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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsuVMdnF8A0
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcpV4K6ZimE I love porter robinson
  3. TEAM REM! How can someone not like rem after such an unique and different character development ? For me Emilia's character was a little cliché Also, i really love blue hair and maids
  4. If you were to be stuck in an anime universe, which anime will it be?
  5. Currently listening to this song, pretty nostalgic and chill. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVdWqHtTPkE
  6. I am not a metalhead but i often listen to skillet, metallica, pandora, korn, hatebreed and some other bands. Hatebreed is one of my favorite metal band. Metallica is legendary but their last few songs were a bit off for me.
  7. "Someone please lift me up and hug me tight....yea don't forget to give me milk later"
  8. I would love to visit a maid cafe and have fun, like everyone i love maids too but... my social anxiety would kick in and i would probably not even enter the place. That's just how i am
  9. Generally i just search up the last anime i watched on myanimelist and find other anime through the genre section of it. I found charlotte through http://www.randomanime.org/
  10. My favorite will be CC from code geass and tatsumaki from one punch man. CC has a wonderful character development in the series. While i dont know much about tatsumaki her cool-mean type character looks appealing.
  11. I felt fairly better than other days today. Met few old friends and had some drinks and nice food with them. Almost 2 AM here looks like another sleepless night.
  12. The most recent game i bought was tekken 7 from steam. recently completed it, it was great. Really enjoyed it espicially the fast paced combat. Kinda rimned me of metal gear solid rising revengeance.
  13. I could say cool things like i would ask out on a date / i would be a charmer / many more. but i know, in real i would just be awkward and totally confused about that to do while being truly happy to know someone appreciates my existence.
  14. I really like this song, maybe because how profoundly it was described in the anime charlotte. Apart from this... i haven't seen much of dubbed anime so i dont really know much english themes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkdxY7ZEv3E
  15. You travel lands, i travel time.

  16. Yes i have a kingston 120 GB SSD. That was the cheapest SSD i could've bought. I use it just for my OS.
  17. I won't say watching a single anime changed things about me but rather regularly watching anime/ realizing how boring and the cruel the real world is made me a lot more eccentric and introvert. I don't really like reality anymore, i am always searching for escapes. Many times i feel depressed, funny anime/games come to rescue and the few real friends i have.

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