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  1. I had a couple of good laughs at those two, they appeal to my sense of humour . Although I must admit that it took me a couple of seconds to work out the second one .
  2. I don't like windy weather, it makes it difficult to keep my hat on and my bag keeps getting blown off my shoulder. It also tends to spoil the sound on my videos.
  3. Thanks. It's a cool looking sleeping bag. "...bait your hook with shark merch" is a good line, I must remember that when I'm asked to do something (with an appropriate change to the sort of merch). I found a couple of other clips, it looks an interesting series, but not quite my style .
  4. Being creative is a Good Thing, it keeps your mind active and when you've created something it gives you a sense of achievement. Nice images by the way.
  5. While I can relate, in a way, to that question, I feel that it's being said in a slightly sarcastic way. I'm also sure there is an interesting story behind why a girl is lying on the floor dressed in a shark costume.
  6. Looking good. The forecast for the next few days is sunny, no rain and around 20c.
  7. Thank you. It's a Bank Holiday Monday here and it's not raining and the sun is shining, which is most unusual for an English Bank Holiday.
  8. I'm currently reading Insomniacs After School
  9. As with all things, how much something is 'worth' very much depends on how much the buyer is prepared to pay for the item.
  10. While rewatching Cardcaptor Sakura I realised that in class Sakura occupies the traditional "main character's seat", second row from the back on the right hand side by the window. I'd never noticed that before! Which only goes to show that no matter how many times you watch a series you can always spot something you'd not noticed before.
  11. Are you sure it wasn't from the Army surplus store?
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