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  1. You & Dove represent’n as Zack & Rachel from Angels of Death? Noice 👍

  2. Finally I have IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


    the first thing my mom did when seeing the figure is looking if she could see her panties… I finally understand where I got my degeneracy from.

  3. Was doing some online shopping and:


    Makes sense to me, I guess. 

    1. Deeath


      This...This will truly change the world/srs/j 🤣
      Can I identify as Anime and Manga now??? 🤔 No longer a trans man! I am now...TRANSIME! 

      I love this, this made my day...:D

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  4. Somebody - an anime virgin - saw the picture below on my computer, provoking the remark that "70% of the world's weirdness comes from Japan".  I could not refute this objectively, but neither do I accept the premise that such a situation - should it be proven factual - is necessarily a Bad Thing.  :)


  5. Just seen that you have OniGiri in your favorite games. it was my first MMO RPG ever and one that I really liked. I'm surprised that there is also somebody that has played it on this forum.

  6. Updated my waifu pic, watchu guys think? Top tier!!

  7. Would love to see more active mods, liven things up, socialize with em. 

  8. The comminuty would grow if the staff got involved making community events such as contests.

  9. Got accepted into the CISCO Networking career tech at Jackson High school. If I can't get a ride to the school then I instantly get accepted into the Animation & Graphic Design career tech at my school. 

    Trying to do big things! 🤗 I only have a year in a half of High school left, so I might as well make the most of my time in this point of my life, and do the things I enjoy...before the burden of College. 🤧

  10. Bonked my nose on a Model X yesterday.  :(


    1. Deeath



      Does your insurance cover for any damages? If not, how much do you plan on spending to fix it? :,(((

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  11. I’m officially turning 25 years old tomorrow, I was 20 years old when I first joined this place. Time sure flies by.

  12. Does anyone else like to roleplay or is it just me..? Hmmm 🥸

    1. Deeath


      @MediaConsumesMe Literate RP, or games such as D&D :), stuff like that. I roleplay a lot online, literate or semi-lit.

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  13. i really want some burger king right now :P 
    it's a guilty pleasure of mine...

  14. I’m back! Fr anyone who remembers me. I have a pet fish now.


  15. Just made it to episode 11 on Death Note. Been pretty good so far. 

  16. Turnspit dogs used to be a thing.  Who knew?


  17. Pre-ordered the new Saints Row and the Collector's Edition of Horizon Forbidden West! I'm so excited!

  18. Trying to deal with an evening at work, doing security for a building that has 95% of its employees on vacation until the new year...why am I here??? LOL

  19. Suffering from a sinus infection. Not liking this drastic weather change..

  20. Just finished Hellsing, no words other than...IT WAS AWESOME! 

    Might do a review on my Blog (The Madness Blog) 

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