I would actually prefer to cosplay as male characters. Mostly these boys: I would also love to cosplay some genderless/non-binary characters such as these ones: I'd also love to cosplay these female characters as well:
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    The Anime Forums community is volunteer driven. Those volunteers have a passion for this community and a desire to see it thrive. As volunteers, we seek to moderate the forum, update its social media presence and ensure that good content is being presented for members at Anime Forums to enjoy over the course of time. To keep our volunteers in tip top shape, we are looking to expand our team by recruiting new moderators in a variety of roles. If you are interested in becoming part of the team please read through the requirements and consider applying for a position using the details given in the spoilers below. Forum moderators: Must be at least 18yo. Have good understanding of how to resolve conflict (or the will to learn, and take direction on member issues). Communicate in a constructive manner when preforming moderator duties. Have a good understanding of the English language. Must be able to withstand complaints and disputes without becoming flustered. Enjoy being a part of the AF community and actively engages within different forum sub sections. General Staff - Review Moderator Must be at least 18yo. Have a good understanding of the English language. Must be able to withstand complaints and disputes without becoming flustered. Have the desire to read anime reviews and work with the reviewer to ensure reviews comply with the rules for submission. General Staff - Social Media Moderator Must be at least 18yo. Have the desire to create posts for social media pages in a variety of genres that can appeal to different viewers. General Staff - Database Administrator (closed) Must be at least 18yo. Actively take requests from others in the submission of new anime into the database, while updating the forum thread on the topic of database requests. Be able to stay focused and finish tasks once begun. Update the anime database to ensure AF is meeting the needs of its community members. To apply, please send a PM to me including the following information: * denotes for Forum Moderator only applications.
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    What cosplay would you like to wear if you could? Out of these costume which one do you like best? 1 2 3
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    Hi there everyone I thought I'd post this sense I did not see a topic for this. In the AF shop we have the option to buy a change to our user name. I haven't seen this happen to much though when it dose would not hurt to have a record of it. So if you do decide to change your username just go ahead, and post your old one as well as your new one here so all of your friends know. In my case my former username was Archiekun it is now Geano for example. Hope this is a good addition for the forums.
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    I've just recently received the wig I will be needing for Rin Kaenbyou. I am craving for going out, just to purchase the materials I need to begin the works.
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    You know the difference between getting 7 hours of sleep and getting no hours of sleep? There is none, I still wake up freaking tired.
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    maybe something like : friendship or love ? 1. Important Friendships 2. Love ! 3. Precious Memories $. Don't play around with me
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    Hi everyone, I am 39 years old. I used to watch anime growing up. I remember watching all of the seasons of Slayers, the three Robotech series, among others, and having fond memories of them even as an adult. Recently, since the lockdown began, I introduced some of my favorites to my kids, and we started watching them and enjoying them together. I also started watching anime that is not child-appropriate privately... and landed on the masterpiece that is Death Note. Now after having watched it through, I am blown away. What an emotional and spiritual roller coaster the artists who made it sent everybody through. But having watched it, I am left craving for more, which brought me to this forum. If you have suggestions on what I can add to my list, then I would love to hear. I'm looking for ones that are thought-provoking, along the lines of Death note. Best, Ernie
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    While this was more of a Yuki episode, this is probably the scene that made me smile the most
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    You always have the best banners
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    Welcome to the forums , hope you enjoy it here Favorite classic anime would include: Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato), Card Captor Sakura & Cowboy Bebop
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    Evangelion is my alltime favorite show, though only when I'm in a certain state of mind. I also like Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Berserk, Revolutionary Girl Utena, to name a few.
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    Anyone here a hardcore Digimon fan, like me? Come on, don't be shy... lol
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    I have no ideas right now .. so I'll take a while to think
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    I like this song - Enchanted - owl city
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    Want a chance to be featured as AFs member of the month? Wondering what it takes? Participating in contests 🖋 Writing anime reviews Uploading art content in the gallery Creating blog posts Are all wonderful ways to become featured!
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    I totally would want a season 4 , since its such a good anime
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    Looking forward to working with everyone.
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    Thanks to this thread I know this website exists, so it is nicer than my standard word document So thank you! https://myanimelist.net/animelist/AmaliCa I've seen how much hype it attracted so I am staying away from it
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    I'd love to get a group together & either dress as kids from The Promised Neverland or scouts from Attack on Titan! Oh, I'd also love to dress up as a member of the Black Bulls from Black Clover!
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    My Top 10 in no particular order My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro Ranma 1/2: Nihao my Concubine Project A-ko (the first one) Little Witch Acadrmia/The Enchanted Parade Princess Mononoke Children Who Chase Lost Voices Mary & the Witch’s Flower Patema Inverted Expelled from Paradise
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    (this is probably me, but not really) dead pool cosplay jk there's enough deadpool in the ocean, easily easiest to cosplay >.> id try for corvo (already trying to make his mask...once i get the feeling xD) (image not me) kyouma, couse, i feel i could pull it off, just need to make my hair longer, use gel, and then, wear a lab gown (which i already have xD) (also not me)
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    I like #2. Though my favorite cosplays are kimonos and if I could honestly I’d be a male character I’ve always liked boys clothing better than girls. 1. Kikyo from Inuyasha - I love her hair too. My hair used to be long enough to pull that off, but not anymore. 2.Also Seshoumaru 3. Kenshin Himura from Samurai X. Also his master.

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