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  1. OK so, last status update for the week. Wherever you live and whatever time it is for you, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! Or whatever you celebrate (or if you don't celebrate at all, happy holidays) I hope you all have a great time with friends and family, and don't forget to spend some time with yourself. 

    Anyways, that's it with the sappy sh1t. Goodnight everyone. :P 

  2. Xbox: imutaiya that is all, lol ill accept any friend requests, i don't have my xbox at the moment so i'll be a little late accepting friend requests
  3. It all started back in 2010. Me and my dad were sitting on the couch, little 5 year old me was getting ready for school. He showed me the world of anime. What anime to be exact? Cowboy Bebop. He showed me more anime like Naruto, Death Note and so on. That's my little story, i'm 16 now, and i've been watching anime since then!
  4. Ok, this is sorta random, but I enjoy this, It's pleasing to look at, and it gives me warm feeling in my heart... sigh, what I would do for love again
  5. Alright everyone, Dec 25th I will be offline for Christmas. I will be spending time with family and taking some time for myself. 

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Ohayotaku


      More than likely the same for me through the day, though I’m sure I’ll check in with my “online” family in the evening :P 

  6. Hey guys, i'm currently looking for more Space Opera animes to watch, i've already watched Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star, and i'm currently looking for more Space Opera animes to watch, any good good recommendations?
  7. lol! this wasn't that cringey, you have serious balls to do a hentai review, power to you my guy!
  8. Highly recommend both Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop, they are both awesome, I think you'll like them. Space Opera animes are the bomb
  9. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is great, i'm currently obsessed with 90's animes.
  10. As the date reads it is December 23. 2 more days until Christmas. Whether you respond to this topic before Christmas or maybe even a year later, I'm quite curious! How do you celebrate the Holidays/Christmas?
  11. Well there is a lot of anime to enjoy (and also to hate) but good luck on your Anime journey !!
  12. so i've recently got back into the show "F.r.i.e.n.d.s" and it has been a joy to watch, highly recommend if you haven't watched it yet. (i'm sure you've heard of it)
  13. Same here, i live in Ohio and it's gonna be a high of 56...very strange
  14. for dinner i had fish sticks and french fries, with a side of ranch actually pretty good. i have some hot chips waiting to be eaten too
  15. 16, I started watching Anime when I was 5 with Cowboy Bebop. I would watch it with my father in the mornings before going to school, and now i've recently gotten back into it.
  16. Uhhhhhhhhh.. Bipolar as all hell, so honestly it's nothing great. It's winter time currently, but one day it will be in the high 50's then back down to the 20's.. Or in the summer/spring it will snow...so confusing, can you guess where I live? B)
  17. Currently reading "Blue Giant". It's about a boy who discovers Jazz and falls in love with playing the Saxophone. His big dream is to be a great Jazz Musician. Honestly this Manga is fantastic! Love the artstyle, the heartwarming story, and the overall warm feeling you get while reading this Manga. Highly recommend!!! If anyone is curious, I got the Manga with Volumes 1-2 in it
  18. Netflix...Tsk Tsk Tsk..Netflix has some great animes, but I have come across 1 that has just...blown my mind with how terrible the plot line is, and how terrible the overall anime is. It's called "Back Street Girls". Now, if you have watched this, you might think it's good...or not, but me, no, this anime was just terrible. I honestly didn't like it. Reasons? 1. Bad Animation 2. Terrible Plot 3. No Consistency But I will say I enjoyed the comedic effect it had on me. It was funny, but overall not too good.
  19. hey whats up, my names Mike. im not new to anime, but im new to this forum so be easy with me. im 16 and im bisexual, nice to meet you guys. hope we can be friends.
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