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  1. @Th3Law I have now merged both your topics together.
  2. Hi @DevoidReaper yes as mentioned above we already have Recommendations/Identify as a separate section. Having said that, it easily gets swamped and can be hard to find older recommendations and identify requests in there. I am certainly open to ideas to help improve it.
  3. Older series: Macross Delta Yu-Gi-Oh GX! Season 3 Dagashi Kashi 2 Yuru Camp World Trigger Current/previous season: Steins;Gate 0 My Hero Academia Season 3 High School DxD: Hero BEATLESS Darling in the FranXX
  4. Please @I.Zara2006 don't hate yourself. If there is a particular issue in your life you would like to discuss please feel free to start a new topic, or feel feel to write a blog entry. Unfortunately as it stands I have to close this topic as it doesn't leave much room for discussion or for us to help you.
  5. Personally I think any female mage, magician or sorceress should qualify! Often they have cute costumes too. BUT I suppose the key thing for a magical girl anime is, the female character(s) have to transform from a normal human. And after they transform, they have to gain mind blowing abilities. On that definition Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha would be my favourite magical girl anime series. Am really looking forward to the new movies.
  6. Sorry for the late reply to this. @Greeneyes currently on this platform, only I can create custom items which are shown in the global shop. You can't self-manage your own shop and items like on the old platform. If you like I can look at adding items/services as custom items for you, let me know which services you would like to offer. Tweaking and re-branding the shop items is still on my list of things to do.
  7. [mal type=anime id=34281] I don't think much needs to be said about this ecchi harem series... what I found very interesting though is the art style has changed. Looks softer. Could take awhile to get used to. Look forward to seeing more of Koneko.
  8. Agree that the move away from Kaneki has resulted in an underwhelming start. Not really liking Quinx Squad too much but might warm up to them as it progresses...
  9. [mal type=anime id=30484] Loved, loved, REALLY loved the first Steins;Gate anime TV series with it's time travel plot and paradoxes. The movie after that was great too. I've never played the VN... but am loving it so far. In this timeline, seeing Okabe move away from his energetic side, a glimpse at a very bleak future revolving around Kurisu. And seeing adorable Mayuri again!
  10. [mal type=anime id=36456] Thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 seasons consistently good production values (fantastic soundtrack) as well as seeing Izuku Midoriya develop strongly with his quirk under All Might's guidance. I think this 3rd season will be good to perhaps finally see a final confrontation against Tomura Shigaraki?
  11. I think it's great to see Ichigo finally being more assertive, but sad it was at Zero Two's expense.
  12. Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul featuring the new Quinx Squad in the CCG. I've never read the manga, only watched the anime. Based on the anime alone I found the first Season to be fantastic (Rize and Touka were my biggest favourites). 2nd Season was rather bland (I really disliked Touka's change in personality). Interesting start so far. What are your thoughts?
  13. [mal type=anime id=34798] I started watching this and about 3 episodes in. Nadeshiko is such a silly character but really brings a smile to your face when she brings Rin out of her shell (as she usually camps alone). The advice on camping is also very interesting. Anyone else watch this anime?
  14. Does Dark/Black Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh count as a magician girl?
  15. A figure by ALTER (Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale version) is available for pre-order - Nov 2018 release: Probably the best Asuna figure I've seen by far, but that price.... 17,000 yen...
  16. Apologies for my absence - my laptop is currently in repair. @_@ Only available on mobile.

    1. seemore_bhutts


      Hope it's fixed soon so we can see you on more :)

    2. Optic


      Thanks - it is fixed now, Dell on-site support is good... but I can't say the same for the quality control of their parts (third repair now).

  17. I have merged posts into this topic and removed the inappropriate language. I can appreciate the passion for Rem but please be civil, thanks!
  18. Ooh so many questions! I've been to Malaysia, Singapore, China, The Netherlands, Lithuania, UK (London only) and more recently, Japan. Needless to say, Japan is my most favourite by far! I'm thinking of doing a long term working holiday in Japan (Australia is one of the countries that has a bilateral agreement for this type of visa) Maybe Genki dere? Full of positive energy!! @Roxeg and @Baku has answered this. It was inspired from the name of flatbed scanner model quite sometime ago. I'm decent with HTML/CSS and a bit of PHP. I think the methodology and approach is much more important than just coding syntax alone. And these days I'm more focused on content. I've made several websites and forums in the past - AF is the one that has been going the longest due to its broad appeal among anime fans. The main issue is time. My websites have always been hobbies (not for profit) and of course there are real running costs that are needed to keep a website going on the web. I think more websites/fansites/forums are needed more than ever - Twitter and Facebook really reduced the number of anime websites out there to a just handfuls.. I do miss the friendly competition amongst other forums/fansites!
  19. Episode 6: 6/10 Hiro's third climatic battle....
  20. The last 2 weeks have been very hectic. @_@ This coming week should be much better!

  21. Certainly. I refer you to our classification board in Australia: http://www.classification.gov.au/Guidelines/Pages/Guidelines.aspx You can also search anime titles on that website to get an idea of the ratings applied in Australia vs. the US. The only ratings which ask for ID (proof of age) would be MA15+ and R18+ in Australia.
  22. @SeaOfRed - I find it amusing and absurd fanservice.. there's no reason why the handles needed to protrude from the female partners' bodysuit in such an elaborate manner like that. But yes after E04 now the fan service around those bodysuits has appeared to tone down now (if you recall Miku was really complaining about how tight and skimpy they were when putting them on) and all the suggestive moans have also been toned down/trimmed now (to be fair I suppose they were still getting used to each other as partners which appeared to be a very exhausting process if out of sync). To be honest I can't say it surprised me too much. Trigger did do absurd fan service with the outfits in Kill la Kill.. This anime is also reminding me of so many other titles... I got vibes of Evangelion (with the genetics, sync ratio, council meetings), vibes of Gundam (launching sequences, cockpit and hangar shots), Gurren Lagann (the comical and diverse facial expressions of the mechs), Kill la Kill (those extra long and wide shots within the plantations and ceremonies) and even that live action film Pacific Rim (the two partner mecha system). Overall am really enjoying this title.
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