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  1. Currently reading "Blue Giant". It's about a boy who discovers Jazz and falls in love with playing the Saxophone. His big dream is to be a great Jazz Musician. Honestly this Manga is fantastic! Love the artstyle, the heartwarming story, and the overall warm feeling you get while reading this Manga. Highly recommend!!! If anyone is curious, I got the Manga with Volumes 1-2 in it
  2. Netflix...Tsk Tsk Tsk..Netflix has some great animes, but I have come across 1 that has just...blown my mind with how terrible the plot line is, and how terrible the overall anime is. It's called "Back Street Girls". Now, if you have watched this, you might think it's good...or not, but me, no, this anime was just terrible. I honestly didn't like it. Reasons? 1. Bad Animation 2. Terrible Plot 3. No Consistency But I will say I enjoyed the comedic effect it had on me. It was funny, but overall not too good.
  3. hey whats up, my names Mike. im not new to anime, but im new to this forum so be easy with me. im 16 and im bisexual, nice to meet you guys. hope we can be friends.
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