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  1. Those 101 estimates are probably going to be as accurate as you'll ever find. Until a studio actually makes an official statement that a sequel to a series is going to be made no one really knows if it will be made or not.
  2. I found an English subtitled version of the Yuru Camp series 3 trailer.
  3. Coming in 2024, Yuru Camp series 3. Same vocal cast, but the production studio has changed from C Station to 8 Bit.
  4. Two buttered bread rolls, a banana and an apple.
  5. I've now finished series 2 of Bang Dream. The story of the five high school girls and their band continues, but with a slight difference. In this series several other high school girl bands are featured. At first I thought this would be a bad thing as it would detract from the main group, but in fact the interaction between the various bands made the story rather more interesting and challenges the members of the band in both their musical ability and loyalty. One thing I was pleased about is that unlike the first series the songs the various bands play are subtitled, which is nice because a lot of the lyrics are rather good. The artwork and animation quality remains high, although one thing about the characters does rather stand out, their eyes, we all know that one of the common features of anime characters is their large eyes but the characters in Bang Dream have eyes that are positively luminous and shine like car headlights. Overall I'm still enjoying watching this series.
  6. An excellent piece of work. The character looks so alive.
  7. Just finished watching the first series of Bang Dream. It's a Slice of Life series about a group of High school girls who decide to form a band..., er, well, no, that's not quite right. It's about an enthusiastic high school girl who decides she wants to form a band and pressurises her friends to join her, yep, she's one of those people who won't take 'no' for an answer and everyone has to go along with her. One day she visits a Live House and is determined to play with her band on that stage, the fact that while she does have a guitar she doesn't know how to play it properly is of no consequence. The artwork and animation quality are quite decent the storyline is also quite good but I found it a bit slow and a bit difficult to follow in a few places. I did however find it a nice change for there to be a decent length interval of several episodes between the "let's form a band" and "we're playing at our first concert" stages. One thing I was disappointed with was that the band's songs were not subtitled, which was a pity because they sounded like they were good songs and I would have liked to know the lyrics. Overall I quite enjoyed watching the series and looking forward to watching series 2.
  8. A big welcome aboard to both of you. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourselves at home.
  9. Bright and sunny, but not as warm out as it looks.
  10. Neither am I. Winter is my least favourite season. Halloween isn't widely celebrated here in the UK. It seems to be mostly driven by shops who take the opportunity to sell cheap tat at high prices.
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