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  1. The birds in my area are obviously hungry. I looked out through the window into the back garden this morning and saw that both my bird feeders are almost empty, and I filled them up this time last week!

    When there's a break in the rain I'll go out and replenish them and do my bit to help the local wildlife.

  2. I don't think I'll ever get tired of re-watching these. Clannad & Clannad After Story. The Place Promised in our Early Days. Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
  3. Welcome to the forum, pull up a cushion, or a chair if you prefer, and make yourself at home. Sorry, I can't help you with identifying the movie you're looking for.
  4. I'm currently re-watching the classic Kyoto Animation series "Kanon".
  5. I think the most shocking moment for me came at the end of "I want to eat you pancreas", it was obvious from the start that Sakura was going to die, but how she died was quite a shock and something I just didn't see coming.
  6. Cloudy, but bright. Only 10C but it must have been colder than that first thing because the central heating has come on.
  7. 278 After 7 comes 8, so don't be late.
  8. I often think about hibernating for January and February, they always seem to be the coldest and most boring months of the year.
  9. Now finished the original Bubble Gum Crisis. I see it's set in 2032 & 2033 which must have seemed a long way away in 1987 when the series was first released, but it's now only 10 years away.
  10. 276 I'm glad he's not swimming the river Styx.
  11. I was playing along a bit, they were much the same things my cousin said to me after they arrived.
  12. It's a massively long series and I'm not sure it was ever dubbed, come to that I'm not sure if it was every fully released subbed either. Many years ago someone was going to release it on DVD, sub only I think, but I don't know how far that project actually got and I don't recall ever seeing it for sale anywhere.
  13. I know those things. One of my cousins and one of my friends emigrated to Australia some years ago.
  14. Just started re-watching the original Bubblegum Crisis. An excellent 80's Sci-Fi action series.
  15. 10cm, that's about 4 inches in "old money" if that much snow fell in Southern England our transport networks would be disrupted, we just don't get lots of snow often enough to make having lots of special snow clearing machines viable.
  16. So you didn't hitch a ride on the Orion/Artemis then? I have heard a few things about California.
  17. 269 There's a train on the line.
  18. The only one of that series I've seen is Winter Garden, which was a very nice little two-parter.
  19. Sketchbooks, ah, sketchbooks, for a moment I misread that as sketchy books.
  20. It's cloudy, dull, overcast, raining, cold and miserable. And I can't stay in because I've got to go shopping to get some food.
  21. 267 Will your goldfish go to heaven?
  22. I'm currently watching the current series of Abandoned Engineering. It's a fascinating and informative programme that tells the stories of abandoned buildings, structures and objects from around the world. It's sometimes sad to see places where great discoveries that changed the way we see our world were made, it's always shocking to see places where people were treated like slaves and worked until they died either from starvation, exhaustion or diseases caused by the areas they were forced to work.
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