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  1. On second thoughts I think it better if we count up to a thousand again, after all the thread title is "Count to 1000" so counting down is liable to cause confusion later on. so.... 02
  2. Having reached 1000 perhaps we should count back down to 1
  3. It's currently cloudy, but bright and a whole 13C with no rain forecast.
  4. Nice paint job on the car, it looks convincingly old. The "Pork-n-ator" is an impesssive truck, but if you drove it anywhere here in the UK with those machine guns on top a major incident would be declared and it would be surrounded by armed police in full body armour very quickly.
  5. Posts on the "what are you watching" thread are a mixed bag, they vary between just name of the series the poster is watching to a detailed mini-review of the series, but very often whatever the length of the post it rarely gets any reactions let alone replies. It is of course difficult to reply to a post about a series you've not seen and know nothing about, but there have been occasions where I've replied to a posting and asked a question about the series mentioned but the original poster hasn't replied to me. I find the "what are you watching" thread quite interesting and as a result of reading posts on it I've found series that I enjoyed watching that I otherwise might not have discovered. I think you have a good point there. As a community we don't seem very good at engaging with each other, one example being that on occasions I've seen questions asked, or been asked a question directly, to which I provided an answer, but the questioner hasn't bothered to reply, surely it's just common courtesy to thank someone for taking the time to answer your question. 2024 is only a few weeks away, so perhaps we should all make a New Year resolution to interact with each other more instead of just blogging.
  6. A topic on it might be interesting.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home. As for recommendations you might like A Place Further Than the Universe, Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, Charlotte and Soukou no Strain.
  8. Did you hear about the man who went Christmas shopping and thought he heard voices at the back of his car on the way home? There was nothing wrong, it was just the rapping paper.
  9. I've now finished the third series of Chihayafuru. In this series the focus switches away from the karuta club's club room as the club members take part in various competitions and tournaments. Character development continues for each of the main characters and one of the things I like about all three series of this anime is that the character development is believable, they don't go from beginners to ace players almost overnight and they don't win all their matches. In this third series we see some of the club members experience demands outside of the karuta club for which they have to make important decisions, and decide which is the right decision to make. Towards the end of the series the relationships between the three main characters start to crystallise which causes some tension between them. The story ends on a rather strange note and as the manga continues beyond this point there is perhaps the possibility of a fourth series to end the story, but there's no hint of this actually happening (which is a shame). As with the previous two series, the artwork and animation are of a good quality and the storyline continues to be well paced. The background music is also good and fits the scenes it's used in. For a series based on a Japanese card game that's hardly known about outside Japan the story is remarkably engaging and enjoyable, it managed to hold my interest for the whole 74 episodes, and left me wanting more.
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