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  1. Cold weather for sure! I honestly cannot sleep without cold air blasting on me, and then I snuggle under warm blankets. Or let my legs hang a little for the perfect mix!
  2. Does this mean we should take the bigger step into turning the forums into a app? I understand that takes a lot of work, but if we had more activity from the moderators and recruited more mods, I'm sure we could pull off an app! It could have a reddit type feel to it, but with a forum thread twist, which could be a good design! I'm just throwing out ideas, I do not want to see this site die, and am willing to do whatever it takes to contribute!
  3. `I guess it is tricky to answer...but I believe there is an answer to it!
  4. As a genuine question, I've noticed after being on the forums for a couple of months that, there isn't much activity when it comes to users interacting. I mean, we have activity spikes here and there, but I've noticed that the site has been more dead, and mostly the veteran users have been active. Newbies and just other users in general haven't been as active, and it leaves me to this question...what can WE do as a forum to get this site more out there to bring the family more together? And a question for the Veteran forum users, have you guys noticed the lack of activity on the forums? Or is it just me?
  5. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay here! I will say you will meet a lot of friendly folks, I haven't met a douche yet, so, I think you're in the clear. Some anime that I would highly recommend would be as such... Hellsing Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Dancouga: Super Beast Machine God Gun Buster Akira I would've said more, but I don't want to bombard you with anime...anyway, enjoy yourself!
  6. Updated my waifu pic, watchu guys think? Top tier!!

    1. Ohayotaku


      I recently updated mine to a MILF as well. A 7ft tall demon student council president / shoujo manga fangirl was simply too unrealistic of an aspiration.

      Considering that this is the guy Motoko married spacer.png I might have a chance (if she was an actual person that is 😂 )

    2. deaaath


      @OhayotakuLOL! You might just have a chance!! If that's the guy she's with, an fella like you sure can score! :P 

  7. deaaath

    Summer Break

    exactly how i'll be doing it!! sheesh man, well, at least you get to relax after working hard for so many years, you deserve it. i'd probably pick up some hobbies, do what my grandpa does and shoot some hoops at the park, or go on a walk. find some things that you might enjoy,...don't be afraid to spoil yourself either man. goodluck.
  8. deaaath

    Summer Break

    Finally the school year is coming to an end. That means I have 3 clean months of freedom to relax...well I hope. Although I know I'll be put to work, I know I'll be able to watch hella anime...so that pleases me a lot. I'm also going to my grandmothers for the summer, and her house is very fun, so that will be a nice break for me. My household is hell, and staying there all summer would be a pain in my arse. What are your summer plans?
  9. Currently on my last week of school before summer break! This year was a fun rodeo, but I have another year to go before things get SERIOUS 🥳!! The seniors graduated this year, which was a fun thing to witness, can't wait to see myself up on that stage in the year to come! Still debating whether or not I should go to college..

    1. Soramee_


      You finish school this soon!! Me it’s in a month.

  10. Nice to meet you! Check out my bio for further info on me, I'm 17! If you need a friend, don't be shy to PM me, always open for messages! Welcome to the forums, enjoy your time here!
  11. Not really a GIF but...nonetheless a great picture how can you deny this face? P O O F
  12. Welcome to the chaos, sorry for the late welcoming. Enjoy your time here
  13. Harriet Watching this right now in History class.
  14. My gift to you is a pair of twinkle toes. enjoy.
  15. ...FINALLY I FOUND A THREAD FOR THIS TOPIC!! HUZZAH!!! I have many things...the list is such... 1.) Mowing the lawn 2.) Homework 3.) Waking up 4.) Yardwork (i.g mowing the lawn is in this category...) 5.) Being sober (on weekends) 6.) Vocal warm-ups (honestly DON'T hate this, but it gets annoying, but I have to do it to sound good for recordings) 7.) Socializing face to face 8.) Going to class 9.) Expressing myself 10.) Housework Just a top 10 list...I have more, but we'd be here for awhile if I listed everything. *casually crawls into your bed*
  16. Awesome! Takes a lot of breath control...this manga and adaptation might be for you then!!
  17. nice profile !!

    i noticed i already followed you...but i didn't notice you due to the name change! 
    you're active on here, more than I have been, lol, nice to meet you!

    1. prettyboy


      Thank you! The pfp I had up before was a detailed look at Vincent van Gogh's Vase with Roses. One of my favorite floral still life's of his. The gif cover photo is of Armand Roulin from the beautiful film Loving Vincent. I must have watched it a dozen times already. xD

      Oh, no! The fault is really my own. I had the site owner, Optic, reset my account. There was a lot of personal information, mainly photos that were taken close to my home-that I could not edit off the site and felt uncomfortable that they were permanently visible. I also had some written works here that I'm planning on publishing and was advised to not put them up online before printing. I was very grateful of Optic's communication and help. :) It probably left a few people confused! 

      I try to be active, I really do like AF. Sadly I've been overwhelmed these few months and try to get online twice a week or so. :( There's a lot I want to do but can't at the moment. 

      Haha, yes, always nice to see and hear from you again! 💜

  18. No problem, it's got me excited too...looking forward to it!
  19. This is VERY exciting news, this is great. 2022 has many great anime coming out and a film adaptation of the manga "Blue Giant" is one of those anime I'm looking forward to. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2021/10/20-1/shinichi-ishizukas-jazz-themed-manga-blue-giant-gets-anime-film-in-2022 Now, reading the manga, this is surely a great upcoming film i've been waiting for. I'm excited to see the animation of the musicians, and the audio of the music that is heavily praised in the manga. This is a jazz based manga, about a kid who goes to tokyo to pursue a dream of becoming a great jazz player, and I have high hopes for the animation of his journey and adaptation of the actual manga. https://www.funimation.com/blog/2021/10/21/jazz-manga-blue-giant-gets-anime-film-in-2022/ About the Manga "Blue Giant" is heavily dedicated to the craft of jazz, if you love jazz, then you'll love this manga. It's an illustration of a kid named Dai Miyamoto on his journey honing his skill in the tenor sax, soon he moves to tokyo after high school pursuing a life long dream of his.
  20. Welcome my friend, enjoy your time here.
  21. With its outstanding animation, and crisp artwork...I think this is truly the work of a new gen anime. You know that fight between Tanjiro and Rui? It really pulled in the emotion of the protagonist and his emotions towards what he is fighting for. *pretty much his only family member alive, his sister Nezuko* great stuff, haven't seen the movie, and open for spoilers...
  22. Just know you're not alone my friend.
  23. I've watched plenty of anime, but I've been looking around, and need some help finding some good anime with comedy and action...anyone got some ideas? or perhaps can help me out? I've been looking on some websites, and found some decent stuff, but nothing i'm interested in...like I said, perhaps you guys could help! Thanks!
  24. i have some friends who are obsessed with doing tiktok dances..."hey D! come do this dance with me!" they say...no thanks. ^^'
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