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    YES!!! New Goblin Slayer movie!!!!
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    I enjoyed that one as well. Hope it gets another season. My recs: Buso Renkin Ushio & Tora Dorororo Soul Eater Fire Force Goblin Slayer Claymore
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    Heard on the radio that today is National Chicken Wing Day. At the risk of revealing how truly maladjusted I am, I have NEVER understood this fascination. I don’t care what kind of sauce you put on them, just ain’t enough meat on the damm things.
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    The anime that i like to watch and i use to watch/read Naruto Immortal Regis Cavalier of the Abyss Street Fighter Fairy Tail seems interesting but i still didn't watch Bleach - was watching few episodes with Hollow and some fights I will add more in a few
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    It's very nice to meet you too. I was trying to write you the msg but it didnt work, so here it is and i wantes to let you know and thanks for having me here.Selene
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    Thanks for having me here im Selene
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    Very nice to meet you, Selene. Hope you have a nice time here.
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    Good timing as the movie becomes available on Crunchyroll tuesday
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    I am loving your new photo
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    Well I am a collector of many things games included I have a rather vast retro game collection. I love a lot of new games as well though good amount of more recent ones are mostly digital, or have digital elements to them. This topic makes me both happy and sad at the same time as I love how games, and consoles were once products now they are essentially services which in it of itself is not a bad thing per say, but to me it is still sad.

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