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  1. If you like music based anime I think you'll like this series. As for my favourite band I'm torn between Poppin Party and Roselia, they have different musical styles, but both are very good. Poppin Party are just out to have fun and enjoy themselves taking part in concerts with other bands, while Roselia are on a mission to Be The Best (the two movies, Episode of Roselia: 'Promise' and 'Song I am' give the background to the band and explain the reason behind their aim.)
  2. The way to avoid being banned is to read and follow the forum rules. It's also a good idea to re-read every post you write to check that it can't be misinterpreted before you hit that submit button.
  3. British weather is weird!!!! Today it's back to being dry, bright and sunny.
  4. I've been rewatching the BanG Dream TV series, BanG Dream is a large multi-media franchise, and the three TV series feature several girl bands. The storyline is centred on one of the bands, but they don't appear in every episode so the other bands get their share of screen time. The storyline follows the bands as they perform on stage at various Live Houses and later on as some of they take part in a band competition. The artwork and animation is of good quality as is the character development and story pacing. Being a series about bands means there's a lot of music the musical style of the bands varies and the majority of the songs a quite good. One slight problem is that for the 1st series there are no subtitles for the songs, the 2nd and 3rd series are better in this respect but there are still a few songs that aren't subtitled. Overall, I enjoyed watching these series for the second time.
  5. That would have been too easy. 06
  6. The complete opposite to yesterday. It's overcast, dull and pouring with rain, . It's still 13C though so it's not all bad, just mostly bad!
  7. On second thoughts I think it better if we count up to a thousand again, after all the thread title is "Count to 1000" so counting down is liable to cause confusion later on. so.... 02
  8. Having reached 1000 perhaps we should count back down to 1
  9. It's currently cloudy, but bright and a whole 13C with no rain forecast.
  10. Posts on the "what are you watching" thread are a mixed bag, they vary between just name of the series the poster is watching to a detailed mini-review of the series, but very often whatever the length of the post it rarely gets any reactions let alone replies. It is of course difficult to reply to a post about a series you've not seen and know nothing about, but there have been occasions where I've replied to a posting and asked a question about the series mentioned but the original poster hasn't replied to me. I find the "what are you watching" thread quite interesting and as a result of reading posts on it I've found series that I enjoyed watching that I otherwise might not have discovered. I think you have a good point there. As a community we don't seem very good at engaging with each other, one example being that on occasions I've seen questions asked, or been asked a question directly, to which I provided an answer, but the questioner hasn't bothered to reply, surely it's just common courtesy to thank someone for taking the time to answer your question. 2024 is only a few weeks away, so perhaps we should all make a New Year resolution to interact with each other more instead of just blogging.
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