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  1. I write songs, and enjoy writing poetry. I am actually a musician, and sometimes I write in a journal.
  2. Halloween is coming up...my question for everyone is..
    What do you do during Halloween?

    Do you give out candy?
    Go out with the little ones?
    Dress up for fun?
    Watch sports instead?
    Don't celebrate at all!?

    What do you do!? :D

    Me, personally...just give out candy to the kids. I dressed up last year in my Akatsuki robe, but then I remembered how much I disliked walking around..I'd rather just sit around and give out candy, or watch some football. xD !!

  3. "I'll call you later." "Don't call me later, call me Dad." The energizer bunny went to jail, he was charged with battery... Why is divorce rates so high for tennis players? To them, love means nothing!
  4. Deeath


    Decided to do something funny with a pangram I found online...
  5. Finally Installed OW 2! I had OW 1 since 2017, so it installed right away! Sadly the servers were so BOMBARDED with people - that nobody could get into the game except pro players and beta testers. But, hoping that today I can play. Anyone else play Overwatch?
  6. just posted the revamped version of my "City Morgue" poster!

    would love to know your thoughts! \m/ >:]

    1. Animedragon


      It's not my choice of subject or style of artwork, but clearly a lot of work went into producing it and it is very well done.

    2. Deeath



      thank you my friend! :)
      I did spend over 2 in a half days on it, so the appreciation is appreciated! ^^

  7. Made a new poster in Animation & Graphic Design today! I did the logo, the blood drips, and small details...the only thing I got off the internet was the images of Sosmula and Zillakami! Photoshop is great tbh... Hope you guys enjoy it! This is NOT for sale, and NOT for profit!! Only consider this "FanArt".
  8. https://www.bandlab.com/post/db444a01-e641-ed11-b495-000d3a3ee153 New song released ! Kinda proud of this one, decided to dabble in newer editing stuff!
  9. Released a new song today, if you want, please take a listen. I work hard on my songs, and enjoy doing them! I haven't been on here in awhile, I assure you, I am ok! \m/ https://www.bandlab.com/post/a9bde5c6-0e3c-ed11-b494-000d3a3ee5f3 Enjoy the song everyone, and let me know your thoughts...
  10. welcome to the forums fairy \m/

    1. lsdfairy


      thank you so much. 😚

  11. Nunslaughter - great band, they have satanic lyrical themes within...well...all their songs, and can be pretty raw and hardcore if you think about it. They are a slight mix of Death/Black metal...if you like this kinda stuff, check them out and support them!
  12. i have returned. friends...

  13. Sometimes people can't handle the hardcore stuff - lmao XD
  14. Can't go wrong with some folk/viking metal ;))
  15. Not today, but earlier this week I got my Hanzo golden gun, finally have my 5th golden weapon in Overwatch. It was a long journey, but it's sure a fun one.
  16. Smartphones are more advanced than ever...like little computers..
  17. Deeath

    Gaming chat

    Very close to getting my 5th golden weapon on Overwatch - I have Genji, Dva, Lucio, Cassidy - soon to be Hanzo's. Pretty excited.
  18. Leaves are starting to fall from trees, and it's starting to get a tad bit cooler, seeing slight changes in the weather... Fall is surely coming, which I am excited for..
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