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  1. Yes, I knew what you really meant. It was just my weird sense of humour cutting in.
  2. I never heard of a plant that sounds funny, but then again I don't go around listening to plants.
  3. I keep my cars until they wear out as well. I'm now on my 5th car now, of the previous ones two I got rid of because they became unreliable, one I got rid of because while it looked a nice car the longer I owned it the more things I found that annoyed me about it, the other went because while it was a great car and I really liked it my garage suggested I either got rid of it or face a large repair bill because there were serious problems developing.
  4. Half my current age, 71, isn't a whole number so for convenience I'll say it's 35. At 35 my life was pretty much ordinary and nothing really exciting was happening. I had just bought my second car, and like my first one it was second hand, yeah, I was late into the car-owning thing! Back then I was into computers, CB radio and model and real railways and I'd not even heard of anime. I was also happily in my 18th year of a job that I initially took as a 'stepping-stone' into what I thought would be a better job but after just 1 year I decided that I liked and enjoyed the 'stepping-stone' job much more than the one I was originally aiming for so I stayed with it for my entire working life.
  5. It's daffodils that are toxic, not dandelions. It's sort of important to know the difference. I agree, it would be SO boring if we were all the same.
  6. Wow! That takes me back a bit, I didn't think you could still get lemonade powder. When I was young I used to like that stuff. -- A cup of decaff tea.
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