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    Can't agree enough. They seem to run more like jrpgs. I feel like, if I'm in the mood for that form of storytelling, I would pick up a game like Fire Emblem. If I want to simply read a story, that's what books are for. I can understand why someone may like them, however. They do offer a different form of entertainment, which relies heavily on dialogue and art. Almost entirely, in fact. And that's probably why I don't care much for them. I like reading and visualising the details for myself. A VN leaves very little to the imagination. As an opinionated aside... The dialogue is cringey as all heck.
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    Don't get me wrong, I WANT TO LIKE visual novels. And I've tried many times in the past to get into them. I pick one up and play or read it. Then I quit as I get bored. Then years pass and I try again. Only to end up bored again. Maybe you're playing crappy (or hentai) ones? My latest attempt into liking visual novels was Doki Doki Literature Club. So no. Doki Doki is hyped up for a reason. It's really good. I gave it a try. But I got bored and quit before reaching the good stuff. I kind of regret quitting early though. SPOILER WARNING.... Maybe because you don't like reading? Err.... I read a lot of books. Granted they are all non-fiction. The only fiction book I read was Harry Potter. So I don't mind the reading part. I think I can't get to liking visual novels is because they take a long time to get going. And I get it. They're trying to establish things. Setting up the world, the characters, and so on. But it takes way too long for me. And here is where it gets weird. I am currently making a visual novel. Like I said, I want to like them. So even if I can't get through one I still want to make one myself. I just hope mine doesn't make someone bored too.
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    Dear members, I hope that someone will help me to find anime I'm looking for pretty long time. I introduced myself earlier today in proper section . I hope that someone will be able to help me. I'm looking for anime from early 90s or late 80s. I remember only one fight scene. It was at night and two guys are fighting. At some point the villain detached something like a balls chain (or maybe it was some kind of a braid) from the back of his head and started to use it as a weapon against the main hero. This is all I remember. Thanks in advance for all help and ideas.
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    All done with Elfen Lied & wow, what a great anime! I'm going to finish Another today & then move on to Beserk or When They Cry.
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    So yea, yesterday we had a big storm Which led to us loosing electricity I was kind of prepared for the typhoon (atleast, power/energy-wise on phone, i.e. fully charged power bank, phone fully charged) ...problem was, my brother and father were not, and my 4-bar power bank, instantly became 2bar, couse my brother and dad had low-bat phones >.> And since, it was risky to waste power, i just turned my phone off, after playing my gachas, and did some drawing traditional drawing is so wierd, im so used to modern/graphics-styled >.> ....I did get tired again though, so i never got to finish the shirt (shes hella bare naked here, if you think about it, couse i didnt draw clothing yet >.>) Still, my drawings have gotten better, i went from this to my latest drawing (digital being Aina, traditional, which im not used too, being an OC >.>)
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    mst3k ftw..
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    For @RuthisianCodex As the quote reads:
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    Imagine if GPUs get as much development and advances over the next few years as CPUs have over the last couple. Also, did you catch the reference to rendered -audio-? Imagine caves that sound like caves, virtual amphitheatres that are actually good for VR concerts/shows, and virtual renditions of architecture from all over the world that actually let you participate in the acoustics as well as the visuals. That's the kind of thing that could be the "killer app" that gets VR out of its niche. I was hoping there would at least be some PS and Xbox console tidbits leaked/announced at E3. I guess you could call the Unreal Engine V a PS5 announcement of a sort. Nothing prevents companies from making announcements on their own either.
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    Since I have the AiO water cooler in my system I've been wanting to run my CPU mildly overclocked. The base clock is 3.7GHz but I've seen many, many reports of people getting up to 4.1 without having to do anything more radical than having a good heatsink and telling the BIOS to auto-detect the max safe overclocking frequency. (This board's BIOS has me spoiled.) My RAM is rated at 2600Mhz but again I've read online that people were getting it to run reliably at up to 3200Mhz. The problem has been that I've never run the RAM at its (claimed) max speed with the CPU overclocked as well. After some quick experimentation immediately post-build I found that I could either OC the processor or the RAM, but not both. I didn't have the time to fiddle with it so I just let the BIOS run with the stock speeds. However, I had some time on my hands tonight so I decided to try running the memory at the 3200 speed and see how far I could push the CPU before the system became unstable. Long story short, after "only" about half a dozen BIOS visits it turns out that I just had to back the CPU off to a bit under 4Ghz! (3.98 to be precise.) Geekbench says my 2700X's single-core performance did drop slightly (from 1100 to 1088) vs a 4.1Ghz max rate, but the multi-core score jumped from 7543 to 8278 with the extra memory bandwidth enabled. I probably won't even notice the single-core difference, but I'm sure [email protected] will appreciate the ~10% multi-core bump. I've had [email protected] running for a couple hours now and it seems stable. No noticeable increase in fan noise either. I'll let it run overnight. If the system is still working, stable, and quiet in the morning then I think I'll be sticking with these settings.
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    @Koshigaya23 The original A-ko was one of the first anime I bought on VHS & the soundtrack is one of the few anime cds I own. The follow ups didn’t have the same appeal for me though (Cinderella Rhapsody is probably my favorite of those). I’d love to see it get a reboot with modern production values, though I think Kill la Kill is probably the closest we’ll ever get. The 2nd Ranma 1/2 movie is my favorite because it dedicated a scene to each of the secondary ships (Shampoo/Mousse, Ukuo/Ryoga & Nabiki/Kuno). Plus the fanservice with the female cast mostly in swimsuits or harem outfits I’ve tried a couple times getting into the Lupin III tv series, but really didn’t click with me. I did like Castle of Cagliostro though & intend to check out the other movies & A Woman Named Fujiko Mine. A couple that didn’t make my list but still are really nostalgic for me: Tenchi Muyo in Love Dirty Pair: Project Eden Devil Hunter Yohko
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    This would be useful when i change my username
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    Ooo, so I've decided to re-watch some good slice of life and shoujo animes. I've seen, Say, I Love you and currently watching From Me to You. After that, NANA will be next. I am pretty excited tapping into my inner teen girl memories.
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    My plans include looking up fun stuff like this!
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    Wait until all of Brand New Animal is avalible, then binge watch the entirety. Until then, watching old anime I have been planning on watching.
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    Rewatch every anime I like, search for other animes that I may like, and doing School Stuff The last four words are Terror

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