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  1. I've now finished watching series 2 of Yuru Camp. A absolute gem of a series carrying on the highly enjoyable camping and cooking exploits of the five girls as they explore the natural beauty of the Japanese landscape. I'm really pleased that there's going to be a third series sometime next year.
  2. I was thinking about watching this. Why do you like it? What is cool about it? Charlotte. Well, not wishing to give too much away, it's about a lot of middle and high school students who all have some form of supernatural ability, or may develop one. What I like about it is that instead of the usual plot about them being members of a special school to learn how to use their abilities, they're there for their own protection. The school's student council members often go out to find ability users and either recruit them into the school or persuade them not to use their abilities because if they do it may cost them their lives. It could be said that it's a slice of life series, but it's a long way away from the usual SoL school series. There's a Sci-Fi element underlying the story and some of the episodes contain a quite a bit of violence. Overall, it has an intriguing and serious storyline, but not one totally lacking in humorous moments, however it is rather different and goes in a direction you might not expect.
  3. It's dull, cold and miserable outside. So it's a good day to stay in watch anime and work on the model railway.
  4. I don't like this time of year. Not only is it cold but the bright low sun angle is blinding when I'm out in my car because it's below the sun visors and it shows up all the dust on my shelves and such like in my house. Dust is very annoying because no matter how often you remove it, it comes back!!!!

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      I have the same sun problem when i am driving, annoying. But i love this time of the year. Not hot like the summer, no musquitos (hate them). And it is so cozy and warm to stay at home. Also i sit in the forest with a raincoat. I hear the rain falling on my body. I smell the forest . Awesome. And hot chocolate drink after

  5. Ah, how times change. Back in 2020 bottles of hand sanitizer were like gold dust and even if you found a shop with some in stock there was a limit of one per customer. Now bottles of it are being used to hit people with.
  6. A couple of years back hotmail asked one ot my friends to verify her identity, and then decided she wasn't who she said she was ! She gave up trying to convince the stupid hotmail computer and now has a gmail address.
  7. And they're now lying all over the ground. One of my friends always complains when they come to visit me that I've not cleared up all the leaf fall, I tell them that it's a waste of time clearing it up because they're biodegradable and they'll eventually disappear without any effort on my part.
  8. Just finished the first series of Yuru camp, for the 3rd time! This is a wonderful slice of life series about a group of high school girls who enjoy camping, and cooking. It has beautiful artwork and animation, and excellent background music as well as a great cast of characters. Rin is such a great character, as is Nadeshiko, put them together and they steal the show! The series has a good storyline and there's some nice subtle humour in both the dialogue and visuals. I mentioned that this is the third time I've watched the series, that's three times within 11 months, so yes, I really like this series.
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