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Anime Reviews posted by PogFrog

    This anime was the 2nd anime I watched in my life. Coming back to it in the future, I noticed the brilliance in this iconic anime. 
    For it's time, there were stuff like this anime, but only Death Note could pull it off of the Mystery..

    Light, the young mastermind of the city, finding a mysterious Death book in a school courtyard, quite literally can lead to bad things...
    I enjoy the fact that it starts off as a somewhat trying to be a superhero-to-the-city trope, then it leads to a killer on the loose with mysterious deaths..

    Although, what I dislike is that the main Antag/Protag? Lawliet, dies, due to Light - pretty much wanting to steal the show, and his antics...although, the artstyle and the way the anime moves from mystery to mystery is quite interesting...(even though there are times where it was quite obvious that it was Light's doing for all the deaths...)

    So all in all, it's about a 7-7.5 to me, It has great intentions, but needed some more in-depth work done..

    This Anime...a jewel, a memory, a piece of me that I hold dear into my heart. This Anime is perfection (in my opinion). It was originally going to be a BL Anime, but was soon changed into a more wide ranged Anime, which I enjoy more. Anyway, onto the review.


    The whole Anime is working towards the ending, where Sebastian Michaelis finalizes the contract between him and his master Ciel Phantomhive. And Black Butler does a great job at working towards that. Around the beginning there are some fillers really, just some introductions to get you into what the Anime is going to be about. Ciel Phantomhive lost his family due to the Phantomhive residence burning down when he was a young age, soon he was greeted by Sebastian Michaelis to work with a contract. And this contract was pretty much Ciel selling his soul to Sebastian, and Sebastian promised to be by Ciels side until death no matter what, serving Ciel. 

    I won't go into detail in what they face and sh1t, but I will say the overall plot of this Anime really took the cake. It was sorta supernatural, dealing with spirits in some episodes and living dolls even. This Anime brings to life the war between a Angel and Demon, life and death, Grim Reapers, and even Historical events! Such as the Jack the Ripper incident. 

    Overall this Anime is great, Kuroshitsuji was great for its time, and it's still a great Anime for Newbies, or for Anime Veterans who are looking for a little bit of nostalgia from the 2000s. I have binged this Anime and its other Sequels over 4 times now, and still can't get enough of this Anime. Highly recommend! ;)

    So personally, I never got around to reading the manga. So this review will only be about the Anime premier itself, anyway let's continue. 

    Citrus was a Anime I found out about from a friend, and I watched all the episodes on Youtube (Not sure if they are on there anymore). Of course this Anime is pretty much a Yuri (WLW) based Anime, where 2 girls find romantic feelings for eachother...not much of a shocker, but they are also stepsisters. Which it added a bit of a odd twist when you find out about this Anime not knowing what it is about. If you read the Manga, you probably -- or already knew about this. In my personal opinion, I find it not TOO weird that two "stepsisters" develop romantic feelings for each other, but nonetheless it can be a little bit weird in today's modern times. Oh boy...get ready for those keyboard warriors..

    The Anime itself has...well, nothing too special about it when it comes to plotline, considering the protagonist Yuzu Aihara falls in love with Mei Aihara by stumbling across her at a new school Yuzu went to. While stumbling across Mei Aihara, both of the girls come into a...uhm..."PHYSICAL ALTERCATION" which makes the Protagonist (we will refer to Yuzu as the Protag for now) confused and flustered. Which of course is another trope used..."OMG I WAS TOUCHED BY THIS CUTE GIRL NOW I FEEL SOMETHING". And you know, you might be into that, you might not be. 

    What really made this Anime a 6 stars was...well the WLW theme of it. I have a soft spot for Yuri Animes, because sometimes despite the tropes, they can really have a heartwarming side to them. For example, the end of Citrus, when the Protag and her Romantic Interest found each other again, they fully committed to each other's love and it ended the Anime on a good note. 

    So in conclusion, this Anime has some tropes in it, but in the end you find the weird step-sisterly love thing sorta heartwarming when it comes to the ending. 

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