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  1. Today I started watching Sailor Moon Stars, I decided to skip Super S because in my view it's the worst of the five series. The first six episodes are quite dramatic and it's good to see Sailor Saturn getting some screen time, that Silence Glaive of hers looks a fearsome weapon.
  2. OK, so it's not anime, but is Japanese. The series was known as X Bomber in Japan and was dubbed into Eglish and shown on UK TV on Saturday mornings sometime in the 1980's as Star Fleet. It was created by Go Nagai and features a Gunbusteresque giant mech. This is a music video by Brian May featuring the series closing song with scenes taken from one of the episodes.
  3. Not an acquisition yet, but I've just pre-ordered my copy of the Violet Evergarden Movie.
  4. I finished watching Sailor Moon S this evening. I think that 'S' is the best out of the five series. I like the way the story slowly unfolds as the full extent of the Death Busters plan is revealed. I also think the tension between the inner and outer Sailors is well portrayed.
  5. This hot weather is enough to make anyone a nervous wreck.
  6. I bought this series as a result of seeing a couple of clips from it on YouTube,. After watching a few episodes I thought "what is this rubbish?!", but I stayed watching (I'd paid for it after all!) and found it got better in the later episodes and I went on to get the second series and the final movie. While I wouldn't put this series on my Top 10, it's now one of my favourites.
  7. Update! The board was returned to the supplier, they kindly sent a courier to collect it. After a few days I had two e-mails from them one saying that the board was faulty and that they'd created an order for a replacement for me, the second saying that the item ordered was out of stock!! I took the option to cancel the order and will find somewhere that has it in stock.
  8. I'm retired now, but I used to operate high volume copiers which pumped out heat with enthusiasm. So I feel your pain at working in high temperatures, been there, suffered that.
  9. It's very warm down here in West London. This evening its' currently 25c, but Sunday we're told it could be 32c rising to 39c on Tuesday. I like the warm weather, but 30c is too warm for me!
  10. Air lines for pumping up tyres used to be free at the garage, now using the air line costs £3. That's Inflation for you.
  11. Going to be another HOT one today. The supermarket opens in an hours time and when it does I'm off in the car, with the air-con on, to do my weekly shopping then I'm going to stay indoors out of the heat. I much prefer warm weather to cold weather, but you can have too much of a good thing.
  12. Ah. Galaxy Express 999. I've only seen a few chapters of the manga, but enough to recognise the homage to the series in one of the episodes of Aria. I'm sorry to have to tell you that there is no cure for addiction to retro anime. The only thing you can do is sit back, watch and enjoy. Many of my favourite anime are over 20 years old and the one I'm currently watching is almost 30 years old.
  13. Gall Force. A quite long and very strange, but rather good, series about an ongoing war with almost the same space women and a sort of cyborg doing battle with some very, very strange aliens and a computer program. Go watch the series, it's worth watching, MarathonGuy1337 is right, you wouldn't believe us if we told you about the aliens.
  14. What defines a good anime is an interesting question. I think the answer is the same as what defines any good storytelling medium be it a book, a film, a TV show or yes, even an anime! For me, a good storyline is important but no matter how good the story is, without a good cast of characters with engaging personalities who you care about and draw you into the story the series is not going to have much appeal. But I think there's more to it than just a good story with likeable characters the background for the story has to be consistent and believable. It doesn't matter if the story is set in the present day, sometime in the future or even another world but however far fetched it is it has to be consistent and believable. The other thing that can make or break an anime is the quality of the artwork and animation, a soundtrack that captures the mood and atmosphere of the story is a big asset as well. In fact the soundtrack is every bit as important as the visuals, that doesn't mean that there must music behind every scene, sometimes silence works better than any musical score.
  15. I think this is the best of the Sailor Moon ending songs.
  16. Ah, sorry. I misunderstood. I thought you meant that the whole "does not like shoes" page had been removed not that one entry had been removed from the page.
  17. Yes, we could do with some rain here. But please not until the builder has finished painting my house and the paint has dried.
  18. Today I started on Sailor Moon S. Back in 2001 this was the first Sailor Moon series I watched.
  19. It's now 10pm and the outside temperature is still 25c. The weatherman says that by next Sunday it'll be 34c. I don't like the cold so really like the warm weather, but 30c+ is getting a bit too warm even for me!
  20. Same here. No one wants to listen to someone talking about a hobby or interest that they have no interest in. None of the friends I meet regularly are interested in anime, all they're interested in in football, cricket or rugby, so this forum is where I come to talk anime.
  21. What's the difference between a tin and a can? A tin can, but a can can't.
  22. This huge building is Shrewsbury Signal Box, it controls Severn Bridge Junction where five major railway lines converge just outside Shrewsbury station. The box contains a 180 lever interlocked frame and is the world's largest still operational mechanical signal box and controls 300 train movements every day.
  23. 7:00am and it's already 20 c. Looks like it's going to be another HOT one today.
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