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  1. @seemore_bhutts @Roxeg should be possible. Any particular Re:Zero characters? Rem? Ram? Emila? All three?
  2. Hi @Estatia, feedback noted. @Wedgy described the current correct behaviour. We can adjust it so pinned topics appear across ALL areas but this would quickly become overwhelming as it would quickly make the first page on the homepage very overwhelming if there are too many "global pinned topics" I agree having pinned topics had more effect when the forums were all in individual pages. As topics are also appearing across from Clubs now this would be even more overwhelming.
  3. Hi @Greeneyes and @Frith Sorry I missed this during my absence. The challenge with background image themes is everyone is using a mix of desktops, mobiles and tablet devices. The first Sci-Fi theme you were referring to I believe was the very first theme, however that approach was quite glitchy hence the reason why we changed to this framework. The transparent background image approach I felt was the best way to make it look good across all devices. I can look into making a darker plain theme without a background image if it helps?
  4. I agree with the above - there are just so many themes and topics covered by both anime and manga. @Norvath I think you should try diving into other genres. If you're after something more thought provoking, maybe look into anime with sci-fi psychological thriller themes? Maybe even go on a hiatus, you'll be back with a thirst for more titles.
  5. Hi @ShenmueOutLoudAgain, welcome to AF. I personally am not a huge fan of anime conventions/fairs. A big reason for that is the quality of them here in Western Australia is not great and merchandise being sold is often more expensive than just importing it (i.e. buying it online). I would probably attend more if I was closer to the US or in Japan (*cough* Comiket and Wonder Festival in Japan - newest releases of merchandise are showcased there)
  6. Hi @Wodahs - sure is! She would be my 2nd most favourite anime character. The image itself is not from the movie, it is from the official artbook.
  7. Interesting topic. I'm a bit biased here, am a huge fan of Hyperdimension Neptunia (*cough* Noire / Black Heart / Lastation), got most of the figures and games and well there's a HDN forum theme here on AF. I feel HDN is unique because all the characters are personified off mainstream consoles. Then they also have little sisters, who are personified as handheld consoles. And all of them have fan service transformation modes that completely change their personalities! Some of the personality changes are polar opposites, some enhance them and some don't change at all.. Your avatar of Iris Heart is a good example of this. Her human form Plutia is so laid back, slow and lazy.. yet when she transforms to Iris Heart she becomes extremely aggressive and a dominatrix... I think if they were two separate characters then most people wouldn't normally like both but because they're both the same characters I think HDN makes contrasting personalities work well.. Another example that comes to mind is KanColle. The characters are all personified off WW2 ships. I liked Yuudachi a lot until she transformed (got remodelled to her next form) and she became much more serious.
  8. Hi everyone, I have consolidated the following AF forums into a new Club called AF Official Lounge: Updates Introductions Feedback & Support Guidelines This Club will be acting as a landing page for new members and will also consolidate our Guidelines in there (which I am in the process of streamlining). Please continue to make our newest members welcome. Any issues or feedback do let me know as usual.
  9. Optic


    Hi @Misari welcome to AF! I see you have Triela from Gunslinger Girl as your avatar. Is she your favourite character? I'm actually watching the second series (Il Teatrino) and really enjoying it even with the different art style.
  10. [mal type=anime id=36475] I gave the first episode a go and unfortunately found it too bland for my liking so probably won't be continuing it. Karen's pink, short avatar though is really cute. Found it hilarious when she referred to her P-90 weapon as "P-chan" Overall I found the depiction of Gun Gale Online to be quite bland by this studio. So many stationary scenes, it really reduced the tension of many of the scenes in what should have been a dynamic world (which I felt Sword Art Online II did quite well for GGO - even if Kirito's CQB blades were over the top at times).
  11. Optic


    We have extremely strict gun laws here in Australia, you have to have a firearm license and it has to be for legitimate use (e.g. agriculture) to even get one. This even applies to replicas that can shoot BBs. I've never done Airsoft before as a result.
  12. Hi @Greeneyes I think you're referring to the very first theme we had when we moved to this platform? Sorry I moved away from that framework in favour of this one to keep all the themes consistent. Apologies if you were still using it, but it makes it much easier to maintain them all. If you're after a new set of backgrounds I'm open to suggestions.
  13. Hi everyone, If you have a public and open club, your topics will now appear on the front page along with the rest of the forum topics when a new reply or topic is added. This should help promote your Clubs better.
  14. Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Yuuki Yuna is a Hero, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Magical Girl Raising Project. Of course Infeel Nanoha is the best (eagerly waiting for the third movie to see very soon) STILL haven’t seen Cardcaptor Sakura..
  15. Another background image has been added to the Sci-Fi theme, featuring the Walküre idol group from Macross Delta:
  16. Optic


    Hi @Hera, welcome to AF!
  17. Hi @Maniac, welcome to AF
  18. Optic


    Hi @LIEX welcome to AF
  19. Maintenance updates completed - though you'll need to set your theme again. Sorry about that!

  20. Done - sorry for the delay. Certainly - what would you like it changed to?
  21. Yes, there is an option for manga too: [mal type=manga id=65155]
  22. Hi everyone, Just a small addition, which some of you have already started to use. There is now a MAL button on the editor. You can use it to embed an anime, manga or character block. Just copy and paste the ID number before you paste it inside the MAL URL into the overlay when you click the editor button. The information will update periodically which is good for currently airing titles in the season. Best place to use it is in your first post if you're starting a topic on an anime, manga or character. Anime example: [mal type=anime id=17947] Character example: [mal type=character id=2010]
  23. I've only seen a few Netflix titles so far: Kuromukuro, Knights of Sidonia and Violet Evergarden. Out of those three, I really LOVED Knights of Sidonia - the style of animation really suited the awe-inspiring mecha battles against the Gauna. The other titles I saw were not so memorable. But to be fair many of the titles Netflix funded were for new and original anime titles, not adaptations of previous material. I do think with Netflix's deep pockets it really does help to fund new anime titles that probably would not have been produced in the first place. It is risky to create new original anime titles due to cost. And at the end of the day they're still produced by the Japanese animation studios, it's not like Netflix is wholly dictating the creative direction of each title.
  24. Was going to recommend Clockwork Planet but see you already have started it! RyuZu and Anchor are adorable. Dimension W has a cute android as a main character - Mira Yurizaki. I quite enjoyed it. Also I can wholly recommend Unbreakable Machine Doll. It has a fair bit of 3D but Yaya is soo adorable with lots of combat.
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