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  1. 1 minute ago, Metro said:

    I used to play a good bit of OW back in the day and I come back to it now and again, last time I gave it a go was when the OW 2 beta was on the go. And congrats on your engagement! 

    Thank you for the kind words, and I'd recommend getting back into some Overwatch, it's still...toxic, lol, but, it has more to offer, but It does require you to pay for currency, which I do NOT like...

    2 minutes ago, Metro said:

    Personally I've recently picked up NBA 2K23, It was on sale and I had been craving some basketball. I've been dying to play a bit of phasmo as well but my usual group haven't been around, and with seeing all this minecraft content I've been considering going back and playing minecraft! 

    Minecraft is great, an awesome childhood game tbh, totally get back into it Metro! 
    And NBA? Sheesh! I play basketball IRL, and I STINK at that game! Lol! ^^' 
    Phasmo, haven't heard about that game in a minute...now that you brought it up, brought back some memories...

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  2. Thanks to my fiance grinding on my account (and me doing some grinding myself) but with her help, I finally got the CyberDemon Genji skin! (Mythic tier)

    Here is what the skin looks like for those who are curious!

    A very interesting skin, some perks with the skin allows the player to have cybernetic animations with dragonblade, shurikens, and dash! 
    Even deepening the voice (Genji's voice isn't originally deep) of Genji, for a more 'robo-demonic' tone! 
    Not only that, but the skin comes with customization options, with the skin, changing the mask to a demon, tiger, or a tactical demon! 

    Very Nice skin in my opinion!
    Over 220 hours on Genji, and this skin is EXACTLY what I needed to enjoy Genji more! Thanks Overwatch!

    (Also, I got engaged! :))

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  3. Welcome to the forums, enjoy yourself - and welcome to the chaos..
    Don't be shy to mingle with people, get to know someone, who knows, you might just make a new pal! 

    Anyhoo, enjoy the chaos, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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