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  1. Welcome to the forum. Pull up a cushion, or a chair is sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  2. Welcome aboard the forum. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  3. So, December has come around again. But what makes this December special is that is it marks the first anniversary of my subscription to Crunchyroll and a having a broadband service fast enough to stream video without buffering every few minutes.

    One of the big pluses is being able to watch series a few weeks after it aired rather than a few years after it aired, always assuming it even got a UK DVD/Blu-ray release which quite a few series don't get.

    Over the past 12 months I've watched a huge amount of new anime, some of it very new and some of it rather old but new to me. Quite a lot of the series I've watched I'd never even heard of before I subscribed to CR. The series I watched were a fairly mixed bag, some I thought weren't bad but weren't all that good either, some were quite decent, and others were so good I wanted to watch them again (and I already have for some). But out of all the new series I've watched this year the ones that really stood out for me were, in no particular order:

    A Place Further Than the Universe.
    The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten.


    1. Ohayotaku


      Yeah, streaming really does broaden what’s available & enables you to check out series you’re not sure about before buying a physical copy. Agree with Yuru Camp & A Place Further than the Universe being a couple of CR’s best series. Probably won’t post my own Favorites/Disappointments of 2023 until the middle on January since there are a number of series I plan to binge. Also that’s usually the deadline for the “awards” thread over in one of my MAL Clubs (not really official in anyway, just some members “voting” for various categories).

    2. Animedragon


      I won't be posting my favourites of 2023 until January either as I've still got a few I want to watch once they've finished airing and like you I want to binge them.

    3. Sakura


      Crunchyroll is amazing. I don't know what I would do without it lol It really does let you watch a lot of shows you never would have thought of or knew existed otherwise. 

  4. I'm intrigued by the premise of 16bit sensation and it's on my list of series to watch, when it finishes airing, I have no patience these days to wait a week or so between episodes! I've seen a few reviews of it and opinions range from "it's a masterpiece" to "it's total rubbish", I've seen a few clips on YouTube and it looks like for me it'll end up somewhere in-between those two extremes, but time will tell (there's sort of a series related joke somewhere in that comment ).
  5. 970 (correcting an earlier typo )
  6. I've now finished watching the second series of Chihayafuru. With the school karuta club established and up and running this series follows the club members as they compete in individual and team tournaments and it's not all plain sailing for them. The storyline continues to be well paced and while it focuses on the games it does so in a way the conveys the excitement of the players and the gameplay without it becoming boring or tedious. We also get ot see some real character development. Overall the series continues to be a very enjoyable one to watch. Although karuta is a card game it is classed as a sport because it is played competitively. However, unlike most sports there are no professional players and there is no prize money for the winners of the tournaments, all they get for winning is a certificate and, if it's an important enough competition, a trophy.
  7. While this may be a little disturbing it's not illegal in most countries* but it's usually prohibited if both of the cousins live together in the same house while one of them is underage. * depending on local laws and customs.
  8. No replies to posts is quite common here. I think one of the reasons is that as a community we watch a wide range of series so the number of people who watch the same series is quite limited and it's quite difficult to comment on a series you've not watched and don't know anything about. When I've finished watching a series I usually write quite a bit about it regarding what I think about the quality of the various aspects of it in the hope that it might get a few comments from those who agree or disagree with me, but I rarely get any replies or likes.
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