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  1. Hi there, I've now actioned your name change request. This thread was before we had the Shop, so there was a grace period to transition the requests. From this point on, everyone else will need to use the Shop now.
  2. Hi @the_twig, welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Ooh interesting to see moderating staff from Kissanime here. Welcome. To be honest I'm surprised you have a forum presence given that last time I checked it out awhile ago, it appeared your subreddit and Discord were very popular. Hope things get sorted out on the forum - any word on an ETA when it will be resolved?
  3. Hi @awesomedude20, welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm a HUGE fan of Symphogear myself. Loved how ludicrous the combination of songs, and the cute battle transformations. Shirabe and Maria are my top two favourites. AXZ was pretty good but I think G is still my most favourite.
  4. Hi everyone, a reminder that personal attacks are NOT permitted. Please keep it civil or this topic will have to be closed. Thank you.
  5. Well I'm already committed to the anime adaptation and am happy with the pacing so far. It's just my own personal preference, if there's an anime adaptation I will see it first (even with knowledge there's a prior VN/manga before it) - for me, it leaves me guessing. I am sure I will definitely check it out after the anime if there are alternative endings...
  6. Put it on the credit card all the games will be back to full price on Monday..
  7. Steam is doing a limited time sale for all the Hyperdimension Neptunia games... $56 for ALL the games is a VERY good deal: even includes 4 Goddesses Online. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/neptunia-franchise/ https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/7211/Nepify_Your_Life_Bundle/
  8. Hi @Kidcamio you would not have purchased the DVDs if the item photo was of these "paper counterfeit discs" so you should still be able to claim under "Item not as described."
  9. Hi @Kidcamio Thanks for the clarification about it being an eBay purchase. If you purchased from eBay and paid using PayPal then you should definitely be covered under their Buyer's Protection. Just raise a dispute for "Item not as described" (not sure if there's a category for counterfeit goods - but you should be able to elaborate more in your claim).
  10. Hi @Kidcamio welcome to AF and apologies for the slight delay in approving your post. Of course counterfeit / unlicensed DVD copies like that are totally not authentic. Which country are you from? I'm from Australia so we have different departments/agencies that deal with this Assuming you're in the US it looks like the FBI would be the best agency to report this: https://www.stopfakes.gov/article?id=Federal-Bureau-of-Investigation-FBI We have a few US members here that may be able to advise further.. I can only suggest you be more careful to buy from proper retailers/trusted sellers in future.
  11. Hi everyone, Apologies for this. I have made further adjustments now so the messages of new members will need to be approved. It is really disappointing it has come to this.
  12. This is not how I wanted to spend my morning. But now we should be sorted.

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      Thank you very much. If there's anything I can do to help, don't mind asking.

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      Arigato ne Optic- senpai! ~

  13. Sorry that was unintentional, you should be able to post status updates again. I have finished making adjustments now so new members will not be able to immediately use the messaging feature nor post status updates on member profiles.
  14. OK, I have taken action against the five spammers, they were all alts of a single person. The main issue is new members are able to post on other member profiles AND send direct messages to other members without having made a single forum post. (which is REALLY disappointing - because the reason I set it that way was to help encourage new members to reach out to other members, not SPAM them!!) I will reluctantly have to change this so new members will only be able to use those features after they prove themselves with a few forum posts... Regarding staff... I am really conservative with recruiting staff for various reasons. The main reasons are burnout and then going MIA. It's not a fun job and can get tedious when you're volunteering your free time to deal with clean-up and member conflicts. At this stage we're still a rather small community. But I will consider recruiting one moderator again - due to the time zone issue. But such a moderator would have to have existing experience.
  15. Please continue to report them, I will be making changes to prevent future abuse of Conversation and profile status messages. I do apologise for the delayed response, normally I action Reports quickly but I was asleep (Australian time zone)
  16. Premium ALTER Purple Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia) arrived. (she can go next to Black Heart - when I figure out the shelving...) @SanguineTear
  17. They can be really genki or cute! I nominate Yayoi Takatsuki from The Idolm@ster. (she's the top right for those unfamiliar with the series) Though Miki Hoshii is my most favourite, Yayoi always had that really genki attitude! In a more recent series, I've found Nadeshiko Kagamihara from Yuru Camp also has that infectious smile. And Nepgear from Hyperdimension Neptunia... but I won't get started on that. What about you?
  18. My only knowledge of Steins;Gate is the first anime series and the movie, so I'm certainly finding this very thrilling, unpredictable and new to me. Initially I was so nostalgic seeing Mayuri and Faris again.
  19. Miku and Kokoro would have to be my top two favourites. I certainly wouldn't want any of them to be annihilated.
  20. Poor Kokoro after being treated by the Nine group like that. The experiment was odd. Also it's so strange seeing Zero Two so happy and genki when she was so bitter and vengeful in the first . A complete 180. I hope the Nine group gets annihilated! Then Zero Two can save the day.
  21. Try and take a step back to figure out what stresses you out and why. Then whack a long-term goal to work towards. It's so easy to get stuck in a regular stressful grind.
  22. Hi @Greeneyes - I have now added the appropriate icons so it should show up in all browsers and mobile devices.
  23. Hi @Ryuji thanks for the offer, we have already finished the testing phase and the module is now live. But certainly feel free to provide feedback if you run into any issues!
  24. Hi @BurnsyCEO could you be more specific please? Each theme (lower left corner) has plenty of background images to choose from (top-right corner button.) It would be helpful if you list what anime title or genre you would like to see added.
  25. I'm so gutted by E14. Kouka, such a badass. Also, damn it Kengo. @Layfon my understanding she was always part of the antibody group, just took it a step further from E13 with them being her collective owner. It seems there is a lot of anti-sentiment against hIEs in general, yet we don't see very much of it except from the eyes of Kengo! The way I perceived it is Kouka believed she could best serve humanity by stirring things up by showing how advanced hIEs really can be by showcasing her abilities. Is humanity ready to accept or reject them? But it probably clashes with Lacia's agenda (what could it be?) - so Arato needs to be more perceptive and stop her from cleaning and cooking , and instead make more tactical use of her - as she so sternly said towards the end. Also am curious to know what Snowdrop is up to these days.
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