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  1. Any Japanese learners here? Am looking to get some short stories proof-read. :)

    1. seemore_bhutts


      Me! But you know that xD I'm probably not any better than you are, so I won't be much help :( 

  2. @Sasazaki Chan noted. I was barely into my Japanese studies 7 months ago.
  3. Hi @idaf6 welcome to AF. Interesting - a fan fiction search request! Do you remember what they had to do in the competition? That may help us to find it.
  4. Hi everyone, As requested - a new, dark plain theme has been added. It is very slim and has no transparent background images (other than a simple header) for better contrast. To change themes just scroll down to the bottom left and click "Theme".
  5. Hi @Greeneyes, Yes I have noticed this too (especially within the messaging system). I will forward the feedback to the developers of this platform. For now I have reduced the threshold of posts being merged to 2 hours (before it was 24 hours).
  6. There has been a number of requests for a plain dark theme again, so I will add one sometime tomorrow.
  7. Thanks, I will start a conversation and we can continue from there.
  8. My mother found K-ON! to be fricken hilarious, so that answers that question. My father is indifferent to anime. At work, I do try to avoid talking about anime unless of course my colleagues like anime.
  9. Hi everyone, I am looking for testers to try out a new Quiz module. This module will allow you to create your own multiple-choice quizzes and attach images to each question. Please let me know below if you are interested.
  10. Hi everyone, I am currently reviewing the Creative Corner section and considering archiving it. This section was created back on the previous platform where we didn't have the combination of Blogs, Clubs and Gallery. So it became a bit of everything where you could showcase your creative works as well as your channel/page (provided you met the minimum criteria of 10 posts to reduce SPAM). I feel Blogs are better to promote your personal works as you will get front page exposure. To acknowledge those with their own pages/channels, whist in the interest of preventing the anime discussion forum areas from being cluttered I propose adding a new Link Directory to allow promotion of pages/channels. Of course we would still have criteria in place to prevent new members from joining just to post their link (e.g. minimum 10 posts, member for x weeks, etc.) What are your thoughts?
  11. As per title - would that be a missed opportunity? I played Persona 4 on the Vita and thoroughly enjoyed it before I finally dived into both Persona 4: The Animation and Persona 4 the Golden Animation - both which I REALLY loved! Should I wait until I start and finish playing Persona 5 before diving into the animation adaptation?
  12. Optic


    Hi @Lala - welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  13. I (still) haven't seen Fairy Tail at all so I don't know that scene or character. But that to me looks like she's using an ability or transforming? When compared to other anime titles I personally think that's fine and seems to be the norm - it reminds me of Kill la Kill where their outfits would literally dissolve into shining light and silhouettes during transformation scenes. Similar to magical girl titles - yes they become naked when they transform and show some skin but it's mostly a silhouette right? Look at it this way, it could be so much worse... such scenes could be deleted altogether. Some of the US adaptations do that...
  14. Hi Envy, welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Naturally I'm curious what query that might be. Feel free to PM me your response if you prefer.
  15. Optic


    I look forward to seeing the final fight. Triela was really badass with her shotgun at the start of that season!
  16. Episode 13 (6/10) There has been a lot of filler but things are finally starting to look up towards a climax...
  17. Thanks for the clarification. For me, that would be a no. First impressions are hard to shake. To me it wouldn't feel right. To use Noire as an example, she works extremely hard, to the point of making her little sister Uni worried. She is a tsundere. She rejects help from others. She is portrayed as having no friends (rather brutally by Neptune). By that nature, she is pushed to open up and rely on others more. Yet in the spin-off game Hyperdevotion Noire, she was the protagonist of her own game instead of Neptune. Initially it was bizarre for me seeing the roles reversed, suddenly she had gathered a huge army of generals and it seemed her hard work had paid off. To me that felt odd given our previous first impressions of her. *cough* @SanguineTear Yes that is true. Now that I think about it, in the HDN anime there are much more interactions of their HDD forms and others in their human forms. But the games have more dialogue which better explain their thoughts whereas the anime is more fast-paced. Also I haven't actually played the SeHA spin-off yet, still on my list to play. Not sure to be honest. But I feel there are enough spin-offs to portray this. Wasn't there an idol game spin-off for HDN? I haven't played it but the characters look cute in their idol costumes. And I'm pretty sure there was a event in Megadimension Neptunia VII where the characters were all cosplaying as fantasy characters (Noire and Blanc were wearing magical girl costumes) And in the Fate stay/night series, there is a title called Fate/kaleid liner which completely changes two major characters from being serious into magical girls. Completely changes the serious nature of the show into a humorous yet cute comedy. You can change the forum theme on the lower left corner. A few different backgrounds in the HDN theme to choose from.
  18. Not a huge fan of Japanese idol culture myself. I quite like some idol groups in anime though. I feel a big reason Japanese idol culture is so popular in Japan (and I'm sure in other countries around the world) is they're shown as being "perfect" and really "cute". @ssjup81 may be able to provide more insight as she is living in Japan. What about you @AlbatrosDVa? How do you feel about idol culture in general?
  19. @SanguineTear I would go for never eating pepper. They say it has great health benefits vs salt. Tea or coffee for the rest of your life?
  20. Those scenes to me would be extraordinary fan-service in mainstream titles (though not a mainstream genre of course). I don't feel it is censorship as a whole, as there are many explicit titles out there that are uncensored (which don't leave much to the imagination). If it's too explicit (to the point of being pornographic) then you can't even broadcast it on TV. It would go straight to DVD/BD ..
  21. Hi @RepentantSky Thanks for your honest feedback. I feel there has been a grave misunderstanding and feel the amount of hate is a bit harsh. These sub-forums are still forums in their own right. Just as you have found this topic, new topics and replies will still appear on the front page (as part of the earlier change to expose all public/open clubs on the front page). If you don't want to view each forum via tabs on this club, you can still filter them on the front page if you look underneath "Club Forums" - it is a little cluttered at the moment but that is being cleaned up and worked on to ensure only active clubs are visible on the front page. I agree this could be better refined and am still evaluating different placement locations. Clubs have different types. This particular club is a "Public" one. There is absolutely no requirement to "join it" in order to create topics within each of the sub-forums/tabs. The intention of moving the official AnimeForums.net sub-forums into a "club" is to make it easier for those new to forums to Introduce themselves, provide feedback and find our guidelines easier. The Guidelines tab is now actually a "Blog" so it will be article based - a better match than discussion topics given the nature of guidelines. Common feedback we get is that it's not obvious to newcomers how to use a forum, especially if they haven't ever used a forum before. Another common complaint we get is activity, each of the sections of AF still feel like islands in isolation, especially the Clubs. These recent changes were made to help bring activity from Clubs onto the front page, and creating a nicer on-boarding experience, whilst consolidating our guidelines under one umbrella instead of separate topics. Each of the changes I make have always the best of intentions in helping to improve the experience of all our members both in the short-term and in the long-term. I'm sorry you feel this way, but I only ask you give it a chance. If it doesn't work out then I am open to reverting the changes.
  22. Hi @Animesta_MidnightLove welcome to AF! I have moved your topic into General Anime and also adjusted the title to make it easier to find.
  23. Thanks @Wodahs, in future please feel free to start a conversation with me or create a new Feedback topic so we don't clutter the existing topics here.
  24. Hi @Wodahs yes that is the intended behaviour with the Q&A format, as I have marked that post as my answer it will push it to the top.
  25. Hi @Wodahs, this specific forum type works in a Q&A style format. When a post is marked as "Best Answer" by myself ((or the topic author) it will automatically be moved to the top. Hope that explains it.
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