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  1. While this may be a little disturbing it's not illegal in most countries* but it's usually prohibited if both of the cousins live together in the same house while one of them is underage. * depending on local laws and customs.
  2. No replies to posts is quite common here. I think one of the reasons is that as a community we watch a wide range of series so the number of people who watch the same series is quite limited and it's quite difficult to comment on a series you've not watched and don't know anything about. When I've finished watching a series I usually write quite a bit about it regarding what I think about the quality of the various aspects of it in the hope that it might get a few comments from those who agree or disagree with me, but I rarely get any replies or likes.
  3. I'm the complete opposite. I stick with one series and watch it to the end before moving on to another one. I used to be able to watch multiple series at once but I find it too confusing these days. Anyway, welcome aboard pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  4. Several years ago a friend and I decided to watch the extended DVD versions of all three films in one day. We watched The Fellowship of the Ring, then had lunch. After lunch we watched The Two Towers followed by tea. After that we watched The Return of the King. It's a great way to appreciate the story, but not one I'd repeat in a hurry. As someone who has read The Lord of the Rings many, many times the films follow the story in the books really closely, but there are a few stupid changes and additions that really, really annoy me. But, having said that they are excellent films and I'm sure you'll both enjoy watching them In my opinion, you're not missing much. The Hobbit is over long. They spanned LotR over three movies, then spread The Hobbit, which isn't even half the length of Fellowship over another three movies*. They also made some additions that are not in the original in, in my view an unnecessary, attempt to fit in with the LotR movies**. I've watched The Hobbit movies once and have no desire to watch them again. * Some cynical people, including me, thought this was a way to con more money out of LotR fans. ** In reality it was the other way round, parts of The Hobbit were rewritten to fit in with LotR.
  5. I finished rewatching the first season of Chihayafuru this evening. The story is about a group of high school students who play karuta, a card game based on the 100 poets anthology and quite popular in Japan. On the face of it it sounds like it would be quite a dull series, but it isn't, the storyline is really good and is very well paced. The artwork and animation are excellent and it has a good cast of characters each with their own distinctive personalities and each undergoes quite a bit of development as the series progresses. Overall I found this series to have a very engaging storyline as it follows the contestants through the highs and lows of playing Karuta at competition level, which can be very demanding.
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