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  1. Found a Toki Wartooth Cosplay online! This is awesome!! And adorable! (Toki Wartooth is from a (non-anime) show Metalocalypse) Cosplay Link (Pinterest)
  2. Goodnight everyone
    Sleep well! 

    Or, Good morning to those who live in different time zones! 
    Have a good day!

  3. Welcome to the chaos! Enjoy your time here my friend... - Ribbit
  4. Thank you for the kind words, and I'd recommend getting back into some Overwatch, it's still...toxic, lol, but, it has more to offer, but It does require you to pay for currency, which I do NOT like... Minecraft is great, an awesome childhood game tbh, totally get back into it Metro! And NBA? Sheesh! I play basketball IRL, and I STINK at that game! Lol! ^^' Phasmo, haven't heard about that game in a minute...now that you brought it up, brought back some memories...
  5. Thanks to my fiance grinding on my account (and me doing some grinding myself) but with her help, I finally got the CyberDemon Genji skin! (Mythic tier) Here is what the skin looks like for those who are curious! A very interesting skin, some perks with the skin allows the player to have cybernetic animations with dragonblade, shurikens, and dash! Even deepening the voice (Genji's voice isn't originally deep) of Genji, for a more 'robo-demonic' tone! Not only that, but the skin comes with customization options, with the skin, changing the mask to a demon, tiger, or a tactical demon! Very Nice skin in my opinion! Over 220 hours on Genji, and this skin is EXACTLY what I needed to enjoy Genji more! Thanks Overwatch! (Also, I got engaged! :))
  6. None - It's Painless to Let Go It's quiet here Like I dreamed No response... No screams... It's like dying.. If you could believe... That it's painless... To let go... And seize to live...
  7. I gift you a new electric guitar, start a new hobby my friend
  8. Ok ok ok So, I enjoy this (non anime) show, called Metalocalypse And, someone did a thing where they took the characters...and did put them with Lucky Star - ITS AWESOME! Of course this isn't about Metalocalypse, just thought you might find this (non official) crossover fanart cute since you really enjoy lucky star @Soramee_
  9. 3Gatsu No Lion Aka. March Comes in Like a Lion Awesome anime, great storyline, and will genuinely make you shed a tear!
  10. Welcome to the forums, enjoy yourself - and welcome to the chaos.. Don't be shy to mingle with people, get to know someone, who knows, you might just make a new pal! Anyhoo, enjoy the chaos, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!
  11. I've been watching so so much Metalocalypse, it wa my childhood - honestly - I didn't like it as a child, but I still watched it, although, as a metalhead now, this show is so f***ing awesome that I cannot express my love for it enough!
  12. It is currently 8:00am, 27 degrees, sunny, with winds of 5 mph. Still...very cold. Which I like...I can bear it more than the heat, if you ask me.
  13. 288 something bad I ate
  14. Naruto x Hinata (Naruto) Ban x Elaine (Seven Deadly Sins) Faye x Spike (This one is a guilty pleasure - I mainly enjoy Julia and Spike, buuut, this one is good too...) (Cowboy Bebop) Yato x Hiyori (Noragami)
  15. 283 A party, it seems...lol.
  16. 277 What comes after seven?
  17. 272 ACHOO! excuse me...
  18. Words of a Suicidal Teenager [Prod. by Yung Ripper] Words_of_a_Suicidal_Teenager_Prod_by_Yung_Ripper.mp3
  19. Ymir x Historia Hajime x Chiaki Inuyasha x Kagome Luffy x Nami Sasuke x Sakura
  20. Currently watching a LOT of Family Guy, it was my childhood, and this is just a great start to make me feel better..
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