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  1. @Greeneyes more details to come but points are being accumulated in the background for those participating in the anime discussion topics.
  2. This is the episode discussion for Darling in the FranXX. General discussion: --- I've started this topic a little late with 4 episodes already aired but of course feel free to join the discussion at any episode! Episode 3: 7/10
  3. There was a bug where topic pagination wasn't working without refreshing) on the new themes - oops.. now fixed!

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      Oh snap, so many new themes, I'll try them all :o 

  4. Optic

    Windows 10

    Revisiting this topic... I have found Windows 10 to be sturdy. No major complaints. But frankly I don't use the live tiles in my Start Menu (removed) nor do I use Cortana (disabled). My only qualm with Windows 10 is it's still a but clunky with the scaling of UI eleents (I have it set to 200% because I have a 4k screen on this laptop). And I still have a handful of applications that haven't added proper support for it (so they look tiny on my screen). Also the Japanese OS-tan mascot for Windows 10 is cute. Go go Madobe Touko!
  5. Oooh that's a tough one. Pizza, by just a slight margin. Supreme is my favourite pizza topping. I don't particularly have a favourite song (as it radically changes depending on my mood). I generally prefer OSTs. At the moment I am really loving the OPs and soundtrack of Knights of Sidonia. Very nail-biting and tense which suits those tense gauna / Sidonia / garde battles really well. Outside of anime, I love movie OSTs from Sci-Fi films such as Blade Runner and Tron: Legacy. Sorry, I won't disclose personal details at that level - but I will say it is from a laid back university in Perth, Western Australia.
  6. Hahaha, well... I'm REALLY adoring Kouka more and more. Compared to Lacia, Kouka's facial expressions are so diverse and amusing... She was so yandere in E03 against Lacia, pronouncing her as "onee-sama!!" : She gave Arato scowling, disgusted looks at him... She gives Kengo cunning and manipulative looks: And now she even gives happy, cute expressions during the "motivation speeches" in E04 with those mercenaries... In all cases she is very badass with those kicks and weapon attacks of hers. I do agree the pacing is picking up, with Arato and Lacia finally getting into tactical mode.
  7. Hi everyone, The old background image themes we had prior to moving to this platform have now been re-added. You can change your theme on the lower left corner of the page. The full list now includes: Anime Forums - Sci-Fi (now 5 images) Anime Forums - Sword Art Online (6 images) Anime Forums - Attack on Titan (2 images) Anime Forums - Hatsune Miku Anime Forums - Hyperdimension Neptunia (5 images) Anime Forums - Sailor Moon (2 images) Anime Forums - Black Butler Anime Forums - Fate Stay Night UBW Anime Forums - Puella Magi Madoka Magica (3 images) Anime Forums - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Thanks to the background image chooser, many of the themes were consolidated into one. If the theme above has (x images) in brackets, then you can choose a backgruond image inside the theme by using the chooser on the top right corner. New background images were also added to some of the titles, including Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Examples of the background image chooser are below. Anime Forums - Sword Art Online: Anime Forums - Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Any issues, let me know below. Thanks!
  8. Hi @Dekumyhero, welcome to AF! Yes I agree My Hero Academia is a good series... am really looking forward to the third series... Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  9. Hi @Ahriz, welcome to AF. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Nice to see another Evangelion fan here! What are your thoughts on the Rebuild movies compared to the TV series?
  10. Thanks @Estatia and @SleepyLeoulf! I'm happy with what I'm seeing. Will call upon both of you when we get our first requests for medals, thank you so much!
  11. Welcome to AF!

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      I haven't finished writing one up yet, but please don't hesitate to throw any questions my way. :) 

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      How long has this site been around for?


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      Just over 3 years. If you dig deeper you will find even older topics (we were previously known as a different name).

  12. My holidays are over and I'm back to full-time work. But I will endeavour to stay active and keep the anime topics active. ;)

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      Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon

      Glad you're back, hope you had a good holiday!

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      Thanks everyone. :)


  13. I quite like plausible minor fan service, I mean if a character gets undressed naturally or takes their top off during a boxing or fighting session and doesn't stop the pacing of the main plot - sure why not? Then you have silly fan service such as clothes destruction (*cough* Dog Days) which gets old quick. It's true a lot of fan service is oriented around female characters but male characters also get a little fan service too... Shinya Kogami from PSYCHO-PASS comes to mind as well as just about all the characters in Hakuouki. As for classification labelling, well here in Australia they're a lot stricter here compared to your PG-13 rating... all it takes is one scene to up the rating. For context, two examples below: High School DxD (MA15+) - to be expected given it's an ecchi title: GATE (Season 2) - (R18+) - I was a little surprised given most of this series was quite light-hearted at the start, but then remembered there were indeed some lewd scenes during one of the arcs:
  14. @Yona Hime I am 28.
  15. This is the episode discussion topic for Violet Evergarden. General discussion topic: I've started this topic a little late with 3 episodes already aired but of course feel free to join the discussion at any episode! --- Episode 1: 7/10
  16. These were some of the badges I made on the old AF shop: Basic renders / crops with a glow applied on top of a gradient background. If you can make equivalent or better then that's what I'm looking for.
  17. Way too many to list! This current season Kouka (BEATLESS) is my favourite so far. Noire/Black Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia) is a strong favourite. I also really like Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh), Angela Balzac (Rakuen Tsuhou: Expelled from Paradise) and Sword Sniper Rigel (Z/X: IGNITION). Nanoha Takamachi and Yuki Yuna would be my most favourite magical girls. Spring. Here in Perth, Western Australia - Summer can get really hot here, often between 32 to 40+ degrees Celsius (89.6 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit). It's fantastic outdoor weather with clear skies but of course it's much cooler to cool down and our UV rays from the Sun can be brutal. So many questions! 1. Lasagne is my all-time favourite. 2. Blue. But I also really like green too. 3. I rarely read manga. Having said that, I am reading physical Japanese ones at a very slow pace to complement my Japanese studies. So I don't read them digitally. 4. For a long time, I really adored Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh). But I have far too many favourites now. 5. Yes. 6. Takoyaki is very strong in flavour and you don't really get to choose how it is prepared. Ramen you can choose different fillings and styles so on that basis, Ramen. Having said that I don't eat both very much.. 7. The meaning of life? I say just do what makes you happy, within your means. Sort out your essentials (decent place to live) then sort out your resources (money! you need money to live in this world) and invest in a hobby. Having a long term goal in mind also helps too to go against the daily grind (career or long term aspiration). 8. With AF I just wanted a place where anime fans from around the world could discuss anime and their interests in a comfortable and SPAM free environment (there is so much toxicity these days on both social media and other communities). Also many many years ago the anime community in Australia wasn't very big at all compared to America and other countries, so being able to reach fans from many countries around the world is a great feeling. Thankfully the barriers to anime are much lower these days but it's still a nice feeling getting visitors from all different countries. 9. It reminded me of how much greater µ's was in the original Love Live! series compared to Aquours in Love Live: Sunshine.
  18. I haven't seen Blue Exorcist, though it does look quite interesting. I usually prefer Sci-Fi / Action titles. It seems you like quite a few supernatural titles.
  19. I'm looking for volunteers that are decent at Photoshop (or equivalent graphics application) to help create a set of badges for our upcoming relaunch of the AF Shop/Points system. We will look at creating a set of popular anime characters and can branch out to different characters based on member requests. If you're interested in helping our community out in this role, please let me know below or send me a direct message!
  20. @Yona Hime OK, I'll take your word on it. Hmmm... well the key difference is from what you described is Romance. There is virtually none in Arslan Senki, but it does have great action scenes and great strategic battles IMO.
  21. So looking at two of the titles this season so far, BEATLESS and Darling in the FranXX, both have protagonists/MC that are relatively weak. Weak as in they sulk quite easily and hesitate (unless they are driven to act due to a crisis, and even that isn't a guarantee) How do you feel about such characters?
  22. So revisiting this topic again this year. I've been making extensive use of Asana for several months now. (not to get mixed up with Sword Art Online's Yuuki Asuna!! ) It's actually targeted towards enterprise work projects, but I find it works really well as a personal organiser, works great as as an extensive To-Do list. And you can create multiple projects within it if need be and even upload file attachments inside. I did try a few different ones including Wunderlist and Trello but ehh, I think Asana works best for my workflow. I have separate projects for personal RL stuff, one for AF and one as an ad-hoc to-do list. It has a very solid smartphone app and I think that's the key difference, if it's consistent you're definitely more likely to use it. Certainly beats sticky notes!
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