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  1. Your first point is very true. Here in the UK anime got a VERY bad press due to the actions of some distributors (no names, no pack drill) if I'd read that before I actually saw any anime I most likely would never have started watching it. What hooked me into anime was the quality of the whole package. Artwork, characters (their design and personalities), the storylines and the background music and the way all these elements are blended together to create a whole experience. If you read a book by, for example, J.K.Rowling, J.R.R.Tolkien or Agatha Christie they go to great lengths to create the character's personalities and situations for their stories so it's easy to believe that Harry Potter, Gandalf and Miss Marple etc are real people and when you reach the last page and close the book you know that somewhere those people are carrying on with their lives and I get the same feeling at the end of an anime series. Someone once said that in Western animation the storyline dictates the character's actions, while in anime it's the characters that drive the storyline forward. It's a very subtle, but very important difference. I could probably waffle on about other aspects of anime that I like, but I've waffled enough for one post.
  2. In 1996 I discovered anime by accident while channel hopping on my TV. One of the channels was showing what I took to be a cartoon of some sort, but after a few minutes I realised that it was nothing like any of the cartoons I'd seen before, the artwork and animation were far better and it was obviously part of a long running story so when the episode ended I took to the Internet, or the World Wide Web as it was known then, it wasn't as big as it is today and it was a lot slower. In those days access was by dial-up connection and even at 56K pages took a while to load, but at the end of my search I knew that what I'd been watching was called 'anime' and it came from Japan. Much to my disappointment the TV channel stopped showing this 'anime' thing after a couple of weeks, a couple of weeks after that I found out that a local record shop sold anime series on VHS tapes and one the the series they had was one of the ones I seen part of on TV, so I bought the wholes series, which was about 5 or 6 VHS tapes. The rest,as they say, is history.
  3. One thing I don't quite understand about YouTubers is why do they speak so fast? Some of them gabble away so quickly that I can't keep up with what they're saying, in the end I just stop their video and go somewhere else.
  4. Today I finished watching The Vision of Escaflowne. I haven't watched this series for several years and it's still as good and enjoyable as it was when I first watched it. I was surprised to see the date of 1996 on the tiles because from the quality of the artwork and animation I would have placed it nearer 1999/2000.
  5. Today is St.George's Day, so I'm looking forward to going along to the celebrations in our local High Street which will be closed to traffic and filled with stalls, sideshows, fairground rides for children, live music and of course the St.George's Day parade of local marching bands, floats and walkers from local clubs and vintage vehicles. The weather is bright and sunny so it should be a good afternoon out.
  6. There's a topic in the Chit Chat forum about how old members are.
  7. "Kimi no Koe" the closing song from "The Place Promised in Our Early Days" ("Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho")
  8. Today I rewatched my favourite movie, Makoto Shinkai's "The Place Promised in Our Early Days" ("Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho"). Set in an alternate present day where Japan was divided up after world war 2, much like Germany was. The northern island of Hokkaido is now "Union" territory, it's never stated who the "Union" are but it's not too hard to work out. The story has many layers and while mostly Sci-Fi there is some action and even a love story all bound together with some fantastic artwork and animation and a beautiful soundtrack, and yes, you could end up shedding a tear or two at the end.
  9. Nice. I've never had a new car, they've all been second hand. Although my current car could almost count as a new one as it was only 11 months old when I bought it. It was a leasing company return, I've no idea why the previous owner returned it, I've had it 4 1/2 years now and not found anything I don't like about it.
  10. It's been sunny all day, but the temperature is nowhere near as high as it was over the weekend. This doesn't really surprise me as its a Bank Holiday today and in the UK it's traditional for the weather to go downhill on a Bank Holiday.
  11. "Serial Experiments Lain". I've just finished watching this, it's been quite a few years since I last watched it and it's pretty much as I remembered it. A typical 90's Sci-Fi series from a time when the Internet was still a fairly new thing and about the only people who had home computers were geeks and enthusiasts. The series starts off quite well, but I think that somewhere around the middle the storyline disappears into a mess of disjoined weird scenes and the last three episodes gave me the impression that the writers were desperately trying to find a way to bring the story back and give it some sort of sensible conclusion. Overall I suppose it's not a bad series, just one that's very much 'of its time'.
  12. "Ano Hi Ni" (To That Day) the ending song from Video Girl Ai, a largely forgotten 6 part series from 1992 when it was fairly common for anime studios to produce short series based on the first few volumes of popular manga which didn't always do the manga story justice. The Video Girl Ai manga is well worth reading.
  13. Cereal and milk followed by a cup of tea, There is no way I can cope with anything cooked first thing in the morning.
  14. Welcome aboard. I'm in my 60's and I still watch anime. Some of my friends know I watch anime, but not many. I don't really hide it, anime just never comes up in conversation and curiously no one has ever questioned how I know so much about Japan and Japanese culture.
  15. I'm happy. It's Easter, the sun is shining, it's not raining, the wind has dropped, it's warm enough that the central heating didn't come on this morning, the weather forecast says it will be 20C today. Hopefully this means summer is on the way.
  16. Just finished "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions". This series is good fun to watch and I think it's under rated, it has some interesting characters and underneath all the crazy action there's a serious story. I suspect that, if we're honest, we can all relate in some way to Yuta Togashi and Shinka Nibutani as I'm sure we've all done things in primary and/or junior school that we'd rather keep quiet about when we reach senior school.
  17. Ah, storms. Decades ago, when CB radio was popular a friend of mine was using his CB when his ariel was hit by lightning, it didn't do the radio or power supply unit much good. It wasn't too good for his nerves either!!
  18. I think this is a really beautiful song. Some of the lyrics don't make a lot of sense, but somehow they manage to convey a lot of meaning.
  19. it's bright and sunny. Weatherman says it could be 18C this afternoon, so I might go into the garden and do a bit of weed bothering. If I feel really enthusiastic I might flail about with my strimmer on the green area I laughingly call my lawn.
  20. A good series, but I would have liked one more season with Yumi as Rosa Chinensis.
  21. 've just finished watching K-ON! On the face of it a slice of life show about five girls who are members of a high school music club doesn't seem that interesting, but the way the various character's differing personalities interact with each other make the whole more than the sum of its parts. Add in the excellent animation and HTT's music, even if the lyrics are plain weird*, and you've got a series that's great fun to watch. The movie was good fun too, and as someone who spent most of their working life in London I recognised many of the places the girls visited. Their trip from the Ibis London City to the Ibis Earls Court was interesting, Aldgate East station is the nearest one to the Ibis London City, but as they ended up in Camden Town they seriously got the wrong train and went in the wrong direction, but if Yui was navigating that probably explains it. * Having said their lyrics were weird, I would like to point out that U&I and the groups final song for Azusa had great lyrics.
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