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    also drew one of my favorite scenes in side story of ursus 90% sadness but this scene made it the best just the best
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    So I decided to log back in after a really long time, so yeah long time no talk everybody!
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    Most of the folks here seem to prefer bingeing opposed to watching series as they air. As far as Demon King Misfit, I dropped it after 4 episodes. The MC’s parents were kinda funny, but [email protected], I don’t find the whole OP MC gimmick appealing. I do enjoy Reincarnated as a Slime, but even in that case I find that aspect kind of a letdown. As far as my own faves from this season: 1. Fruits Basket S2 2. Re:Zero S2 3. Deca-Dence 4. Fire Force S2 5. Aggretsuko S3 & Diary of our Days at Breakwater

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