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  1. Before I retired I occasionally helped out in the company's mail room and one of the things we had to do was check the contents of any parcels going overseas for prohibited contents, and food items was one of the prohibited items for parcels to the USA. So, sorry, I won't be able to send you any of those crisps. I've lived in my house for 65 years, my family moved here when I was 6. When I was younger I did miss our old area. There was a large area of grass outside the front door where my friends and I played and out the back was a small park where we had a lot fun. But back then the world was different, I can't see many parents today letting their 5 year old child freely roam the surrounding area and go to the park on their own. We did, of course, have boundaries beyond which we were not allowed to go, but the area they covered was still quite large. Edit: Got carried away and forgot to ask a question! What's your favourite place to visit?
  2. That's good to hear. Just be careful and don't get over enthusiastic and undo all the good by doing too much.
  3. I'm assuming that by "potato chips" you're referring to what we here in the UK call "potato crisps" . I like the ordinary plain ready salted variety. I've never really understood the attraction of potato crisps that taste like something else. Staying with food... What's your favourite type of cake?
  4. I've just watched Train to the End of the World. I'll admit I only started it because it had a train in it, and to my mind anything with a train in it is worth checking out. So, what can I say about the series? The train is well represented, which is a plus in my book, but the story idea? I guess it's the sort of scenario you'd come up with if you're thinking about all the conspiracy theories surrounding 5G while smoking funny cigarettes! Basically the plot revolves round the world being changed into something really weird as a result of the introduction of the 7G comms system. So Shizuru and three of her high school friends, plus a dog, set off aboard a train to find their friend Yoka. Overall it's a fairly decent series and quite fun to watch as long as you don't take it seriously.
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