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  1. It's a bright and sunny morning. This is slightly worrying, not because it's bright and sunny, but because today is the first of three bank holidays to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and there's lots street parties taking place over the weekend, and there's this unwritten law in the UK that it always rains on a bank holiday! So here's hoping that this law has been repealed, at least for these bank holidays.
  2. I've never seen any anime film on the big screen in a cinema, but it must be amazing. I haven't been to a cinema in decades, the last film I saw was The Return of the King*, of course having three of my local cinemas demolished doesn't help, those that remain are an unhandy distance the closest being tricky to get home from late at night. *(The Lord of the Rings trilogy were good films, but don't get me started on the errors in them!).
  3. Just finished "Blue Seed". A rather forgotten series from 1995. It's a fairly action packed story based on the legend of Orochi and Susanoo about an elite secret organisation who are striving to protect Japan from destruction by plant based monsters. They also have to protect the life of a young girl, who if sacrificed could potentially save Japan. Despite how it sounds it's quite a good series.
  4. Two small buttered bread rolls, a banana and an apple. Followed by a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit.
  5. I don't have a guitar but I'd be totally gutted if anything happened to the model railway I've spent the last 4 years building, many of the locos are scratchbuilt by me from plastic card and thus irreplaceable. So I understand your pain and distress.
  6. Actually you're right. I'm now too old to care or worry about what people think about me.
  7. No, but not for the want of trying. There was a closed and derelict cinema in my town and I passed it every day on my way to junior school. The way to get inside was well known and some did go in, my friend and I never managed it because our mothers could smell a torch at a thousand paces! When it was demolished a few years later they took the back wall, the one where the screen would have been, down first so I did get to see inside it, and saw just how dangerous a place it was. Still wish I'd been able to go in though.
  8. I'm glad you were able to resolve the power button problem. As to the problem with the game crashing, sorry, I wasn't very clear about what I asked. Where on your Windows 10 computer did you install the game. Was it in one of the two folders highlighted in light blue in the screenshot below or did you install it in a separate folder in the location shown in red in the screenshot? If your game was installed in either of the "Program Files" folders this could be what is causing your computer to crash while playing the game because the Windows operating system imposes restrictions on what data a program is allowed to write (save) to those two folders. Although I would expect this just to crash the game not the whole computer, but it is possible. If a program is installed in a folder outside of the two "Program Files" folders this restriction does not apply and the program is free to write (save) whatever it wants to that folder.
  9. Having watched the series a few times being a chuunibyou seems like a lot of fun. But just a bit difficult to do at my age. But then again, perhaps I could do it quietly when no one is around. (I already discretely do Rikka's trick with train doors)
  10. I remember that when I was in junior school roller skates were the "IN" thing. So I borrowed a friends skates..... .....it didn't go well.... .......it was like Aarggghhhheeeeeargh THUMP!!...... .......fortunately I didn't break anything........ .....but I decided that roller skates weren't for me.
  11. Books, always. Nothing beats having an actual physical book in your hand. Although having said that, my friend who is partially sighted finds his iPad an invaluable reading aid.
  12. Hi Raul. I've heard of this sort of problem. Where did you install the game? Was it in its own folder on the drive or in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) these two folders have restricted "write" permissions and if your game is saving data during game play it could be causing a conflict with the Windows OS. A comms program I use had a similar problem and the developer tracked the problem down to the program saving data as part of its operations. The problem was solved by installing the program in its own folder outside of C:\Program Files . I hope this helps.
  13. It certainly is. And it doesn't cover damage caused due to temporal displacement.
  14. Not sure about time travel. But I had so much going on this morning and I was so busy I think I almost met myself coming back.
  15. I'd agree with that. Your Name (Kimi no na wa) is a fantastic film, if you haven't watched it yet.. do so! And at present Amazon are offering the Blu-Ray version for the give away price of £5.99
  16. I got a new battery for my DSLR. An uninteresting and boring little black box. But without it several hundred pounds of DSLR is useless.
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