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  1. The UK Blu-Ray release of the Violet Evergarden Movie been put back again. The new release date is 14th November.
  2. The weather had it in for me this morning! When I arrived at the supermarket to do my weekly shopping it was cold and windy, but OK otherwise. When I came out it was raining hard, walking the few yards back to my car was like walking through a waterfall and I got totally soaked. Of course once I'd got in the car and was driving out of the car park the rain stopped. It's now dry, bright and sunny but I don't need to go out for anything!
  3. You're not weird, I have been known to do this on occasion.
  4. I've got quite a few favourites, but I'll start with Hikaru Ichijo. A stunt pilot from a family run flying circus who gets caught up in the space war and rises to become an ace fighter pilot and squadron leader.
  5. Most of the anime I watch doesn't tend to have "villains" in the normally accepted meaning of the term. One that does come to mind is Nakago from Fushgi Yugi, the most powerful member and leader of the Seiryu Seven. He's on a personal vendetta to extract revenge on just about everyone for how his tribe was treated and he'll use anyone to achieve his aims, and callously dispose of them when they're of no further use to him. He is, in short, a thoroughly nasty person.
  6. This is an amazing thing you're doing and an appeal I'm happy to contribute to. Peter B.
  7. This looks like it could be an interesting series, but unfortunately it's not available on DVD in the UK.
  8. 262 There's still more to do.
  9. YouTube is a well known stealer of time and an endless rabbit hole which, like all rabbit holes, is perilous to enter.
  10. So you got nice new powerful graphics card.
  11. If it's a choice of any animal then I agree with Otaku Gamer and it's dragons (but then you all guessed that didn't you?). Otherwise it'll be dogs, we always had a dog in our house. Sadly I don't have one now because I now live on my own and as I'm out a lot and go to places I couldn't take a dog it wouldn't be fair or kind to leave the dog alone in the house. I would never have a cat it's not that I dislike cats, they're quite nice animals, but they have a habit of jumping up onto things and any cat that jumped up onto my model railway would be seriously in trouble!!
  12. Generally the word "thrifty" means someone who looks for ways to save money when out shopping by seeking out the best bargains. 251 Let's get things done.
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