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  1. Hi everyone:


    Community Manager
    A vacancy exists for a community manager for AF.  This position is perfect for those that have community experience, are passionate about anime and have a genuine desire to grow the community.

    • Encourage engagement by arranging regular community events
    • Assisting moderators as an escalation point for community queries and resolving member disputes that may arise
    • Optimising features of AF including the Forums, Clubs, Gallery and Blog modules to improve the user experience as required
    • Adjusting user groups and permissions as required to accommodate new ranks, groups, etc.
    • Maintaining the AF Virtual Shop/Point System
    • Help mentor moderators in line with Community Guidelines and adjusting the guidelines as required

    Selection Criteria

    • Previous experience with engaging with a community. This experience be from managing an event, social media channel, guild or server
    • Friendly and courteous manner with good written English


    • This is a volunteer position. However, technical mentoring will be provided for this platform and you will gain full access to the platform to help mould the community to meet a shared vision to better unite anime fans from around the world. There is a 1 month probation period for this role to assess suitability.


    If you are interested in this position, please send me a message directly outlining your experience and what interested you in applying for this role.

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  2. Hello everyone,

    Due to some personal reasons @ArchieKun has decided to step down as Community Manager. He is pursuing a few opportunities that will take a good amount of his time. He will still be around to hang out when he can, but will no longer be serving on AF staff.

    I sincerely thank him for the contributions he has made to AF.

    A vacancy for this role will be advertised in future.

  3. Hi @Illusion of Terra

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Our main focus is on the forum discussion areas. So at this time we're not considering any official live chat groups / chat boxes. We did have a few in the past but they drastically increased our moderation workload and also split the community between the forum posters and chatters - not an inherently bad thing but currently we are a rather small community.

    We're not completely ruling it out, they might return as the community grows.

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  4. On 2/25/2019 at 10:01 AM, Ryan Dave Jimenez said:

    Is this site related somehow to Anime Forums.com? Or no relation at all?

    If we're both thinking of the same community, there was an older community called "Anime-Forums.com" which went down due to new owner issues. A handful of members started their own community called Sakuga City.

    And no relation.


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  5. Hi everyone,

    Club topics are now being shown on the front page again to try and boost your clubs.

    It was temporarily disabled because every clubs' pinned topics were showing on the front page. 

    Two changes since reactivation:

    1. The sidebar filter for Club forums has been hidden on the front page, the block was too high due to the number of clubs.
    2. If your Club topic is a pinned topic, it won't appear on the front page - this is to avoid it clashing with the main pinned topics, such as our Forum Rules & Guidelines. But of course your topic will still be pinned when inside your Club forum tab. I believe this is the best compromise for now. If you really want front page exposure, try to avoid pinning it.

    As before, if your Club has a Gallery, the album and recent image uploads will appear when viewing the main Gallery home page.

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  6. On 8/20/2018 at 2:11 AM, Ryuji said:

    @Optic, if I recall correctly, this is like the only VN you've read right?

    I was meaning to reply to this awhile ago but got held up with other projects and work, sorry.

    Yes, more or less. ;)

    The anime and movie was fantastic... Hoshino is a great robotic girl.

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  7. 3 hours ago, XII360 said:

    incidentally, @ArchieKun, @Optic, this is what my screen looks like non-zoomed, desktop view.ticked (as i leave it ticked) (refer to spoiler)

    Thanks for the screenshot of your full view on mobile whilst in desktop mode.

    So to clarify:

    1. We don't actually have a dedicated mobile site. The theme is responsive based.

    Which means as your browser width reduces, things and columns on the side start to disappear (the sidebar being the main one). You can actually test this on your desktop if you resize your browser window width 

    So because of this, there shouldn't be any difference if Desktop Site mode is enabled in your mobile browser.

    I just find it odd that on your Samsung Galaxy S7 the viewport width is so big it accommodates the sidebar? I would have expected it to be similar to my first screenshot.

    Looking at Google's Material database your phone has a viewport resolution of 360px x 640px:


    I'm a little confused because when I resize my browser window on my desktop to reproduce your screenshot, the width I get is around 1000px. To me this looks more like what I'd expect from a tablet in landscape mode.


    Are there any other features /settings on the Samsung Galaxy S7 that might be causing the sidebar to show up like that?


    2. We can edit the theme to force that column to appear even if the sidebar appears in responsive mode

    But I am worried this will be too squashy for mobile users if this is done for everyone.

    When the theme is developed we use your viewport size as a reference (as per the above picture), so I can probably add a separate override for devices in-between.

    As @ArchieKun noted there are many different mobile devices we need to cater for.


    3. Also as a workaround, you can also try using the Activity Stream on mobile:


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  8. Once upon a time we were on MyBB, then XenForo and now IPB, 

    I am pretty sure that topic was made during MyBB days. :P Member dates probably didn't migrate after so many platform conversions.

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  9. Hi @Yasu_Takagi, welcome to AF!

    There are anime fans here from many different age groups, so I wouldn't worry about that.  

    We encourage members to be friendly with their opinions as noted in our Rules and Guidelines. Given that this community for anime fans from around the world, you certainly won't be chastised for liking anime here! Please, feel free to take a look around at your own leisure, post in topics or start new topics that interest you and if you have any questions or issues, feel free to ask.

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  10. 8 hours ago, Greeneyes said:

    What about Stories, non promotion videos, Art discussion etc.

    As I said, you are welcome to post a link in your signature to your channels / portfolio hosting these. Forum topics here were never a great place to discuss individual pieces like this as noted in my first post above.

    Discussion on general art techniques and technologies can go into Chit Chat.


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