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  1. It's very warm down here in West London. This evening its' currently 25c, but Sunday we're told it could be 32c rising to 39c on Tuesday. I like the warm weather, but 30c is too warm for me!
  2. Air lines for pumping up tyres used to be free at the garage, now using the air line costs £3. That's Inflation for you.
  3. Going to be another HOT one today. The supermarket opens in an hours time and when it does I'm off in the car, with the air-con on, to do my weekly shopping then I'm going to stay indoors out of the heat. I much prefer warm weather to cold weather, but you can have too much of a good thing.
  4. Ah. Galaxy Express 999. I've only seen a few chapters of the manga, but enough to recognise the homage to the series in one of the episodes of Aria. I'm sorry to have to tell you that there is no cure for addiction to retro anime. The only thing you can do is sit back, watch and enjoy. Many of my favourite anime are over 20 years old and the one I'm currently watching is almost 30 years old.
  5. Gall Force. A quite long and very strange, but rather good, series about an ongoing war with almost the same space women and a sort of cyborg doing battle with some very, very strange aliens and a computer program. Go watch the series, it's worth watching, MarathonGuy1337 is right, you wouldn't believe us if we told you about the aliens.
  6. What defines a good anime is an interesting question. I think the answer is the same as what defines any good storytelling medium be it a book, a film, a TV show or yes, even an anime! For me, a good storyline is important but no matter how good the story is, without a good cast of characters with engaging personalities who you care about and draw you into the story the series is not going to have much appeal. But I think there's more to it than just a good story with likeable characters the background for the story has to be consistent and believable. It doesn't matter if the story is set in the present day, sometime in the future or even another world but however far fetched it is it has to be consistent and believable. The other thing that can make or break an anime is the quality of the artwork and animation, a soundtrack that captures the mood and atmosphere of the story is a big asset as well. In fact the soundtrack is every bit as important as the visuals, that doesn't mean that there must music behind every scene, sometimes silence works better than any musical score.
  7. I think this is the best of the Sailor Moon ending songs.
  8. Ah, sorry. I misunderstood. I thought you meant that the whole "does not like shoes" page had been removed not that one entry had been removed from the page.
  9. Yes, we could do with some rain here. But please not until the builder has finished painting my house and the paint has dried.
  10. Today I started on Sailor Moon S. Back in 2001 this was the first Sailor Moon series I watched.
  11. It's now 10pm and the outside temperature is still 25c. The weatherman says that by next Sunday it'll be 34c. I don't like the cold so really like the warm weather, but 30c+ is getting a bit too warm even for me!
  12. Same here. No one wants to listen to someone talking about a hobby or interest that they have no interest in. None of the friends I meet regularly are interested in anime, all they're interested in in football, cricket or rugby, so this forum is where I come to talk anime.
  13. What's the difference between a tin and a can? A tin can, but a can can't.
  14. This huge building is Shrewsbury Signal Box, it controls Severn Bridge Junction where five major railway lines converge just outside Shrewsbury station. The box contains a 180 lever interlocked frame and is the world's largest still operational mechanical signal box and controls 300 train movements every day.
  15. 7:00am and it's already 20 c. Looks like it's going to be another HOT one today.
  16. This was my experience exactly. I was looking for a good anime related forum and a search produced this place. I read a few of the posts and decided it looked an interesting and friendly place to be, so here I am. And, yes, it did turn out to be the interesting and friendly place I thought it was.
  17. I've now finished Sailor Moon R and I continue to be impressed with well this 29 year old stands up. It has a good cast of main characters each with their own individual personalties the supporting characters are also good. The plots and storylines are also good, although I think that the Doom Tree arc was just a bit implausible, I mean, why would a couple of aliens who are out to steal energy from people bother to enrol in a junior high school? The Black Moon arc was far superior with a well thought out and developed storyline. Years ago I read an article in a film magazine that said the when it comes to Sci-Fi films the audience and the film maker enter into a contract whereby the audience go to see something that is impossible and the film maker presents the story in a way that makes it appear to to be true. A suspension of disbelief where the audience expects to be basically 'tricked' into believing what is on the screen is real, and woe betide any film maker who does anything to break that suspension of disbelief. The same applies to Magical Girl shows, the Magical Girls have to be believable and, at least to my mind, the Sailor Moon series succeeds in doing this.
  18. I've never had any inclination to watch Naruto, the series just doesn't appeal to me. I can understand your dropping Toradora. I think that if I'd been watching it on a streaming service I would have dropped it as well, but I had it on DVD, and if I've bought a series on DVD I stay with it as it would be a waste of money not to do so . Initially I wasn't over impressed with the series, but on a rewatch I thought it a bit better but having seen it a couple of times I think most of the problem with it is the series's obsession with Taiga's violent "Palmtop Tiger" persona which never seems to change and develop in any permanent way. The series has some interesting characters but the overall character development and plot are a bit weak. To my mind it's one of those series that could have been so much better, but somehow just missed the mark.
  19. Continuing hot and sunny with temperatures expected to rise to 31 C next week.
  20. Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll enjoy being a member.
  21. Firstly, welcome to the forum, sounds like you'll fit right in. Secondly, Like you I like talking about anime and often watch YouTube videos about it. Unlike you none of my friends watch anime* and most probably don't know what it is and those that do most likely think it's all Pokemon. *Well, that's not strictly true, I do have one friend who watches anime but he only does so when we meet up and as we live quite a distance apart and he is very busy with work we only mange it a couple of times a year. So this forum is the only place I can talk about anime.
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