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Status Updates posted by Optic

  1. Welcome to Anime Forums. :)

  2. Are you working on any galleries at the moment? Would like to start on one for Noel-chan if you haven't already started it, if that's cool with you.

    1. drill


      You can start a Noel gallery. I'm about halfway through the Lelouch gallery, but don't really feel like uploading it until its all done.

    2. Optic


      Alright, sounds good!

  3. Long weekend due to Australia Day, will be able to catch up on some things :)

    1. drill


      That sounds nice, I hope you enjoy your day off :)

  4. Honoka Kousaka - Love Live! School Idol Project gallery complete.

  5. New banner featuring Naka & Fubuki from Kantai Collection. Let us know what you think. :)

  6. Honoka Kousaka - Love Live! School Idol project galllery in progress.

  7. Mesmerized by all the pretty fan art. :)

  8. [url=http://animeforums.net/threads/anime-title-discussion-guidelines.613/]Anime Title Discussion Guidelines[/url] have been simplified.

  9. Working on Love Live! School Idol Project content and galleries. :)

  10. Today was very hot, reached a top of 43 degrees Celsius. Hard to concentrate in this heat.

  11. Some really nice fan art you've been adding. :)

    1. drill


      Thanks, glad you like them! :) Also, feel free to request something, as I'll be adding around five a day until I run out.

  12. Onii/Onee-chan bubble updates complete.

  13. Working on Onii/Onee-chan bubble updates.

  14. Mio Nishizono (Little Busters) gallery complete.

  15. Mio Nishizono (Little Busters) gallery in progress.

  16. Happy birthday. Get anything special?

  17. Compa gallery [URL='http://animeforums.net/gallery/albums/compa.73/']complete[/URL].

  18. Compa (Hyperdimension Neptunia) anime gallery in progress.

  19. [URL='http://animeforums.net/gallery/albums/kurumi-tokisaki.50/']Kurumi Tokisaki gallery[/URL] updated with scenes from Date a Live II.

  20. Welcome to Anime Forums! :)

    1. SanguineTear


      Thank you, it is a pleasure to be here~

  21. Big fan of Compa I'm guessing? ;)

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    2. Dark Jewel

      Dark Jewel

      Compa definitely does need some more attention, imo~

    3. Optic


      I love her "Desu dseu desu!" attack in Re;birth 1. xD

    4. Dark Jewel

      Dark Jewel

      I do too, lol. She's so adorable,

  22. Looking for fan art to share. :)

  23. Tweaking slider.

  24. Thankfully more consistent CSS interpretation by browsers makes life easier for everyone.

  25. Purple Heart - Hyperdimension Neptunia anime gallery complete. ^_^

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