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  1. I've just started re-watching Sailor Moon series 1. This is @sunshine's fault for starting a topic elsewhere on AF which got me thinking that I hadn't watched it for a long time and perhaps it's time I did.
  2. A man was walking through the park one day when a gust of wind blew his hat off. Before he could retrieve it a dog dashed over and chewed up the hat. Seeing the owner of the dog the man complained to him that his dog had ruined his hat. The dog owner said "so what!" To which the man replied "Huh, so that's your attitude is it?" The dog owner replied, "No it was your at e chewed !"
  3. What a lovely spoon, and a beautiful tea set to go with it. My late mother collected souvenir and commemorative spoons and would have liked that spoon.
  4. My new motherboard, CPU & RAM have been delivered. For the avoidance of any doubt, the parts are for my computer not me. I'm not a cyborg.
  5. A man rushed into a hospital and said: "I've got to see a doctor". The nurse asked: "which doctor?" The man replied: "No, an ordinary one will do."
  6. I've just started watching Golden Time. A rather good slice of life series about a group of college students, which makes a nice change from series about high school students. It has an interesting cast of characters but what I find most interesting is the way the central storyline explores the relationship between memory and identity.
  7. I'm very happy that the second Violet Evergarden movie will be getting a UK Blu-Ray release at the end of September.
  8. My father passed away in 2015 and the first Father's Day without him was the hardest, although it never really gets any easier as the years go by. The same goes for Mother's Day. The best advice I was given was to pause and give thanks for all the love they gave me and all they meant to me and things they did for me, then move on with my life which is what they would want me to do. Crying a bit is OK too.
  9. I've now finished watching the second series of Magic Knight Rayearth. The build-up to the final battle is quite dramatic but I think the most touching scene is Hikaru's final confrontation with Nova. Overall I think the series benefits from having the creators of the manga involved in the anime, but I still think that the anime ending is better than the manga ending.
  10. For me it's the Gerry Anderson series Stingray and Thunderbirds. A reminder of a time when life was simple and carefree and I my friends used to get on our bikes and cycle over to the local park
  11. I suffered from having a laptop with Windows ME installed and I regularly threatened it with an upgrade to Windows 98 ! I only used it when away from home, but eventually it crashed once too often and was replaced. I think Windows ME must be the worst OS Microsoft have ever released* Windows Vista wasn't good, but it wasn't bad as long as you didn't ask too much of it. * My own opinion is that Windows ME wasn't actually released, it escaped and was never recaptured.
  12. Thesaurus Definition: A book of words and their synonyms. Joke definition: A type of dinosaur with an impressive vocabulary.
  13. Warm and sunny, my favourite type of weather.
  14. Magic Knight Rayearth: First series opening song. "Yuzurenai Negai" (Unyielding Wish).
  15. While visiting his son a man asked to borrow a newspaper, his son said "Dad, get with it, this is the 21st Century. Here, use my iPad". That fly never knew what hit it !
  16. Today I'm sad. I've just been told that a friend of mine has died. Given their age and health problems it wasn't totally unexpected, but it's still a shock.
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