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  1. A project I did in Animation & Graphic Design! Steampunk!
  2. Enjoy the new song.. Make_Out_Hill_Prod_MAJZKLUANI.mp3
  3. - Kill la Kill - Gintama - Nichijou - Baka to Test - Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san - Lucky Star - Pop Team Epic - Grand Blue Dreaming - Shimoneta - Golden Boy (An Old Favourite) - Great Teacher Onizuka
  4. Deeath

    Gaming chat

    Finally got my Xbox back, and played some OW 2. Healers are so squishy now, and it's quite difficult to play Zen and Lucio. Seriously. Although, I do have some techniques to keep myself from dying. Like having my girlfriend help me stay alive ...although, I do have over 100 hours on Lucio, and 213 hours on Genji - and a total of 1,000+ Hours on OW itself. Overwatch is a fun game, yet, I find it dumb that you have to buy the currency now, and battle pass. Although, that is what makes OW 2 free. Changing the subject, I do think battle passes will change gaming - battle passes are becoming more prominent in gaming, like Warzone, Fortnite, Halo Infinite, Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, etc. It's becoming something more...odd, I guess. And I assume it's to keep the game free, and to get more money. EVEN FAR CRY 6 WILL HAVE A SEASON PASS - ...sigh. Battle passes..odd, yet, I have no opinion - other than I am confused and set aside.
  5. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) Alucard (Hellsing) Kakashi Hatake (Naruto) Maka Albarn & Soul Evans (Soul Eater)
  6. Do you prefer cold drinks? Or room temperature drinks?
  7. Welcome to the chaos my friend. If you like comedy here are some anime I'd recommend. - Durarara - Neo Yokio - Panty & Stocking - Aiura - Squid Girl - Daily Lives of Highschool Boys - Gakuen Handsome Enjoy the suggestions. My PMs are always open. Enjoy the chaos, and mingle around here if you'd like. - Ribbit.
  8. Shigaraki Tomura (BNHA) Dabi A.K.A. Toya Todoroki (BNHA) Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) Griffith (Beserk) Hisoka (HXH)
  9. It's chilly. It was gorgeous last week, sunny and nice. But now, it's getting cloudy and cold. It's currently 8:31pm, and it is 48 degrees, with winds of 7mph, and 47% humidity. The lowest tonight is supposed to be 37 degrees. I personally prefer the garbage weather, lol. Autumn and Winter are my favourite, mostly Winter.
  10. Deeath

    Gaming chat

    Investor sues video game studio over buggy 'Cyberpunk 2077' Cyberpunk is about to be 2yrs old. This is really just stupid in my opinion - it is still a fresh game - and it BOUND to be buggy... Although, I do understand being an investor into the game...but It's a mindset you need to understand that it is still a fresh game that only came out about 2yrs ago. It was released Dec 10, 2020 - so - it's going to be it's 2yr anniversary soon... Love Cyberpunk...
  11. Ehh, I don't work - BUT, In my Animation & Graphic design class, I have classmates that heat up their lunch with the microwave...and it smells funky. Usually it's a type of chinese noodle, or pungent pasta...or even chinese food. Sometimes it's even left over fast food, which can smell even worse than the noodles...but one time, this kid brought in noodles, and decided to heat it up, and it STUNK up the whole room. It wasn't fun, but it is what it is...I got really annoyed.
  12. NO SHAME HERE! Ive just listened to so many bands over the past 4 years... If you want a good website dedicated strictly to metal - here! https://www.metal-archives.com/ They have every band, probably known to man on here - only if it's metal though... They have info and stuff for any metal band you look up, and a forum you can visit too! They are more strict on what you do on there though than on here...^^; I've been active on there for 3yrs...lol. You can write reviews on albums, and EPs - ONLY if they are completed Albums though. They have more detail on what you can do when you join... They DO have a general thread for off-topic non-metal discussion, called 'The Tavern' - but if you go outside of the general discussion thread, PLEASE - I recommend you keep the discussions metal based. Enjoy the info, and suggestions and website!!!
  13. I have A LOT of favourite bands, mostly Black metal, but, that is my preferred genre - including Death metal. Black & Death metal bands - Death - Mayhem - Slayer - Craft - Urghal - Veil - Bathory - Gorgoroth - Immortal - Venom - Vlad Tepes - Behemoth - Dark Funeral - Darkthrone - Burzum - Emperor - Cannibal Corpse - Morbid Angel - Entombed DSBM bands - Thy Light - Veil - Lifelover - Silencer - Abyssic Hate - Psychonaut 4 - Austere - Nocturnal Depression - Trist - Sorry... - Leviathan - Happy Days - Totalselfhatred - Ghost Bath - Make a Change... Kill Yourself A LOT of these are Black metal, or the sub-genre (DSBM - Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) but as I said - that is my preferred genre of metal. But I did add some Death & Thrash metal into my list.
  14. The weather has been fluctuating, it's been quite a mess, from the 40's - 70's different weeks, different degrees. Typical OH weather. Right now it is 9:15PM and 71 degrees. With a chance of rain tonight - the wind is around 14mph. So, it's been a rodeo.
  15. Welcome to the chaos, Enjoy your time here. If you like One Piece - I have some recommendations for you! - Bleach - Samurai Champloo - The Law of Ueki - Hajime no Ippo - Reborn! - Inuyasha These aren't 'Pirate' anime per-say, but! They do have adventure and action implemented into them, for that kick of being similar to One Piece. They also have a decent amount of streaming too, so you can enjoy these whenever you need to wind down. Or when you need to binge something... I highly recommend Hajime no Ippo, Samurai Champloo, and Bleach, awesome starters to an anime journey..! As again, welcome to the forums, welcome to the chaos, and enjoy your time here... - Ribbit
  16. I will say, the Anime 'Another' is sorta...messed up and gory - lol.
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