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  1. Welcome aboard the Forum. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home. As for anime to help you re-set your life I would suggest: A Place Further Than The Universe. Yuru Camp. Insomniacs After School. Ef. A Tale of Memories. Bang Dream. It's My Go!!!!!
  2. Drugs were never a problem when I was at school because the supply chains didn't reach down to school student levels and drugs were usually something only done by rock stars. Smoking was an issue, but no one smoked on school premises, those that took the risk usually ended up having their parents summoned to school and sometimes also the police who wanted to know where cigarettes came from and if a shop had sold them to a student the shopkeeper would be in trouble. Personally, I've never smoked, I can't stand the smell of them so I'm really glad it's now illegal in the UK to smoke on public transport and in any public buildings or shops.
  3. I see that's not just a problem with ATMs in the UK, ours only give out £20 notes. The highest denomination bank note in the UK is £50 and no shop will take them, some even have signs up by till saying "no £50 notes" Same here, I never buy anything I don't have the money in my account to pay for. A friend of mine got into massive debt by getting carried away with his credit card.
  4. I'm like that as well. The only time I have more than £10 in my wallet is when I'm on holiday because some tourist attractions don't take card payments for payments less than £5, so I usually have a handful of coins in my pocket as well. However, since the covid pandemic some places now only accept card payments and London buses have been card only for several years, they charge a flat fare for each journey so your fare is the same if you travel the entire route or just go a couple of stops.
  5. For on-line purchases I use my credit card, for in-store purchases I usually use my debit card unless the amount is less than £5 then I usually pay cash. Although actually getting cash is a problem here in the UK because so many banks are closing their branches, my town had 3 banks and 2 building societies and one by one they closed, now there's none left so the only way to get cash is from the "hole in the wall" cash dispenser at the railway station. This causes another problem, these machines often only give you £20 notes, and no shopkeeper likes being offered a £20 note for a £5 purchase.
  6. The original Cardcaptor Sakura DVD release was 4 episodes per disk, that's 18 disks!! The re-mastered Blu-ray edition comes in two box sets each with 5 disks, together they cost about £80, but thats a HUGE amount less than my original DVDs. All bought mail order of course, the Blu-rays because there's no video shops left where I live, the CCS DVDs had to be bought mail order because Region 1 DVDs can't be sold over the counter in the UK. Since subscribing to Crunchyroll I think I've only bought a couple of Anime disks, and currently the only one I have on my 'to buy' list is Suzume, but it's not out yet.
  7. We had that happen a couple of times at work. We charged them for the job plus the all the extra time we spent on it.
  8. Yes, that's why there's only 5 episodes on disks. As a 26 episode series it would have most likely been released on 6 disks with the disks having between 5 and 3 episodes on them.
  9. I tend to prefer box sets mainly because back in the 2000s series were released one disk every 4 or 5 weeks and with only 4 episodes on it so it took a long time to get a complete series so even a short 12 episode series took 3 months to collect and for longer series there was always the risk that you'd get halfway through and the distributor would decide that the series wasn't selling as well as they hoped and stop it. But yes, buying the whole series in one box set could, and did, work out expensive!! The prices for older series is a bit weird, some series still go for a high price and episodes 1-6 and 7-12 are sold as separate releases at £30 each while with others you get all 24 episodes for £25.
  10. People just don't understand how long it takes to make even small changes and quite often a change affects another part of the work which then needs amendment.
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