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  1. I've installed a new graphics card in my PC, but this time I didn't follow the instructions that came with it and go to the manufacturers website to download the drivers I did that last time and driver install messed up the screen resolution and scattered all my icons randomly around the screen. It took ages to sort the mess out. 😡

    This time I just told the PC to update the drivers and it went to Microsoft Update found and installed the correct driver with no messing about. 😀

    1. Lone Lancer

      Lone Lancer

      Did it have an Nvidia or an AMD GPU chip? Generally it is said that Nvidia/G-Force plays nice with Windows out of the box and that AMD/ ATI Radeon GPU chips play nice with non-Windows systems. That's a little rule of thumb about choosing the right one for your hardware.

    2. Animedragon


      It's an Nvidia Geforce GPU.

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