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  1. The Palm of a Tiny Hand : Clannad After Story : No more needs to be said.
  2. "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions" I keep coming back to this series for the simple reason that it's such great fun to watch. It's beautifully drawn and animated, as one would expect from Kyoto Animation, it has an interesting cast of characters with some really good interaction between them. What makes the series so good is that in amongst all the chunibyo craziness there is a serious aspect to the storyline and the writers manage to weave both together into a seamless whole. The series also benefits from a movie that carries on the story and provides a decent closure rather than being a pointless recap of the series.
  3. The sun is shining brightly through my window, not sure what the temperature is, but it looks like it could be a nice day.
  4. I agree, but the trick is finding the answer. (and it's not 42 )
  5. Never get into a car chase with Rally Vincent and her Shelby Cobra.... You'll loose!!
  6. 70. What I'm going to be this year!
  7. What I'm currently reading is not a novel but a fairly thick magazine telling the story of the planning and building of one of London's biggest engineering projects, the recently opened "Elizabeth Line" London's new state of the art railway line.
  8. This is a question I've seen asked on other forums I'm a member of, and nowhere have I seen a conclusive answer. I think one of the problems is that there is a greater tendency for people to be "content consumers" rather than "content creators". Of course, by definition everything on a forum is user created content but I sometimes wonder what the ratio of is between those who just read the forums and those who actually contribute more than just clicking the "like" button. For myself when I comment on a "what are you watching/reading/listening to" topic I try to put more than just the name of the series/manga/song in the hope that it might attract a comment, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I guess none of that really answers your question, but then it's a tricky question to answer.
  9. I've recently discovered that one of our TV channels is showing "Department S" one of my favourite series from the late 60s early 70s about a team of Interpol agents who specialise in solving cases that the ordinary law enforcement departments can't.
  10. Yes ,there are those who just love assigning labels to various groups of people. Which, as you say, is often quite needless. People who work in marketing are probably the worst offenders.
  11. Animedragon

    Summer Break

    Thank you. As well as watching anime I've got a couple of hobbies that I can now spend more time on I'm also involved with my local church so I keep fairly busy and don't have time to get bored. I was fortunate to have a job I enjoyed doing, I did it for 48 years so I must have liked it . But I don't miss the daily commute into central London.
  12. Animedragon

    Summer Break

    One of the good things about being retired is that the whole year is effectively one long break. One of the bad things about being retired is that I no longer have the energy to do all things I'd like to do.
  13. Today I attended the funeral for a friend of mine, so I'm feeling a bit subdued this evening.
  14. I don't have a whole lot of series in both manga and anime versions, but of those I do have I think the manga of Video Girl Ai and Please Save My Earth are far better than the anime versions. Mostly this is because the anime series are far too short, the VGA anime doesn't do too bad a job as it only covers the first few chapters and ends the story at a convenient point while the PSME manga doesn't split into separate stories so neatly and the story is way too long and complex to be done coherently in less than 24 episodes. On the other hand there is one series where I have both anime and manga where I think the anime is far better than the manga, and that series is Magic Knight Rayearth where the anime of the second series especially is far better and makes more sense than the manga version.
  15. I've now finished Clannad After Story... ... and I've discovered a 3rd place where you can cry... ... in front of your TV during episodes 16, 18 and a couple after that. I've lost track of haow many times I've watched Clannad & After Story, but it gets me every time and I'll be back again because it's such a wonderful story. I've come to the conclusion that while an action series can get your pulse racing only a slice of life series can touch your heart.
  16. I found a copy on Amazon, a bargain at £198. Pass. I did find a Blu-Ray edition at £80, region A so no good to me, and anyway the days of me paying that kind of money for an anime series are long past.
  17. Is it just me or are other people confused by all these various "deres" ?
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