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Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!

Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!

Join an awesome anime community!

Come and discuss anime and Japanese culture with us!

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Must be fantasy themed! So samurais, ninjas, kunoichi, knights... anything along those lines.
  • 17 replies

Idol anime typically feature characters that perform beautiful songs with visually beautiful costumes and an underlying story.

What are some of your favourite titles?
  • 10 replies

Who overall is your favourite Puella Magi Madoka Magica character, and why so?
  • 22 replies

Which Vocaloid is your number one favourite?
  • 29 replies

Which of these three characters from Roswaal's estate in Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- do you prefer?
  • 18 replies

Who is your favorite sailor scout from the Sailor Moon series and why?
  • 18 replies

A movie by Makoto Shinkai that has led to criticial acclaim in many countries around the world. It features two characters with two very different backgrounds that body swap: Mitsuha Miyamizu (country side high school student that yearns for life in Tokyo) and Taki Tachibana (a busy Tokyo high school student). Have you seen it yet? What did you think of it?
  • 17 replies

Calendars come in all shapes and sizes, and in different imagery. So why not get an anime calendar of your favourite anime title?
  • 15 replies

Imagine yourself making a nice cup of tea or coffee. Why limit yourself to an ordinary cup when you can have one of your favourite anime character or series...

Would you get an anime cup or mug?
  • 12 replies

What do you normally do during a power outage?

Are you able to entertain yourself with a portable device? Or maybe you just wait it out, or perhaps go out somewhere?
  • 25 replies

Do you have any games in your collection that you started playing but stopped playing midway?

Or maybe you have games that you've purchased but STILL haven't started playing yet?
  • 25 replies

Girls Dead Monster had a key role to play on many of the SSS missions in Angel Beats.

Which GDM member is your favourite?
  • 3 replies

Friendship. Despair. Cute and elegant costumes. Familiars. Apocalyptic magical attacks that make nuclear weapons look like child's play. Who doesn't like a good magical girl title every now and then?
  • 25 replies

Anime smartphone stands are chibis in a pose that appear to hold your smartphone in place!

Would you get one? Do you already have one?
  • 16 replies

How can you lighten up your boring fridge or refrigerator? With anime magnets!

What do you think of anime magnets, and would you buy one? Why, or why not?
  • 20 replies

Schools and academies are featured in many anime titles, with each institution usually having their own distinct school uniform!
Which anime titles have your most favourite school uniforms, and why?
  • 54 replies

There is something special about an anime character with pink hair.

They're normally either a: princess, idol ... or are part of something bigger in the story!

So who are your favourite characters with pink hair?
  • 57 replies

And so towards the end of the series, two characters embraced each other and kissed. Or maybe they already did at the start. Details, details!

Who are your favourite anime couples and why?
  • 94 replies