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  1. I've seen reports in the papers and TV news about a murder where it turns out that the victim had approached the police and they'd done nothing. Then they interview a senior police officer who gives their apologies and says they'll learn from the incident, but they never seem to as it happens again.

  2. 4 hours ago, Sakura said:

    Yeah I want to trade you weather lol I have tank tops and shorts on and we have the AC blasting and I still feel hot for some reason. It's 77F out and anything like that I always feel hot in x.x I hate hot weather once it starts getting past 72 I just feel sick and get headaches more. 

    I know what you mean. I much prefer warm weather too cold weather and I'm OK up to about 25c (77f) but once it goes over 29c (85f) I'm done for. I hope it cools down for you and you'll soon feel better.

  3. And when it's too late and someone gets killed there's a big enquiry where it's discovered the the police and/or social services missed important clues about the real situation. The problem is that abusers are often very good at presenting an "everything is fine" picture to any visitors.

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  4. Another Blu-ray disk arrived in the post this morning.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens when I put it in my Bly-ray player, it's a Region A disk and the UK is in Region B and as far as I know my player is not multi-region.



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  5. 56 minutes ago, efaardvark said:

    Don't come to California.  You don't even have to visit the wilderness areas.  I regularly find black widow spiders in the garage.  Tarantulas too, though not so much.  There's also the occasional scorpions, fire ants, and rattlesnakes in the yard.  Every so often someone finds a colony of "Africanized" - aka "killer" - bees or a nest of yellow-jacket wasps somewhere in the neighborhood.  I see coyotes all the time, even in the city streets.  They come down out of the hills late in the evening to rummage through the trash and eat any dog or cat food that's left unattended - sometimes the dog or cat as well - then they go back up to their dens just before sunrise.  I can hear them yapping in the middle of the night, especially if they find a rabbit or a cat to chase they get all excited and loud.  Two or three times a year we even have bears, bobcats, and / or mountain lions wander through, especially in drought years.  In the water offshore there's Great White sharks, with stingrays and scorpion fish hidden in the sand, and of course jellyfish.

    The only place I know that might give us some competition in this regard would be Australia.  :)

    All of a sudden the occasional house spider and urban fox in the back garden doesn't sound so bad.

    Er, except for spiders, I loathe spiders they give me the creeps.

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