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    @SAO LILDOOP, your cuddle buddy senpai is @Keiko . You both enjoy cuddling, but aren't up for anything extreme tonight, unless you count an intense pillow fight!! Happy Valentines to you both. @txGemgal3084, your cuddle buddy senpai is @XII360. Since you are both up for a no pants party, you two have fun exploring the limits this valentines day~ And lastly @Xyro looks like we can just play games all night in our PJs because you don't seem to know what cuddles are Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun getting to read your entries for this event. If you didn't win your senpais heart, better luck next year! Maybe try reading this thread to see how to get senpai to notice you: Happy Valentines everyone!
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    Here's some of the stuff I drew in boot camp
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    Hello everyone! Ahhhh its nice to find a oldschool anime forum like this. I am from the UK! I have been a anime fan since the early 2000's and have been delighted to see anime getting more popular and accessible these days. I am in my late 20's, engaged and I am a cosplayer too! I love making my own costumes and attending conventions. Other than that I have been getting back into video games. I also love long walks, eating out, cats (well, animals in general), handicrafts, a bit of pro wrestling and I am also a little bit into fashion.
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    Name: Xyro Age: 20 Gender: male Big or Little Spoon? I prefer using a knife and fork Kisses? Certainly Where: Up to you Acceptable Nicknames: anything, so long as you are willing to also accept any nickname Video games / movies: monster hunter (generations ultimate & world), the binding of Isaac, stardew valley Can We Build a Fort? I'll always be able to build a little home with you Pillow Fight? Locked and loaded! Pants Required? Not a requirement, but I'll be in my PJ's Can I Fall Asleep? softly and soundly. Just let me know when you need to be up by :3
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    Name: Wedgy Age: 26 Gender: Lady Big or Little Spoon? I'm better described as a jetpack? Kisses? NOOOOOO-- Where: --OOOOOOOOOOOO Acceptable Nicknames: Don't make it weird Video games / movies: Scott Pilgrim, Monty Python, and Mario Party Can We Build a Fort? It'll have artillery cannons that shoot whipped cream and a dungeon jail-kept by little anime plushies Pillow Fight? Yes, if you like losing Pants Required? Excuse me this is a jammies-only affair, PANTS AND SHIRT please! Can I Fall Asleep? Of course you can, but I have a canister of whipped cream and a marker
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    Today is my birthday, I'm 19! Feel like an old man, lol.
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    I'm back from basic training!!!!! I can't believe it but I made it through boot camp to AIT. I don't have all my freedom back but at least I had my computer. I don't know if any of you remember me after 10 weeks but I'm the girl who was writing the story. I'd like to continue that if I can but I should probably focus more on passing the next part of my training. Everyday when I felt like I wasn't going to make it I kept thinking of cool things like comics and anime. Anyway again everybody. I'm a real solder now.
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    Ended up filling the "About Me" field, because I hadn't done that when I entered. It's my MAL intro, and it fits somewhat here as well
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    There's obviously a trend going on with my favorite girl
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    Hi, I'm new to the site. I've been into anime since '98, and it has been my passion ever since I was a small kid. I'm looking forward to talking to you all about it.
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    Hello! I have always wanted to start discussing anime, but I don't really like how the forum works at MAL, so i've been looking for a better place to discuss, and found this site. ok, now a little about myself. There are a lot of genres I like, and some i dislike. I really like sports, action, romance and drama animes. And i dislike military and mech animes. All other genres can be good depending on the show. <MAL LINK REMOVED, please check this thread - x-kyun> Yoroshiku!
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    Notice me Senpai~ Enter here to see if you can win Senpais heart. Fill out this cuddle buddy application and post your entry below. You may add as little or as much detail as you'd like. In the end, the most compatible entries will win their Cuddle-buddy Senpais heart.
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    Hello, fellow Brit! I too am a fan of cats. We only have 3 now but at one point had 6 This is Guinness and Biscuit. Hope to see you around!
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here Since you like cats I would highly recommend My Roommate is a Cat https://myanimelist.net/anime/38145/Doukyonin_wa_Hiza_Tokidoki_Atama_no_Ue?q=My roomm
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    Name: SAO LILDOOP Age: 19 Gender: Male Big or Little Spoon? Perfectly comfortable either way. Kisses? Yes Where: Not anywhere NSFW, lol. Acceptable Nicknames: Pretty much anything as long as It is said in a sweet way. Can We Build a Fort? Yes, sounds like a lot of fun. Video Games/Movies: Chick flicks, V for Vendetta, Tekken/Mortal Kombat, Multiplayer Resident Evil. Pillow Fight? Literally could not say no, lol. Pants Required? Yes! Unless we're married, lol. Can I Fall Asleep? Yes, falling asleep is cute.
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    To participate, select an event you wish to enter. Below each event description are the links to individual events you may partake in. Recommendations Event: You may write a recommendation for an anime, or manga that you wish to share with Anime Forums members for Valentines day. Restrictions for genres apply, and entrees must meet the requirements for this event. Manga Recommendations, Anime Recommendations Shipping Event: An art Contest to create a picture of your favorite couple! It can be digitally edited/ created or hand drawn. Shipping Beginner art level, Shipping Intermediate to Advanced art level Nomination Event: Your favorite ships are nominated and then voted on by your fellow members. Must include images for characters shipped. You may enter one nomination for each category. Straight Ships, BL & GL Ships AF Valentines: Choose up to 5 users on AF to send a Valentine, then post your creations here! Can be any form, a poem, a card, short sentence, or picture creation, even a video. AF Valentines Cuddle Buddy Senpai: Fill out our cuddle buddy application and see how compatible you are with your chosen Staff member~ (Staff will fill out their cuddle buddy application, and the member who matches up best with it is the winner based on compatibility). Cuddle Buddies
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    I can't avoid reading UK and thinking from what UK country people are Welcome ^^ Hope to see you around
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    I’ve always thought Mikasa & Alita had a similar look
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    when I used to draw, I had some drawings that were "good" to me back then. Now I look at my drawings and I regret myself of not have invested more on those, because I could have become a good design artist, and by now I can't draw nothing more than some sticks and circles again The last thing I've ever draw was this picture when Yesung from Super Junior released his solo album. Then never more XD
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    So I updated my about me cause It's been a few years. This is what I had originally written Hi I am a 33 yr old single parent. I love anime and manga among other things. Pretty much in my free time these days I watch anime and read manga. To: About Me Hello, I am in my mid thirties. I am a single parent to my adorable son. I was born at the end of May making me a Gemini. I fully embrace my twin soul. I work as a photographer and I am part of a family crafting business. I served in Army National Guard/Reserves for 8 yrs and then served another 6 yr working a Federal Government job. I live at home again with my parents. Not ideal but that is life for you. I am glad I have family support though. Since I am on here I guess you already know I love anime and manga. I love Japan one day I hope to see it with my own two eyes. I'm trying to learn Japanese. I am an avid bowler have been bowling for 20 years my current avg right now is 158. I also love to read urban fantasy.
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    Well it's not really anything you mentioned, but I added a cover photo. Hope some of the newer members win
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    Hi there! Glad to see another long-time anime fan here!
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here I’ve been into anime for quite awhile myself
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    heyyo, welcome to AF and stuff just press those two buttons and you can upload your signature (red circle first, then blue circle) for editing it (the image), you're gonna need an editing software though
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    Yes I remember single people awareness day XD
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    A couple days early, but Iseakai Quartet decided to give viewers a Valentines Day episode Wonder if they’ll do a follow-up on White Day?
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    Mermaid Forest & Mermaid Scar are by the same creator as Inuyasha, but are darker & more violent, so a possibility.
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    Wolf's Rain and Wolf Children. Two unrelated anime about wolves that will both totally wreck your heart.
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    I’m still working on my Valentine’s Day event entries, but thought I’d share this
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    I am a simple person, who likes to translate things into several languages, just for pleasure, like anime music. I like to draw and make videos amv I use Portuguese, German, Spanish, Russian and English. Greetings to all.
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    I prefer to keep the riddles easy to guess
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    Very possibly people no longer draw on paper, but hey, I guess they are just scribbles. Nothing special. I also share some random designs, Cheers
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    Every now and then...grey clouds appear and the sun disappear(s) thus the sky full of sorrow and grief shed a tear. Another word to call the tear(s) of the sky?
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    well if you're reading this imma tell you a story of my life about my friends when i was in middle school I have a lot of friends , i can list my friends in each year and it changes a lot In 6th grade my friends were , Morgan ,kennedy , Jael, Jennifer, Eshal , Alexandra and Queen But it's not like that seventh grade ... Jael got homeschooled so left us, Jennifer got put in another class and stopped interacting with us , and i made a lot of new friends too such as , Summayya, Dijla ,Kaniz,Rewale and Khadijah . They were precious to me and so , i hang out with them Now for eighth grade my friends were about the same but My Bff morgan and kennedy moved ....... i missed them a lot but we stayed in contract ,and i also made new friends ,Sena , Shena, Allison , Anneh , and Malaika. They're good friend of mine , plus i met most of them because we all went to orchestra. Also just saying , tell your friends you're grateful for them now cause they might be gone next minute and you're regret it , that's why i don't want to lose any of my friends. Also because of my friends they got me to likke anime and drawing just lie me . They encourage me and tell me positive words, so i'll do more for them too
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    Hello there, welcome to AF! Have fun and enjoy your stay. ...oh and here's a cat gif... because... why not
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    if you're a pretty good artist now ,... go look at some of your old drawings ( really old ) then im pretty sure you'll laugh at how bad you were back then .... I was SO bad when i was little
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    Thank you to all participants! I hope you are all having a wonderful new year thus far. I have to close this event now to make way for our Valentines Day event. Please check it out and do continue to enjoy yourselves here at A~F The winner of the New year event is @whatthehaek for a beautiful profile as well as a cleverly made "about me". Keep a look put for your profile to be featured as our member of the month and I will be in touch with you about your prizes.
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    Just added Science-Types to my to-watch list. I think it got me with the wagging ponytail thing.
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    What is 3/7 chicken ,2/3 cat and 1/2 goat??
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    Will most likely do an anime recommendation & the nominations. Not sure if I’m brave/foolhardy enough to attempt the others Thanks for coming up with these
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    sorry i didnt take this pic - my friend did plus she filtered it
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    Welcome to AF and nice to meet you
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    Hi there! The more people from the UK the better
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    wow - pretty cool :) check this out since you're a scorpio -
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    I feel the issue comes down to what aspect of Akira do you want to be the main focus. If you go by the anime they tried to cram a government conspiracy, a tale of growing up, and a metaphysical thesis of the nature of conciousness and the power of the evolving human brain. It was a bit of a mess but because it was an animated film, the art team could get a lot of symbolism going because they had total control of the environment and aesthetics (ex. the children scaring Tetsou when he is recovering and using milk and toys as their psychic constructs). If you go by the manga, there is simply too much story to be faithfully translated into a short film. A three film series would be more approachable if they want to tackle all the manga goes through. Having a rise to power, fighting for hope, and resolution theme for each film could be an interesting take on it. I feel however that most life actions films suffer from the very human limitations of acting and directing. It is much easier to do several voice retakes and tweak the animation a little, than have to do retake after retake to get a certain expression or emotion right. Plus the handling of special effects can break or make a live action film. I personally feel certain works are so iconic they are best left alone. I understand some themes might become dated but it also serves as a lense as to how people then perceived the possible futures of humanity and what worried them and what excited them. So long as its not another death note at least haha
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    Pancakes with honey and butter
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    @Seshi I think I saw a few early episodes of Psycho-Pass. Didn't seem like my kind of thing and some of the underlying science parts are .. dubious but I'll spend a little more time with it. Maybe they explain things better later in the series. @Tv-Crimes Ergo Proxy was close. As with psycho-pass some of the science part is questionable though. Not a bad anime, but in terms of SF and this thread I'd like it "harder".
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    Have you seen Psycho Pass? https://myanimelist.net/anime/13601/Psycho-Pass It has been out for a while, but perhaps it wasn't on your radar. The sci fi themes here are very intriguing, though I am not qualified to say how possible they are, so you'll have to take a look. There are cyborgs, humans who live on past their normal life length being preserved for around an extra lifetime in duration by technology, having cybernetic bodies and preserving their brains. However, their brains must continue to be stimulated or it would deteriorate more rapidly. There are other components to this sci fi world, but they seem to be within reason. Let me know what you think of this rec.
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    Updated shot from last week. A very tired selfie...

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