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    this one I found hilarious 😂
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    This had a nice degree of difficulty actually. Got me all confident and pumped up with the first question then all... 🤔 with the rest. Well done!
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    Definitely an interesting idea, Feel like I did pretty well considering I didn't recognize a lot of the names I KNEW I screwed up #9 as soon as I hit the next button (Ack, no! Do over, do over!) :lol:
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    Interesting idea! I knew the a lot of them because I saw them in trailers and stuff, but can never remember their names 😂
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    It works now ! I still didn't know much though 😂
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    Unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sailor Mars is outfit is red to be sure. Red and white to be precise. And her hair is purple. But her outfit does not involve her hair! If we're talking about an outfit it should be noted her hair stays the same regardless of her transformation. I'm thinking the quiz means her senshi outfit. I ended up looking for "red and white" the whole time. Bah. And as far as romance with Darrien (refering to Endymion's english name) Neptune wasn't even a real romantic interest!! Everyone knows that!! I mean come on! There are 3 options with Neptune. She was never a serious contender for romance with Tuxedo Mask. Let's be real here. She has Sailor Uranus. Seriously!! Gah the rage!!!! Mars dated Darrien for a bit. That's easy. But Neptune?!?!? NEPTUNE?!?!? Seriously? Pfufufuf. All seriousness I liked the quiz but i am raging right now. 😡😡
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    Fun. I gotta brush up on my Magical girl know how. I think i've watched maybe 4 magical girl anime in my whole life. lol
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    Oh, my, I was really glad when I saw that they had a reverse harem quiz. I never thought that someone on AF would make an RH quiz. I think I'm just glad that I'm still number one.
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    well that was funny, i havent played LoL in like a year?, yet i somehow got 7/10 correct kinda neat when i think about it

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