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  1. Cartoon Network Shows Regular Show Johnny Bravo Amazing World of Gumball Adventure Time The Powerpuff Girls Dexter's Laboratory Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Uncle Grandpa Ed, Edd, n Eddy Transformers: Animated Nickelodeon Shows SpongeBob Squarepants Loud House Avatar The Ren & Stimpy Show Invader Zim Rugrats Yo Gabba Gabba! Hey Arnold! Doug Max & Ruby PBS Shows Dragon Tales Arthur Clifford the Big Red Dog The Cat in the Hat I love these oldies, I used to watch them all the time on Cartoon Network on Boomerang !
  2. Finally! Got my 3D resin print of my Main from OW !! Genji Shimada ! In my Animation & Graphic Design class, we have 3D printers that do mostly resin prints, but also PLA prints as well. This is an awesome thing to have, and i'm so glad I have it! After 9hrs and 15 min of wait time (9hrs for the printing process, 5 minutes for the curing, and 10 minutes for the heating) I finally have him! Huzzah!!!
  3. 253 Something only the eyes can see!
  4. AFHDR: Aye! Freak! Homeworks due really (soon) (added the soon, sorry heh) WWYDT
  5. Ahh, Halloween...An excitement as a child, but now, I love the spooks, the edginess, the darkness, but - I have a distaste for trick or treating. Not that I do it anymore, but, here's the main thing - when my niece comes over (she's 5) we take her out to walk around to get some candy in her bucket/bag. And I don't mind, but the dreadful feeling of getting out of the house and walking for 2 hours straight is dreadful...if you ask me. So this year, I'm just taking the time to be the one to GIVE out candy to the little ones, I'll probably dress up in my akatsuki cloak again, as I did last year, because prices for costumes are OUTRAGEOUS - and see where that goes. As I stated, I LOVE the holiday, dislike the work that comes with it. (Christmas on the other hand...the suspense is to die for can't wait!)
  6. These are some great picks, you can always count on @Ohayotaku for some awesome picks! Another anime Vet to count on B)
  7. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Banner of the Stars II Galaxy Express 999
  8. Really depressed, I feel like a burden - Ive been feeling like literal garbage for days now. And all I can really do is just enclose myself and stay hidden before I lose my mind. My sanity is depleting, and Im not sure how to manage myself. I really don't want to show my face to people anymore, and I keep hearing things, feeling bugs crawling in my skin. This is a terrible feeling, and a scary feeling. I hate existing. I hate this life.
  9. To those who want to disappear (EP) My first album/EP on Bandlab! Go check it out >:) It is a collection of all my songs that are trap metal/blackened metal. Enjoy! Go support me if you will! >:)
  10. I am feeling quite calm. I was out in nature for over 25 minutes during class, and my mind is at ease. If you didn't know, I truly enjoy mother nature's work. She is a beautiful work of art, and her hands do wonders... My mind was empty, yet I felt my body at its most calmest state it has ever been in! It was a lovely feeling, and I enjoy nature's gentle hands...
  11. The Fable 'Guild' Intro edited by me. It's an intro sample, a sample that can be used to create a beat. All I did was add some reverb, studio echo, feedback killer and edit the tone to make it -1. Fable_Guild_Intro_Sample_Edited.mp3
  12. I usually thought is a chilly and rained a lot in the UK! Never assumed that the UK had weird weather!
  13. Zenitsu x Nezuko (ZenNezu) (Demon Slayer) I love this ship so much, mostly because, it represents me and my lover - a lot, AND they are quite the cute pair...
  14. A hat in the shape of a bucket! ^^ Lol! Mine is off etsy, and has soul evans soul on the front of it! Its sick!
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