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    Hello again, my fellow anime fans and welcome to this years Spring AF art contest - A Reverse Isekai Challenge! This fun contest is all about bringing your favorite anime characters into your world, instead of you going into theirs. With this in mind, all you have to do is pick a character that you wouldn't normally see in our modern clothes or perhaps a school uniform, and draw them in one instead of their usual outfit. Lets see what we can come up with! If you'd like to participate, do so by replying to this thread with your entry no later than April 15th. This will be a community voted event. The community will vote 1 winning entry to be featured for the remainder of Spring in the art block. 2020 Spring Art Contest Participation badges will be awarded for each participant and can be showcased with the rest of your awards and trophies on your profile. Feel free to discuss this contest and your decision making process in this thread as well. Lets all have fun~
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    Pretty photo I wanted to share.
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    Drawing can be so hard ... but its really really fun. practice makes perfect , so one day ,someone will compliments your drawings , and that makes me feel good , to have someone compliment you , for you to see your own amazing drawings , you can make a story out of everything you draw .... everything , that's why i love drawing so much . Sorry if some of the pictures are sideways..
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    Thank you to everyone for the welcome! Yes, this could provide a distraction from quarantine but I really hope to stay on here longer too! Thanks for the advice on the username change, part of me didn't think this username would be free which is why I don't know if I want to stick to it, I had the expectation of being able to make a username including this word! Maybe I'm kind of feeling it now. AND YES. Salsa dip and tortilla chips are the way to go, but I'm loving nacho cheese a lot these days. As for my favourite anime, I really can't choose! I look forward to being here and joining in the discussions!
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    Seven Deadly Bins Bitch Hunter Robin
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    This list is incredible. Seriously, I'm just going to follow all of your anime suggestions from now on lol!
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    Pop the whole thing in my mouth Chew Swallow Repeat Favorite flavors: Double Stuf Original & Thin Lemon
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    I find the 2019-nCoV response by the population at large, the media, and the politicians to be pretty bizarre, frankly. The fact of the matter is that the reported death rate for people aged 10-50 is 0.2%, and the actual death rate is probably far lower, since a lot of people with the virus seem to have mild, or even no symptoms and thus go unreported. (In fact, that's one of the problems in trying to contain the virus.. people with no symptoms can nevertheless still infect other people.) For MOST people, certainly anyone between 10 and 50 years old, the worst that can happen is you feel like shit for a few days, you stay in bed, drink your fluids and watch TV, then you get well. That's it. To be sure, there' a serious problem in that there's no vaccine yet. Even the regular flu would be pretty serious without a vaccine. Even if there were a vaccine, this virus is (slightly) worse than the usual flu in terms of symptoms and its contagiousness. If you have very young children or are older then there is definitely some cause for concern. I'm 55. My mom is pushing 80. Even for the normal flu we do tend to get our yearly vaccination. Without a vaccine the major problem is this older/younger cohort of people, large numbers of whom will die without a vaccine. Especially if they all get sick at once and modern medical services get overwhelmed. For instance, there's ~60,000 ICU bays in US hospitals. About 20,000 of those are already in use, mainly supporting people who have fallen ill with the regular flu. If we have 1/3rd of our resources already taken up by a disease for which there IS a vaccine, what's going to happen when the one for which we DON'T have one gets out of control? THAT is the real problem here. Unfortunately the press is all about revving people up these days, not informing people. Our "leaders" too have their heads up their behinds. So we now have people in the general population with little to no actual science or medical knowledge being directed by inane Presidental tweets or listening to uninformed talking heads in the media, and then panicking over shortages of toilet paper. I hate to imagine what they're going to do when the body count of old people dying from the disease starts climbing. We are truly the descendants of the B-shippers.
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    I have never used a forum site like this before so I thought I would check it out I look forward to making new friends here I started watching anime back in 2013 my first anime was attack on titan and then blue exorcist I then decided to look for non action anime and found school days...it was a uh interesting experience good but weird but it got me hooked on anime I love to watch anime read all types of manga and play video games please give me anime or manga recommendations anything but mecha is fine
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    Been working on this for @madeyalook . Did a rough sketch with the expression she wanted. But I scrapped it and got a bigger sheet. Added some details, made some lines sharper, added a personal pose. Prepped some watercolors for the painting process. Then I thought, why don't I make this larger? The sheets I'm using are already pretty sizeable. Each around fifteen or sixteen inches in length. It actually turned out to be another rough sketch for the sake of size. Given that I really thought about this person having gone through surgery. They deserve something better. So, after work today I picked up a poster board. It's 42 x 38. I'll also be using a mix of paints and spray paints for more Ertegun-ish aesthetics. That should be fun!
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    Did a little sketchy-sketch using the oll tablet, since I still wanna get used to using it :3 I'm having fun just making experimental-chill peices, all just utilising different brushes and things I've never used before... Came out looking alright, I think!
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    These all look amazing. PLEASE PLEASE keep working at it. Everyone starts somewhere and has the ability to improve our find their own style. I can tell you've been putting a lot of focus on understanding dimensions in face proportions, hair and are working at finding your style when drawing eyes. Keep at it and you'll find it will pay off in the long run ^^
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    Thought I’d make a catch-all topic where members can comment on the new season’s shows until it becomes clearer which ones spark enough interest to have their own topics. I’ll post some of my first impressions later today.
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    I won't beat around the bush here. We all know by now what is going on. My intent with creating this thread (I'll admit my own guilt) is to provide one main location for the COVID-19 talk. We've been bleeding it out into at least two other threads I know of (like I said I'm guilty). So feel free to post up your thoughts, gripes, observations, opinions, and any other commentary on the matter here. Keep politics off the table - as usual, the rules still apply. Another reason I decided to actually have a thread for this is I may pick out some of the commentary (especially from our North American memberbase) to include in the inevitable historical summary we are going to have to write at work. If that happens, I'll contact those individuals privately (there was going to be a contest, but I got smacked on the hand by my Chain of Command) - but the main reason remains to centralize the conversation a bit more. As always, stay safe, stay well, wash your hands, and if you're sick - stay on your own property.
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    Konnichiwa, minna-san. I've been sort of updating my anime sites lately so I thought of looking for anime-related forums and I stumbled upon this place. Looks like it's a pretty active one with a good number of users, which is a very nice thing. With work and life out there (and the ruddy COVID-19, if I may), looking out for every single anime is no longer a luxury. However, I still try to watch some especially since I studied Nihongo and I don't want to entirely lose it. Lately I just caught up to One Piece (man, will it ever end?) and proceeding to the final season of Fairy Tail. Then I'll probably head over to Black Clover while waiting for the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin. Anybody has suggestions on what I should be watching these days? Slice of life is also nice.
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    well, we currently have no income because of employers laying people off and/or giving people unpaid leave, theres only like two grocery stores to choose from here and they're all always out of stock because people are hoarding, and our local fire department has to distribute food because people are starving. stuff like this only goes to show how selfish people really are during disaster. i consider ourselves lucky because we know how to take care of ourselves and create our own food during times like this, with sourdough starters and the garden and all. the bank has a hold on mortgages atm so we arent at risk of losing our home right now either. ive heard that a lot of people are dealing with abuse or mental problems because of isolation, but our biggest problem right now is food.
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    Hello ~ I'm Maple ( not my real name ) I just registered here and I hope to make friends with minnnaa uwu so let's get along please ? By the way I wanna ask if you guys know the anime Libra of Nil Admirari apparently it's so pretty to me uwu that I ended making a fanfiction on it uwu HAHAHA that's all hope to make friends with everyone heree ~
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    Looks like I've arrived here. I haven't used forums in a while, so I decided to give this one a shot since anime is one of my main interests... Not sure if I'll be very active here, but we'll see what happens.
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    Tomorrow morning's smoothie prep is done. Trying a new blend: sweet potato, beets, parsnips, carrot, banana, arugula, mango, & pineapple sprinkled with flaxseed. Truth be told, some of these smoothies don't taste the best but I'm heck bent & determined to have the Fort Knox of immune systems against this COVID-19 crud. I'll probably have it with a few slices of avocado toast, an egg white omelet, & maybe an apple for some extra fiber. Working overtime these next few days so I need some good fuel.
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    I work in what is classified as an "essential" industry here in the US so my job is safe for the time being. A manager where I work came up with the brilliant idea of having shirts made that say 'I'm Essential' on them & honestly, it made my stomach turn. How distasteful can you be? People in our community are getting laid off left & right, businesses that people have put their all into are being closed down, & this idiot wants to run around town wearing a shirt that literally rubs it in their faces...good grief! As for myself, I've got savings & I'm in good health. I'm also listening to the experts & keeping my distant from others. Stay safe, everyone!
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    I'm honestly wondering how my country, Austria, is doing compared to other countries. We border Italy and had the first cases of infected some weeks ago and since then a steady rise of infected. We had an exponential growth, then we went into lock-down and since then an almost linear rise. That's odd, since as long we are not flattening, which would happen before a decline in cases, i.e. more cured than newly infected, the rise would still be exponential except somewhat slower. Also, while many people have respected the lock down so far and we didn't see any people panic buying anything (just a couple of idiots but nothing extreme like in other countries) its odd to see especially older people sitting in cafes in the cities. I guess they're the first one to not believe the media and shout "Fake news" and "hoax" and what not. (despite the media over here reporting the situation fairly well and neutral... if we ignore the tabloids) I guess in this regard it's no surprise that many of the confirmed cases are people above 60, although that might also be the case because predominately more serious cases are being tested. Locking at the stats, we've done barely over 35 000 tests in total. Germany has been doing hundreds of thousand of tests per week. (However, the tests per 100 000 citizens is almost the same... I just don't know what that means for a pandemic...) If we assume that every country is just x weeks behind earlier infected countries like Italy (which typically holds true for countries with similar measures) we should have a surge in deaths in a few days to one week, while Germany probably still has some time (despite the high number of infected. They just do a lot of tests compared to other countries). Countries like Spain, France and the US are going to be interesting. 3 countries where the virus could spread for weeks until the governments started doing something... they'll probably have a rough time in 2 - 4 (ish) weeks. I just hope that these countries see Italy as an example of what could happen if they don't do enough... so far it doesn't seem so. Yeah, stay at home if you can. Wash your hands regularly at work and after/while you went/are outside. (of buy deinfectants. Or mix high % alc with a drop of bleach or something like that.)
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    Sailor Moan Steins;Mate Dr. Slum
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    Oh neat, I like the concept. I hope I'll find some time to join
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    Greetings, and welcome to Anime Forums! I hope you enjoy your stay~
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    Toilet paper shmoilet paper.
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    This is a cute dress yo
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    I think everyone by now had heard of the virus . Staying at home is pretty boring , all i can pretty much do is , be on my computer , watching anime or youtube , reading or drawing . All of times are like eating , sleeping or doing work . It canceled a lot of things , like a trip that was supposed to be today for me . Just saying , everyone , Stay safe , and find something to do ,and very importantly . DON"t be with people who are sick !!
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    thought this does a decent job of an overview of covid-19. a bit simplified but overall well done for about 8 minutes
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    I also crush them up & sprinkle them over cakes & brownies right after I bring them out of the oven. I generally frost them with either melted candy bars or devil's food fudge pudding first & them top with the crushed cookies. I haven't made one of these treats in almost a year since I've been working on losing weight & being more active but believe you me, I am looking very much forward to making them again!
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    On their own I take on side off, eat the side without filling, then the side with filling. I've recently discovered the art of crushing them up and sprinkling them on ice cream though so perhaps that's my prefered method
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    In my lowest, during holiday; the cold of Winter. I sat in silence near a busy stream. The air that filled my lungs with a sudden calm seemed so ancient to me. It was here that I thought of my father. It’s been so long but I remember following right behind him, up the cliffside and to a towering summit. He could have said something, anything, but he did not. He just took a deep breath and listened. As the snow collected on my shoulders and the wind raced by, I heard my father’s voice. In the form of wild things—then I understood. I heeded and thought where the quiet had lifted. And there were many things being said.
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    Welcome to le forums. I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions , feel free to ask anyone else but me because I'm lazy like that.
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    I love LOVE reading! Personally, I've always been a physical copy type of girl and rather not get a digital copy/e-reader. AND, I will buy books I love however, I do have a library card because... that **** is expensive....(I'd be broke with all the books I'd want to buy lol). When I was younger I had lived in Vancouver for a solid two years after that I wanted to move back home and needed to lug all of my books back with me. I never realized how much I loved reading until I had 3 suitcases of books and a duffel bag of clothing. *Priorities* I don't mind audio books, they're usually my go to when I can't sleep or have a long drive ahead of me....can't...use my hands ^^; When I was in University, I always felt a little like Hermione from Harry Potter, as I would usually be done most of my textbooks before the course truly started. I am a fairly fast reader and like to have a varied selection of books on the go. I can be a slightly annoying person when I get into a good book - my sister used to get angry at me as I would usually ignore everything around me until I was completed a story. Basically, I'm really good at ignoring the world around me when I have my nose in a good article or story. I'm always inspired by the authors of novels and how much research that must go into their work. I mean to create such captivating stories you must know a decent amount of a topic to be able to describe places, situations and actions. For example, you can't write a believable story about a climber if you know nothing about climbing, or it would be a pretty empty story line with no body. I always thought it would be such a fascinating job to become a writer because it gives you an outlet to learn as much as you can and share that knowledge in a variety of ways, although, I have always felt a disconnect from idea to paper. Those who are creative enough to come up with an idea and then bring that idea to fruition - you're amazing in my eyes and I thank you everyday. Here's a short list of some books I've read this past year - keep in mind, I read almost everything haha so it might not be up your alley (no particular order) - An Invisible Library (by Genevieve Cogman) "Series" - Deadly Outbreaks (by Alexandra Levitt) - The Memory Illusion (by Julia Shaw) (really neat book, read if you like to learn about memory in the use of crime, and whether or not its possible to implant memories on people) - Sleeping Beauties (by Stephen King) - Death by Video Games (by Simon Parkin) - The Rules of Magic (by Alice Hoffman) - The Bone Season (by Samantha Shannon) "Series" Mime order - How Can I help? A Week in My Life as A Psychiatrist (by David Goldbloom) - The View from the cheap seats (by Neil Gaiman) - The Night Circus (by Erin Morgenstern) - The Goldfinch (by Donna Tartt) - An Orchestra of Minorities (by Chigozie Obioma) - Lost Connections (by Johann Hari) - Sapiens (by Yuval Harari) General Recommendations: - Margaret Atwood is my favorite author .....so anything? haha - Haruki Murakami another fav auth (start with 1Q84) I also really enjoy poetry authors I would recommend (and are probably already known) - Rupi Kaur - B. Abbott (I have High Poet Society, but he has two books now I think?) - Lang Leav - John Donne Anyways, maybe I'll add more posts about books :3 I feel like, getting to know a person's reading list, really lets you get to know the person. And of course, here's a pic I am currently working on
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    A little late but I have a few suggestions. If looking for something similar to Arjuna, try Magic Knight Rayearth. It has similar pacing, is a magical girl type, and similar art. Then if you like Rayearth, consider giving Ronin Warriors a try. It's art style is very close to Rayearth and although not a magical girl type, it is a true classic. For something like Solty Rei (I loved that anime!), try Outlaw Star for starters and possibly Galaxy Railways. You have a scifi/space opera component and older looking graphics.
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    Having meetings at work for contingency planning in case we get quarantined. Oh boy....
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    hello!!!! i'm Adriano Rekik a new member with you , i love animes and i always want to know more about them and i need your help to find some animes
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    I can still find plenty of them where i live thankfully and i just wish this whole Corona virus thing blows over like how the h1n1 virus did soon.
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    welcome here
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    I think it's a good idea to cover this within the workforce. Simply just for preparation's sake. It's unbelievable how unhygienic some people can be. This is kind of grey area for me because I lived a few blocks away from where individuals with COVID-19 were placed in quarantine. Not to mention someone walked out of the place without discharge and began infecting others. We had another case that led to a major shopping center to be down for a day of sterilization, and it was within walking distance of my former residence. I moved not too long ago but family in the area say it's causing a stir. Not just with empty shelves and bad temperament but with a genuine domino effect from the disease itself. We took those with COVID-19 into a heavily populated hospital and stuck them in rooms ordinarily used for TB patients. Some of them were let go from work due to the lengthy quarantine period (that may end up being extended) and I can't imagine people financially hurting from this. The cherry on the cake was that this hospital was already dealing with a bad flu season. I can see why people are in a panic though. COVID-19 was taken pretty casually until it actually started becoming a major issue in some areas. I mean, one cruise liner doing more bad than good; under the worst decision making possible — wasn't enough. People still had the invincibility mentality and vacationed anyway, until the disease fell upon a second ship. Then they're out there complaining to their government and demanding already overworked staff to treat them ASAP. To example the power of negligence. The majority of the scare comes from little to no treatment structure for those that might be impacted with underlying health issues and no vaccination. With a promise scope of a year before such a thing might be possible. A few days ago, I heard a guy say "out of sight out of mind" which I feel is the more prominent vibe in most. I'm not so sure if that's a good approach? I know SARS had a much larger mortality rate but COVID-19 is highly communicable, leaving a lot of people out of commission longer. Even getting re-infected a second time. Don't know how it might impact economic costs if the disease starts to spread at a rate that can't be manageable in certain departments. It's also unknown at this time if the disease may mutate between now and any vaccination completion. Considering not too long ago they just discovered that the survival period of the disease on contact surfaces might be much longer. Serious irresponsibility from people end up creating more tension, I think. Like the Pope coughing all over his hands and then proceeding to shake and kiss with others by the masses. Before getting a proper diagnosis. Governments proposing to be prepared and simultaneously struggling with their lack of staff and products. We also have fake reports and information, store owners that are price gouging and a possibility of medication manufactured in China having delay issues. Personally, I'll be cautious without being too paranoid. Only because there's no vaccination and my grandmother lives with me. She is already immensely compromised and it would not do her well to catch this. I would also worry that I won't be able to take care of her or my pets, if it happens to hit me in some severe way. I can't even be positive how this might effect my job. So I have other people and situations around me that I'm considering. I'd like to respect how serious it is/might be for those in poverty or those less likely to receive immediate medical attention. Let alone live where hygiene and sanitization are a priority. It might not be all that critical for some but it is for others. Where doctors are said to pass out on the floors from exhaustion, and disabled children/children in general with no other guardians, are a huge concern. Additionally heard that the U.S. failed containment measures and are now looking into ways to preserve national health and economy efforts? Could be hogwash but it's getting more difficult to take public information with assurance these days. If anything, this is a real trial to look attentively at. What's considered ridiculous now will be tenfold when something more threatening comes along. People continue to prove that they're not entirely ready for such a thing. Other than that, my toilet paper is doing just fine. Thanks for asking.
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    Greetings, angrytwix89! Inuyasha is one that I need to check out at some point. Also, always great to see another My Hero Academia fan Hope you enjoy your time in the community & looking forward to getting to know you!
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    good evening. i have been watching anime since the early 2000s. my first shows were Inuyasha and FMA and have been hooked since then. this isnt my first time being on an anime forum but it has been YEARS since I have been on one. will be nice to make some friends to talk about anime/mangas with!
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here For an action series I would recommend Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba). For something with a lot of awesome fights but is more philosophical too try Dororo & Vinland Saga. VS is particularly epic, but also pretty bleak. For series that are more psychological & suspenseful try The Promised Neverland, Deathnote & Shiki.
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    Nyxnine thanks for the recommendation i already watch the anime and read the manga and for the games i play its mostly action-adventure RPG's or hack and slash but i want to get into dungeons and dragons
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    I don't know. From what I can gather is that you have a remarkable gift for making others feel welcomed. You have a great personality and not only are you a wonderful listener but your advice has been truly grounded and open. Additionally, you put a lot of generous time into others. It's one of the things I really appreciate about you when I come across it. Where did this person come from? BOOM! Godsend. I think you are the talent.
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    Please ignore the writing ^^;; I was bored at my friends shop and was doodling on his white board. hahah
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    thats funny , i believe everyone has one , maybe you never knew . My talents.... i can draw , and play the violin
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    Hmmm.... I’m not terribly creative, but I can plot an orbit to rendezvous and then dock two spacecraft in Kerbal Space Program without using reaction control thrusters. Does that count?

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