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    You make a good point moderator-san...no one cares what you do at 70..although it's the matter of convincing yourself that you're not a pedo....(ofcourse I'm not gonna touch girls at 70..c'mon!..no one's worthy of my touch except anime girls..jk)(damn..that sounded less creepy in my head)..also being a 70 y/o weeb would be so cool..a veteran in the truest sense of the word..
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    i for one, dont think its pedophilia, so long as you dont actually touch a real life, inexperienced, girl, it <shouldn't> be considered pedophilia but i think majority of people would say otherwise, its creepy to see an old guy simping over a 15y/o still liking anime in 70's...shouldn't really say much, for one, your 70, you're gonna be kicking the bucket soon, so who cares its a hobby you like, if it doesn't hurt anyone, it shouldn't matter im saying, physically hurt, im not talking about "creeped out" hurt, or something, those are called haters though, to be 70y/o, and still be watching anime, you must have allot of knowledge on past animu then >.>
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    Would be cool if they did a spin-off series focusing on Haru.
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    In less than 5 episodes, Dororo has become one of my top 5 favorite anime of all time. I am just loving everything about this series so far.
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    Agreed. Haru is definitely a favorite of mine as well. And yeah, we absolutely need to delve deeper into his back story because I'm sure it's incredible.
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    Just started Dororo & oh...my...GOSH! Loving it so far!
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    Watched the first episode of Japan Sinks 2020, but think it’s a bit too real for my current mood. Think I’ll save it till sometime in the future.
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    Interesting anime, one of first i watched.

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